Do a Barrel Roll! Achievement

  • Do a Barrel Roll!



    Perform all vehicle stunts with the Aegean.


    While you are flying, the director will order you to do three stunts.

    The stunts are:

    • Near Crash (just fly close to a building)
    • Fly through bridge (Just fly through where the checkpoint marker is
    • Fly under bridge (Towards the end of the mission when your controls are messed up, fly under a bridge. This may be difficult with your ship going haywire)
  • Sounds like a sick new unlockable space plane type vehicle. If it's half as cool as the ball of yarn, I will be pleased.
  • haha star fox reference
  • this achievement is part of a mission can't miss it
  • sorry for the doouble post the achievement is in the mission THAT'S NOT IN THE SCRIPT!
  • So you get the cheevo just for doing the mission?
  • #5 Yes just perform the stunts the director asks and its yours-all these dlc cheevos are simple but fun!
  • The Aegean is so much cooler when it's up-side down. they should've made that the top instead.
  • i thought it was a stargate death glider gone really gay
  • its an easy one
  • So uh. Why can I only do 2 stunts before it switches to the next checkpoint?
  • Nevermind, the video I watched made it seem like you did all three in sequence.

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