Storm the Yarn Achievement

  • Storm the Yarn



    Destroy a mouse ATV during Sexy Kitten Yarngasm.


    Look for an ATV with the head and tail of a mouse, run it over or kill it with your blast()

    Note: The ATVs will only spawn once per instance start, so if you miss them restart the activity.

  • Sexy Kitten Yarngasm... Volition your fucked in the head... BUT AWESOME IDEA!
  • haha i agree Bluff.... this is the web adress for the Genkibowl information...add me at DSG iMoNsteR if u would like to play
  • In the first yarngasm quickly roll to where you can get around to the right where target markers are, by this time you should have shockwave available. You will see the mouse atv - its pretty obvious - use shockwave to take it out quickly, otherwise you have to chase it down.
  • did it without knowing ijust saw lots of cars so i spammed shockwave ball or what the hell it is. did get tis and on my first fun with this activity. need moar achivments
  • Roll around as much as you can, funny thing was I got this without even realizing I ran over my target.

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