Genki Bowl Champ Achievement

  • Genki Bowl Champ



    Complete all activity instances in Genki Bowl VII.


    There are 8 activities you have to pass to get this achievement There are only 4 types, as there are 2 instances per type.

    • Apocalypse Genki (2 instances) - Reach the target score by shooting enemies and pop-up signs (Don't shoot the pandas) and escape through the exit.
    • Sad Panda Skyblazing (2 instances) - Reach the target score by going through rings and killing mascots on rooftops, then land in the landing area.
    • Sexy Kitten Yarngasm (2 instances) - Reach the target score by running over cars, environment items (IE: Light poles, newspaper boxes, signs). Once your combo runs out and it is over the limit it will end.
    • Super Ethical PR Opportunity (2 instances) - Kill people and do requested special activities from Genki while avoiding news vans and crazed fans. Once the pleasure meter is filled no more vans or fans will appear so you can take your time dropping him off.
  • hoping this dlc is 560 ($7) and not 800 or i might have to buy the season pass
  • this dlc is 2 people who have the season pass only
  • @2, where do you see this?
  • @2 no its not you're only cheaper if you have the season pass i guess its downloadable for 800 msp
  • Aaaaand this DLC was a boring flop of a fail. I held onto the game since I bought the season pass, but this isn't even worth losing the trade in value. This game is so shit compared to Saints Row 2 and I'm selling this copy and forfeiting the rest of my season pass. Not worth the wait or the lack of cool weapon and skin DLC we still need to pay for on top of the season pass.
  • This has to be one of the worst dlc's I've ever played. Completed it all in an hour.
  • take it i shouldnt spend the money?
  • It's not that bad most dlc are done very quickly plus this one is just too funny
  • some one explain this to me lol... i have the dlc.. but confused on how to get these... ric3crispytr3at is my gt.. request me and help me out
  • @6 fourpy91 not only is your lack of judgement bad and your gamertag but you taste in video games every1 who crys about this dlc guess what its dlc get over it n if i ever want advice from an actual gamer i wouldnt turn to your 16145 achievement score d bag

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