I Do My Own Stunts Achievement

  • I Do My Own Stunts



    Land on the Parachute Target during the rescue scene.


    After the director hates the first take, he will make you do a second in which you parachute in and have to land in the target. If you miss the target, you can retry latest checkpoint as it will be when you are in the helicopter ready to jump.

  • pretty easy...
  • How do you know? It hasn't come out yet...
  • parachute target is easy once you practice know how :) and imo the genki bowl target area on the island was so easy it was retarded...
  • @3 its alot better than this tho...this is so easy its retarded. oh well easy achievements..
  • very easy just a basic base jump
  • NOT easy, I forgot about the chute button and i landed in the water :P
  • It was easy {confirmed}
  • i missed the smoke ring by a few inches and still got the cheevo
  • didn't even open my chute...splatted on the groung and got it
  • these achievements suck cant get any of the space mission ach should have gotten them but i think and dont know why but it is gliched any ideas
  • why cant i mark any of these achivments of my list!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  • #8 me too ;-)
  • I missed and just walked over the marker and it popped up. lol

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