Jack of All Trades Achievement in Saints Row

  • Jack of All Trades



    Acquire every perk.

    How to unlock Jack of All Trades

    Throughout your time in Saints Row you’ll come across challenges and perks, the two of which are intertwined. The basic crux of how its perk system works is:
    • Beat in-game challenge (which are trackable in your mission phone app (second tab).
    • Receive a preset perk.
    • Use money to unlock perk slot(s) - it's 100k per slot for the Major ones, and 250k for the Elite slot!.
    • Equip perk.
    This achievement is actually to do with acquiring all the perks though, and not much else. So, in short: complete a challenge, get a preset perk. In order to unlock all of them though, you’ll need to do 40; 10 for Minor perks, 10 for Major perks and 20 for Elite. So, in short: do 40 challenges and you’re golden. 

    You’ll get a ton, if not most of these while you go for everything else, but it doesn’t help to keep on track of the challenges and switching up weapons as you go - for instance, use the Dustlander Sword when you get it (30 kills will complete the Castle Kraken challenge) and also buy an Idol Pistol, MDI-77 Auto Rifle and Sawed-Off Shotgun when you can, as there’s two challenges linked to those. The challenges aren’t that hard, in truth, you might just have to go out your way a bit to get a few of them (like wingsuiting in Lakeshore South for the Terminal Velocity challenge).

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