My Pet, Monster Achievement

  • My Pet, Monster



    Complete all missions for "The Trouble With Clones..."


    Complete all 3 missions in the DLC and this achievement is yours.

    • Weird Science
    • Tour de Farce
    • The Trouble With Clones
  • Reference to the cartoon?
  • i loved that show when i was a kid.
  • Cartoon?
  • It took me 20mins to be WTF!
  • This is the last dlc with achievements right???
  • of the season pass yes if they do any more it will be seperate from that. i'l say no more mission packs just lame stupid costumes that do nothing but make more money from the gullible
  • i did everything it says to do to get all of there achievements and i havent got one i even tryed redownloadin the dlc and it still wont give me my achievements dose anyone have any idea why?
  • Very easy dlc, got all 100gs in about an hour.

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