Revenge of the Navigator Achievement

  • Revenge of the Navigator



    Destroy 10 enemy spacecraft with the Aegean while filming.


    When you are in the spaceship uploading viruses, make sure you shoot down 10 enemy space craft during this. Ther are three areas you need to upload the virus at, so if you don't get it at the first area, don't be concerned.

  • This one could be annoying, but also be easy. hope its alittle easier then the rooftop mascots form the yarngasm dlc
  • the mascots i found ok no time limit once your off the roof means you can just jump off the building or use a genki cannon to kill any mascots you can't reach any balloons work even the sad panda's
  • this achievement is part of a mission can't miss it
  • sorry for the double post make sure you destroy 10 enemy aircrafts
  • well it is possible to miss some of them but when the hum v stops keep shooting them
  • it's not very difficult
  • @6 wrong're thinking of the destroy all in chase scene. this is when you're flying the spaceship

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