Feeding Time Achievement

  • Feeding Time



    Throw 5 mascots into the water (in a single instance of Apocalypse Genki).


    This can be done at any pool of water in any Apocalypse Genki instance, but I recommend the one on the west island. Once you start it up you will see a mascot eaten and Water Bear image will show on your screen, this is the image we are looking for for each mascot in the water. You can pick the mascots up and throw them in, or just run into the first pool while holding onto a mascot. Once you see Water Bear image show 5 times the achievement should unlock.

  • I love this achievement lol. Let's hope if you don't have the season pass they don't charge 800+ points for this dlc.
  • All of these sounds easy! But i dont wanna pay for DLCs ;(
  • The season pass is prob gonna make it 800 n it's gonna prob be 1200 originally but web does this map pack come out anyway
  • if you have the season pass it should be completely free
  • The Season Pass makes all the major 3 DLCs Free
  • Only Season Pass holders can get this DLC.. they said it on the website.
  • 1200 for this are you stupid. The season pass is $20 and that would be $15.
  • What is the Season Pass?
  • this is so stupid. i dont even want to play this game because of this dlc. im not going to pay for it ! GAHHH
  • @6, I would like to know where you see that.
  • @10: The reason I'm writing all of this though, is for those of you that have already purchased the Season Pass. If you've purchased the Season Pass, we want to remind everyone that when Genkibowl (and the other DLC Mission Packs) become available, you'll want to download the pack from the in-game Downloadable Content menu, NOT from the XBL/PSN/Steam Store. If you go to purchase the pack from the store, it will ask you to purchase it again, and you'll end up double-purchasing each individual pack. By downloading it from in-game using our menu, you will have already verified your Season Pass purchase, and be ready to download and play right away.
  • @11 All that says is that if you purchased the Season Pass, that you have to download the DLC from the in-game menu and not the marketplace, otherwise you'll get charged again. Nowhere does it say that the DLC is ONLY available to Season Pass buyers.
  • Dont worry guys....the season pass just gives you a discount if u want all three dlc's, you will still be able to get Genkibowl and the other mission packs for 800 microsoft points tops. Volition wouldnt charge 1200 like Activision,,trust me.
  • It's 560 MSP... not as bad as everyone was assuming.
  • All I know is my throw is fully upgraded, so getting them into the water is a bitch. My character just launches them.
  • I found the right spot. It's right at the first bridge. Grab a mascot hostage, run up to the front of the bridge, and toss them towards the left. Aim just next to the rock wall and under the raised bridge in the distance. You may have a sniper shooting your hostages, so just take him out first. I found it easier to grab the guys across the bridge and bring them back over to throw them in first. The mascots you pass don't tend to follow or shoot powerful enough bullets to kill your hostages. The guys across the bridge kept downing mine too quickly.
  • There is a much easier way to get this achievement. At the start of the first Apocalypse Genki there is a shallow pool of water you run through. Chances are the first mascot that attacks you will get eaten by a shark jumping out here. So all you have to do is grab 4 more mascots and drag them with you into the water. As soon as you're in far enough the shark will come out and eat the mascot. Got the achievement first time this way.
  • @#17 That really did help thanks, now all I need is the C-C-C-Combo Breaker achievement
  • got all the achievements AGAIN! 60/60...this is too easy...god i cant wait till UFC 3 comes out...Saints row is getting boring -.-
  • @17 Also confirming that your method is perfect. Just grab a human shield and run to the water! Thank you for the tip!
  • I lost my savegame, can I get all these Genki Bowl Achievements without playing the story again or something ? Because otherwise I won't purchase the dlc.
  • @2 and @9. THEN DONT BUY IT! STOP BITCHING! @17, Thanks for the info. Glad someone's on topic.
  • EASY WAY TO DO IT: At the beggining grab those mascots and jump in the water with them, then release them, ans press ''Y'' so you get back on the road, glad it help, enjoy folks !
  • I was finding this one a bit of a headache with a fully upgraded throw, but the tip to just run with them to edge of the water and drop them in, rather than launching them worked like a charm. First five mascots I grabbed all went in the drink and the achievement popped.
  • This is a pain in the arse, everytime i grab one of the mascots & go to the edge of the water my character just drops them & not even in the water. Its really annoying!
  • @23 Thanks man, did it first time after reading this.
  • done this with full throw and without touching the water myself but it was such a pain

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