It's a Bird! Achievement in Saints Row

  • It's a Bird!



    Complete all wingsuit challenges.

    How to unlock It's a Bird!

    There are a few main wingsuit challenges in Saints Row that you must unlock if you want this achievement. They are:
    • Wing It (bounce boost off people 6 people in 30 seconds & wingsuit off 12 vehicles) 
    • Terminal Velocity (free fall for 5,000 metres, get 600 seconds airtime in Lakeshore North and wingsuit for 1000 seconds in Lakeshore South)
    • Once you unlock Shady Oaks, there's a challenge or two in there related to the Wingsuit too, so do them as well (and complete this challenge)
    • And finally, I Can See Your House, which will have you wingsuiting galore.
    Do all of those and you’ll unlock this achievement.

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