B.A.M.F. Achievement

  • B.A.M.F.



    Defeat 15 enemies at Technically Legal using only melee attacks.


    Note: Do not take any homies with you as they will make it harder to get 15 melee kills. You must remain inside Technically Legal and melee 15 enemies. It can be done with a Penetrator or Chainsaw as well.

  • This DLC will most likely be another 45 minutes of gameplay and 10 minutes to collect missed Achievements. The Season Pass is a rip off, It is 80MSP less, that is literally a 69P saving. I have learnt my lesson after Gears 3, and SR:TT Season Passes.
  • @1 not really, you get the nyte blade in the season pass aswell, so you save 15%
  • I agree with @1 though. I have loved every dlc for this game even though it has been short,'I just can't believe we've only saved about 180MSP. I know we get the Nyte Blade pack but it isn't that great, I'd rather lower the season pass price and not have that pack.
  • Sorry 80MSP**
  • @1 i agree with you about the SR:TT season pass but gears gave better dlc imo
  • @2 the night blade pack was supposed to be free. That's why it was called a bonus. I know they are know saying it is part of the savings but theat is BS. I loved this series(not 3) but everything for this game was a waste of time.
  • Eh, I've enjoyed this game. They need to balance the serious with the crazy a little bit better in the next game, though. They hit the sweet spot in SR2.
  • I actually dug the 3rd one the best just more craziness although having Tera Patrick in SR2 is a trip and than my fav of all time the mayor Burt Reynolds in SR3 just classic,both great games But it is a ripoff some of these DLC I got genii owl which was funny but I played Gangstas and thought it was horrible but I'll get the clones just get the achievements,I know I'm a sucker lol
  • The sad part is, devs like Epic Games and Volition know there are players that play games not only for the game, but for the achievement, and they build off that. GOW3 managed to get 3600 MSP of painfully grinding-based DLC in there along with the main game's achievements, which will have you working months to do already. 1680 MSP is at least a bit better, but not worth like 3 or 4 hours of gameplay total.
  • violtion have shown their hand with this game over hyped lots of promised fun crazy stuff but all i saw was the same old crap zombies check, car chase on rails check, hulk/brutes check a to b check kill target check the only thing that was original and fun was zimos rescue and burt reynolds that was it everything else has been done.
  • So nobody talking about this achievement just throwing a fit over the content? Cut your complaining and don't get it if you're gonna complain. Anyway back on subject. I forgot about this achievement during my first play through so looks like another one is needed
  • thing is some people didn't know the dlc was going to be this terrible i got the season pass. if we don't complain things will only get worse..
  • Hey, at least they were decent enough to make the Season Pass only $20 instead of the typical $30. As for this achievement, is it possible to get it by using the Apoca-fist?
  • I liked this one better than SR2 it's like light yrs ahead and more fun,plus it out did SR2 sales right away but that isn't sayin much.But these DLC are crappy I didn't get Gangstas or clones cause I played them at my bro apt and didn't dig it but I liked genki bowl that was fun
  • Hmmmm Johnny Thunders & The Heartbreakers reference to Their 1977 killer album "L.A.M.F"? That's the first thing I thought when I saw this
  • So easy use apoca fists
  • @BasqueNYC - No, BAMF means Bad-ass motherf*cker
  • For people looking for help, to get this achievement, it's not when you turn up to friendly fire where the morning stars are, it's the next bit. You hear jimmy say something happening at "technically legal" and when you get there, place is deserted but the cops show up with the swat team shortly after. Thats when you wanna start meleeing everybodies ass!
  • Thanks #18 I dont come to this site for complaining, I come for some achievement info! hahaha
  • @aKaCuteserto I know what it mean I said it remained me of the Johnny Thunders album L.A.M.F. Great album by the way check it out
  • I loved every minute of this game. Of course people will moan the vocal majority are usually haters. People expect to much these days and think they are x factor judges with their deep insightful criticisms... just play and shhhh
  • I had to start a new game and play trough the first missions cause i missed it and i had a checkpoint at a wrong momentum

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