Lights! Camera! Action! Achievement

  • Lights! Camera! Action!



    Collect all 6 hidden clapboards.


    There are 6 clapboards total to find in this mission. There are 2 per backstage set you go onto.

    Backstage Area 1:

    1. Just in front of the crushed plane.
    2. Right after you go up to the roof.

    Backstage Area 2:

    3. After you exit the scene, there's a bed room set directly in front of you. Go to the bed and turn left and you will see it.

    4. This is the tricky one, I missed it the 1st time.. When they talk about Prof. Genki you will see a wrestling ring with 2 huge boxes & a sofa. The clapboard is behind the box with a big pink question mark. Press jump to enter the ring to take it.

    Backstage Area 3:

    5. After you run out of the scene and you will see some replacements of your homie. Go further, you will see a place that looks like Zimo's crib, the clapboard is in the kitchen.

    6. After you take the 5th clapboard, turn right and you will see a huge robot, the last one is just behind it.

  • VERY easy to find as they are all highlighted when you are running around the set at the start of the 2nd phone call missiom
  • Should clarify - there are 2 in the areas between "takes" and one will be on each set that you pass through
  • Make sure you get this before you finish the mission, as there appears to be no way to go back if you miss one. Found out the hard way.
  • on 1 of 2 missions there will be 2 in every between take (When You First Start The Mission) first is on directors chair by space craft second is on the roof (Second Between Take) Walk to the room on your left it in the doorway that leads to a dead end hall second one i forget (sorry stml) (Third Between Take) First is in the remake of zimos's crib(kitchen) Second is on left side of mars scene
  • Fourth one's in the ring near the third one on the way to the next set. Check the open crate.
  • Thanks rotary for that list. This is the only pain in the ass missable one make sure you get it your first way through! You can backtrack between sets up until the last set (where you pick up the rifle, I believe) The last two are by the Red Faction Guerrilla mech and set.
  • all six are in between sets in HANGER 18 1/2
  • fuck i just beat it and now i cant go back to get them. make sure you get them on the first play through
  • heard they're putting in a patch so we can replay the GIS missions.......probably because most of the cheevos from it are in specific missions
  • Fuck a patch for replaying the GIS missions (actually, I'm missing this one so... I don't mean that, exactly), what about a patch for replaying ALL the missions. SR2 had that ability and you'd think a game like this, shorter but with more funny/cool set pieces, would have that feature. Hoping #9 is right.
  • really helpful quick guide
  • Yeah I just finished The Trouble with Clones, so the patch should be in effect. It starts you off from the first mission though, you don't have the freedom to pick and choose. I'm *assuming* it works for all the DLCs.
  • How do you replay missions): me and my friend trying to get all the on this dlc through the first play through we only missed this someone please help!

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