Always Be Hustling Achievement in Saints Row

  • Always Be Hustling



    Complete all Side Hustles.

    How to unlock Always Be Hustling

    The Side Hustles in Saints Row are essentially side missions of sorts, that range from wave based combat in @tcha to driving on top of a vehicle shooting stuff in Riding Shotgun (the others are: Wingsuit Saboteur, Choplifting, and Pony Express). There are 41 in all dotted throughout Saints Row. Complete all 41 and the achievement is yours. You can keep track of what Side Hustles you’re missing in the map screen if you hover over a certain district. 

    A few things to take note: you’ll need to do the first @thca mission for them to populate the map and finally, more will unlock as you complete them, so don’t be concerned if they don’t all show on the map from the off.

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