C-C-C-Combo Breaker Achievement

  • C-C-C-Combo Breaker



    Cause $150,000 worth of damage in a single Sexy Kitten Yarngasm combo.


    I recommend the Medium difficulty instance for this one. Roll off the building and take out the 2 cars and continue until you get your Blast unlocked. Continue following the path of mayhem destroying everything you can, and whenever you are getting close to losing your combo use a blast by hitting  if you are near vehicles, or even newspaper boxes.

  • I love this reference. FINISH HIM!!
  • Yarngasm? That's cute lol.
  • Looking at the teaser trailer, I can only assume... a very educated assumption at that... is that giant Yarn Ball is essentially a giant rolling tank in which you cause damage to Genki's mascots. Mayhem, but with Yarn.
  • If you have nitro for all vehicles it works on the yarn ball. from the start of the first activity roll it around the right side of the map and nitro on straight aways. use shockwave when combo is getting low - cheevo popped for me on combo 65
  • Really? I got to combo 96 and only got like 106,00
  • i got this one and the ywarnachivment so easy
  • Is there an easy way to get this. Even at my best i just seem unable to get it.
  • If you're having trouble you probably make my mistake and didn't realize you can use shockwave. Think you have to use RT, but that, and especially nitro, makes this fairly easy. I got it on the medium difficulty. Just roll over everything in that first little area then nitro thru the empty area and use shockwave whenever the combo meter gets too low.
  • Forgot to say, you get shockwave by getting points I believe, and you can have up to 4 at a time, so don't be stingy w/ e'm!
  • I need help with this one if u want to coop pls help and hitman one willing to help also if you have this game add iivithkid xxx IIVIiThKiD xxx
  • btw does anyone know how to put a profile picture gamer picture for this site its glitching 4 me
  • Guys, this was soo easy. I got it in like 20 seconds. I just kept using my shock thingys which is your right trigger button.
  • i did it with rooftop start i found saving you shock waves till your combo is low nearly over to bosst it up and go for the easy stuff avoid stopping and i did it with out the nitro...
  • Do you have to do this on the second event?(medium difficulty) I did it twice on the first one (easy) and didn't get the achievement..
  • @Decus, You can do it on any of the two events. But i will recommend doing it on the second event (preferably easy difficulty) because I had a problem on the first as well. Immediately ay the start of the 2nd SKY event when you roll down, just bash forward and use ur shockwave (RT) to keep the combo going. Goodluck
  • This is fun, except handling the yarn ball is a nightmare.
  • When you are doing the "medium difficulty" and are going to roll-off of the building... you will see billboards on either side below you just a bit. Roll slightly off to the side while going forward, so that you smash through one of the signs, to get your combo started (it helps). Keep moving all the time, running over ANYTHING that will destruct and keep the combo meter going - even if it's just a little fence or a couple things here and there. Save the blasts for when you are about to lose your combo, as the blast will catch anything nearby. There's no need to waste them on vehicles, as smashing them will give you enough points alone. You'll probably have to do the mission more than once, until you get to know which way is the best path for you to keep your combo going... and

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