The Collector Achievement in Saints Row

  • The Collector



    Obtain 85 items in the Collectibles app.

    How to unlock The Collector

    After you’ve acquired the church in the Saints Row campaign (the “Take Me To The Church” mission), Kevin will come to you with a new mission, “Office Decor.” This mission will introduce you to the Saints Row collectible stuff (officially), where you can take photos of items in the real world (that shimmer with a blue light) and have them accessible to decorate your church with. When you see one, all you have to do is take a photo and that item will be available to you then (and will show in the collectibles app on the phone).

    There are 115 collectibles in all, of which you need 85. If you bring up the phone and go to the collectibles app, you will see four categories: small, medium, large and wall. If you hover over a Collectible it will tell you where to find it in the open-world.

    Our advice on this one is: play the game as normal while going for the other achievements and when you see a blue shimmer, take a photo. By the end you should a massive chunk of these, then you can just wrap up after. 

    If you want to get them all though - and you're missing quite a few - we've prepared a ton of maps so you can finish off them all in no-time whatsoever.

    Check out the Saints Row All Collectibles Guide and Maps HERE.

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