Chaos Tamer Achievement in Saints Row

  • Chaos Tamer



    Defeat all members of the Idols Collective.

    How to unlock Chaos Tamer

    There are 6 main members of the Idols Collective that you’ll come across in Saints Row - you’ll recognise them because of their fancy LED helmet (basically, like Wrench from Watch Dogs 2). Some in the campaign, some in side missions, some in open-world stuff. Simply kill all 6 and this achievement is yours. The location of all six are as follows:
    • The boss at the end of the “Be Your Own Boss” mission.
    • You’ll encounter one in “Idol Threat” (a Kev mission after the Networking main mission)
    • You’ll come across 2 in “Going Overboard,” a main story mission.
    • You’ll find one at a Threat in Old Town West (west of the main square there).
    • And finally, there’ll be one in the Wanted app. Kill members until this dude and his pesky helmet shows up.

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