First Contact Achievement

  • First Contact



    Destroy all enemy spacecraft during the chase scene.


    Once you get in the bulldog (The military humvee looking vehicle with turret) you will start being chased by flying vehicles. Shoot down all the spaceships you see to get this achievement.

  • This might also be an annoying one.
  • well if it's like any other chase section it could be a problem
  • not really just got to destroy 20 enemy aircrafts i just focused on the big ones then i destroyed about 10 little ones in the tunnel in FASTER, MORE INTENSE! mission
  • Just be good at aiming to get this.
  • I had to redo it just because I missed one MF
  • it's pretty easy (but it's missable!!!!!!!!!!)
  • Can u get it in co-op
  • @7 yes you on the mounted gun, one shooting out the window. When you get in the tunnel just throw a grenade or two for the scythes.
  • How do u replay the mission i just missed it got 19/20 because one hit the wall in the tunnell and killed itsself :-/

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