The Johnnyguard Achievement

  • The Johnnyguard



    Prevent Johnny Tag from taking damage on the Magarac Bridge.


    You will have to take out Jeeps, Snipers, and Helicopters without Johnny taking any damage. When you are destroying the helicopters, don't wait for a lock on instead fire it and guide the rocket to the helicopter. If you see Johnny take any damage you can restart from checkpoint otherwise if you finish the mission you must restart from the first mission.

  • this one seems like it could be the hardest in the whole dlc
  • You never know it could be the hardest achievement in the world.
  • Or it could be like all the other Saints Row DLC Cheevos, and be super easy.
  • Im going with maybe a 4/10 difficulty. Other than that, another easy 2 hours and 100 achievo points.
  • 2 hours? More like less than 1 hour.
  • tag should Be GAT RIGHT ??
  • Johnny Tag? Fuck that, we want Johnny Gat.
  • Return of GAT! You'll know he'll be back!
  • Wonder if this means any damage or a certain % of his health. If it's any damage then it might be the hardest achievement just because the AI like to run into the flame of anything burning.
  • Does anyone know when this dlc comes out?
  • #10 20 march
  • This achievo was way easy. He took like no damage regardless of choppers and tanks shooting him point blank. 80/80 1300/1300 whoo
  • @12: I have to say the complete opposite, somehow he lost health when I played through, got no achievement from it :(
  • Can you replay the missions? because i missed this.. :(
  • do it on easy people as his health in unlimited i had some direct shots on him and nothing damaged him at all make sure to keep firing and limit your misses :P
  • Right at the end the 2nd to last helicopter is the only thing that i found could damage him take it out and the other one and u got ur 10g
  • Did it on easy. Just take down every helicopter with 1 shot and you'll get the achievement :)
  • Ah ok, will set to easy because I was having the same problem too. Disappointed that you don't get an upgrade to use the saints flow boost because that was an awesome power!! Lmao took a detour down to zombie island just for fun under the influence.
  • I was actually hoping that we'd get the really Jonny Gat back and not some Brunt that looks like him. I don't even use those big guys or Oleg unless they are part of the mission. I did like having those powers tho.
  • Haha the saint flow boost on the zombie island was a trip just blasting them in the air,running through or past them,much fun def tits
  • I have got it set to easy, I had helicopters and all sorts shooting him and the achievement still popped :)
  • Crap didn't realise this was an achievement and now have to play all the missions again. Though, that will only take about 20 minutes. Glad I didn't pay full price for this, very disappointing DLC.
  • Took me 3 attempts, Somehow he kept getting hit by the very last helicopter, and this happened twice! 3rd time lucky I guess.
  • super easy got it first time
  • This DLC took under 45 minutes and this cheevo took 5 minutes or less.

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