Shopping Spree Achievement in Saints Row

  • Shopping Spree



    Buy 1 item from every store.

    How to unlock Shopping Spree

    Each district has several stores, as denoted by green markers, and in order to get this achievement, you’ll need to purchase something from every store. You need only purchase a single item from each to count them as complete - once you’ve done that you’ll see them in the map marked as “Complete.” 

    There are 36 stores in all, from clothes shops to weapons shops (and even an emote shop), and while the game doesn’t recognise the “Everything is a Million Dollars” store in the list, it counts for the achievement (this store, by the way, does not unlock until after you complete the campaign).

    Here’s a list of all the regions and what stores are there:

    Kavanagh County Territory
    Rojas Desert North - 2 stores:
    Kavanagh County Park Service
    Twin Coyote Arcade

    Rojas Desert South - 2 stores:
    Effin’ Cray Socks

    Badlands South - 2 stores:

    Idols Territory
    Marina West - 3 stores:
    Twisty Creamy
    School of Art and Design

    Monte Vista - 2 stores:
    Lemoneedle (Tattoo Parlor)
    Woodbush Country Club

    Marina East - 2 stores:
    Friendly Fire (weapon store)
    Take My Ex’s Stuff

    Old Town West - 1 store:
    Buckaroo Legends

    Old Town East - 1 store:
    Friendly Fire (weapon store)

    Los Panteros Territory
    West Providencia - 3 stores:
    Rat Rods
    Friendly Fire (weapon store)

    Mercado - 3 stores:
    Gafas De Sol
    Dia De Muertos
    Botas Picuda

    Smelterville East - 3 stores:
    Rusty’s Needle
    Wearhard Industrial Clothing
    Ramparts BBQ

    Marshall Territory
    Lakeshore North - 2 stores:
    Friendly Fire
    Deep Silver Volition

    Lakeshore South - 3 stores:
    Kiss Me
    Everything is a Million Dollars

    East Flats - 4 stores:
    Smelter Yo Face
    Friendly Fire (weapon store)
    Chicken Dance Studio (Dance Studio)
    The Swole Hole

    El Dorado - 3 stores:
    Go Kart Ho
    Rusty’s Needle (tattoo parlor)
    Leather and Lace

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