The Professional Achievement in Saints Row

  • The Professional



    Complete all jobs on the Wanted app.

    How to unlock The Professional

    The Wanted app in Saints Row is essentially a hitman app. You login, choose a target and then take them out. It’s as simple as that. Basically, fire up the Wanted app from your in-game smartphone, then pick a job. Complete the hit and you’re done.

    There are twelve Wanted contacts in total, and you can take them on whenever you like via the Wanted app on your in-game phone. Complete all twelve to bag this achievement. The 12 targets are:
    1. Snitches
    2. Meth Cookery
    3. Litterbugs (target is also a Collective Member, and counts towards the Chaos Tamer (25G) achievement)
    4. Car Rustler
    5. Marshall VIP
    6. Kart Queen
    7. Foreign Spy
    8. Backstabbers
    9. Un Mecánico
    10. Millennial
    11. Muscleheads
    12. Necromancer

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