C-List Celebrity Achievement

  • C-List Celebrity



    Complete all missions for Gangstas in Space.


    You get this one for completing all 3 missions:

    • Mission 1: Faster, More Intense
    • Mission 2: Hangar 18 1/2
    • Mission 3: That's Not in the Script
  • Cool. New DLC. Don't see it on my SR3 DLC menu yet though. Just got Gengki Bowl last night and can't wait to get into this. Still think SR3 deserved GOTY more than Skyrim.
  • @1 But the thing is, SR3 is fun, but it's not actually anything special.
  • Indeed. A great game on its own right, but not badass enough for GotY, but definitely deserves more kudos than Angry Joe gave it. Either way, can't wait for this DLC, caus emore SR3 is good in my book. :3
  • Didn't like genkibowl kinda just remakes so hopefully this is better and adds more stuff in the game.
  • @1 I would agree with you. The writing in this game is indeed something very 'special'. And it's just the most fun I had in 2011.
  • the first DLC was a rip off i felt, cause i didnt actually buy the game i just have it from gamefly right now. and i bought the first DLC and i felt it wasnt worth the money i paid for it consider it took like a hour 1/2 to totally complete it. and it wasnt even anything cool really either. idk it just seems like this dlc will be the same thing, some gay activities that they just randomly made up just to throw it into the DLC package and probably like 4 actual missions which are probably short and meaningless. idk every game company MILKS DLC like no other, i mean when did it become a trend to only have 100 G's with each DLC? that just shows they are trying to milk every little penny out of everyone. they see it as "oh here are 10 achievements we'll just break it down by having 1 20 poi
  • @6 agree that Genkibowl was kinda lame. Would much rather have a larger scale Zombie town mission where you start out with no guns and cheevos like bare hand beatdowns of 20 zombies, set fire to 100 zombies, etc.
  • I love the SR series and like them more than GTA...but to each his own, right? Looking forward to the DLC since all the other games lacked it, makes me want to pick it back up again after shelving it.
  • YES !! Some Mission Packs...Genkibowl was great but hopefully this will be better since it's actually missions instead of just activities, Says Gangstas in Space isnt due out to winter 2012 though?
  • it is winter 2012
  • Wth, it can't be that far
  • anyone know the release date?
  • @12 I really would like to know too.
  • It says Winter 2012, and as far I as I know, February is the last winter month so hopefully it will be out this month..other than the Winter 2012, no other information has been released except the achievement list /:
  • I hope is not december 2012
  • Hoping its soon, making at least another 10 hours of game play... I love the saints row series for being hilarious, out of the box outrageous stuff you can do besides GTA. but missing the long single players like in 1 & 2 :(
  • gansters in space DLC is not in my DOWNLOADABLE CONTENT menu how do i buy it i just brought the money shot pack DLC
  • sorry for the double post but will it be in with the season pass so its free like Genkibowl VII
  • feburary 21st across all platforms
  • a whole 30 minutes to beat....wow I was honestly expecting more genki bowl was better than this.
  • I got bored of this like 10 mins in Already and just turned it off i have never done this with any game or dlc.im not buying anymore Dlc from this game this one was downright horrible
  • was easy but fun every achievement
  • #22 I agree-very easy but good fun-typical SR.If its disappointing some peeps i dont know if u can play it from an earlier save or new game without strength/infinite ammo upgrades to make it more challenging-just a thought:-)
  • I thought this was supposed to take place on Mars? Or at least a set of Mars? This story was pretty bad.
  • Played through the whole thing, shoulda gotten all these, none of em popped. Fuck that
  • Fuck Sorry for you #25
  • Got them all pretty easy DLC only 3 missions
  • Stop complaining this was a fun and funny DLC #24, it was only 560 points..you got new weapons new homies and a good time for only 7 dollars...i could understand if you spent like 15 dollars like call of duty. This game is creative and they will only get better.
  • Jesus i might not rent this if anymore dlc come out. Its one thing to miss 100G from dlc but 300? Im not paying 21 bucks. Maybe itll go on sale someday for 3.50$
  • It would be awesome if the third DLC increased the level cap, that way it would actually "make" us play more. It sucks to get achievements TOO easily, I want to be challenged somewhat.
  • i thought it was 90% garbage only the dialogue in some scenes made me laugh but the rest was just awfull yes i'm at level 50 and only died cos i didn't move around in the final section, but imo this dlc was a waste of bandwidth, had no decent even useable extra's basically it sucked i do have the season pass but still... feels like they phoned it in...
  • dlc is a bit dissapointing.
  • @7, Another zombie idea, really? The small part zombies played in SR3 was good, but I for one would actually hate more zombie stuff. Come on, where is the creativity in that? We have aliens here, just as cleche, but not the go-to of all unimaginative game developers. I want some variety in my games. P.S. I also want some longevity but you can't have everything.... good job it's free to me. (Season Pass)
  • yeah...waiting for dlc that lasts more than 30 min. maybe i should have waited and waited till ALL the dlc was out and done em all in an hour or so. I mean, seriously, the update I got was almost as long as this dlc
  • WDFF i cant put the GIS achivements to my list,any help???
  • This DLC was okay compared to GENKIBOWL VII, however it was still quite boring to play. I hope that they'll do better next time. Anybody that knows anything about the next DLC, "The Trouble With Clones"?
  • the clone dlc is almost identical to the gangsta dlc in the way of the missions are short and easy at max level and in different setting plus the good extra's you use aren't useable outside the dlc mission.
  • I liked this DLC and in-game rewards you get after finishing it compared to the other two that are out (Genkibowl VII, The Trouble With Clones).
  • No more zombies I love zombies but it's everywhere now it's the cool thing now it's in books,movies,video games,TV ENOUGH!.i liked the zombi mission in SR3 it was fun and done good not too long and back into the story,you want zombies go play DR2 the best zombie game in my opinion
  • @39 agreed

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