A Golden Age Achievement in Saints Row

  • A Golden Age



    Unlock Criminal Empire Tier 5.

    How to unlock A Golden Age

    The Criminal Empire stuff in Saints Row is a large part of the game, and is incredibly time consuming - and expensive… in-game, of course. Once you’ve done the prologue and the intro and have completed “Take Me To The Church,” you will have access to the church and the Criminal Empire table. To find the table in the church, as you go in the main doors, head left and up the stairs and it will be across from the balcony.

    In order to unlock this achievement, and the other achievements inexplicably linked to this, you’re going to have to basically do a few things: 
    1. Access the table and buy properties, then place them on the map.
    2. Do Venture missions tied into those properties you’ve bought.
    3. Do a final mission to wrap up that tier.
    In order to complete each tier you basically need to meet a few criteria: building ventures, completing ventures and then a mission to wrap up that tier. It’s an incredibly time consuming set of achievements, this, so take your time, break up the monotony of stuff with side missions, getting collectibles, doing story missions and so on.
    The 5 tiers and their completion criteria (along with the mission needed to complete them) are as follows:

    Tier 1:
    3 ventures built, 0 completed, and Drawing Heat

    Tier 2:
    6 ventures built, 2 completed, and complete Body of Evidence

    Tier 3:
    10 ventures built, 5 completed, and Good Cop/Bad Cop

    Tier 4:
    14 ventures built, 8 completed and story mission

    Tier 5:
    Build all Criminal Ventures, complete all story missions, build the Saints Skyscraper for $8m to complete the ‘Let’s Build a Skyscraper’ mission.

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