- Estimated achievement difficulty: 4/10 [Achievement Difficulty Rating
- Offline: 49 [990gs.png]
- Online: 1 [10gs.png]
- Approximate amount of time to 1000gs.png: 80-100 hours [Estimated Time to 100%
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
- Missable achievements: 0
- Does difficulty affect achievements: No
- Unobtainable/glitched achievements: None are glitched per se, but a few are buggy, such as The Mechanic (20G) and Kitted Out (20G)
For questions, comments or feedback, please visit the Achievements and Guide Discussion thread.

Saints Row is back, after a bit of a hiatus, and Deep Silver Volition have promised a more somewhat serious Saints Row this time around, and by that, we mean more serious than Saints Row 4, which really isn't that hard! In the grand scheme of things, it's basically between 2 and 3 in terms of tone. Anyway! It's back! It's open-world, as usual. There's plenty of mayhem, as usual. Explosions! Crazy set-pieces! All of it returns, and it's a world littered with secrets, and we're going to run you through the best way to get that sweet 1000gs.png.

Abbreviated Walkthrough:
Honestly, because there are no missable achievements, how you approach Saints Row is entirely up to you. Some people like to tackle the main campaign first. Some like to clean up the streets a district at a time. Others like to just do whatever comes to you, and that's fine. Some advice I will give though:
  • The last achievement of the campaign, for the epilogue, requires $8 million to start. So the sooner you start saving, the better.
  • In relation to that, getting the money earned per hour up ASAP is key. Taking down threats and laying Ventures works, the latter even if you don't actually do the ventures just yet. 
  • Keep an eye out for shimmering blue objects and take a picture (they're collectibles)
  • Keep an eye on challenges too, switch up weapons and what not, as that'll help you in the long run.
It's very much a game of checklists: do the main missions, do the ventures, do the discoveries, complete a region, complete a venture, and so on. Everything should come pretty naturally. Either way, we're here to assist, as some weapons for some of the achievements require unlocking in very specific ways.

Once you've done the main campaign, it's a matter of looking through the list and seeing what you have left over. A lot of those will be collectibles, general missions on the map, and so on.

Saints Row is a relatively easy 1000gs.png, but boy is it time consuming and super grindy. Is it a bit of a chore? At times, yes. Is it fun? At times, yes. But if open-world games and mayhem are your thing, then the Saints Row reboot might be right up your alley!
[XBA would like to thank Webb for this Roadmap]

Saints Row Achievement Guide

Printable Guide
Show completed achievements
Show secret achievements

There are 64 achievements with a total of 1425 points

  • Unlock Criminal Empire Tier 2.

    See A Golden Age (40G) for more info.
  • Unlock Criminal Empire Tier 3.

    See A Golden Age (40G) for more info.
  • Unlock Criminal Empire Tier 4.

    See A Golden Age (40G) for more info.
  • Acquire every perk.

    Throughout your time in Saints Row you’ll come across challenges and perks, the two of which are intertwined. The basic crux of how its perk system works is:
    • Beat in-game challenge (which are trackable in your mission phone app (second tab).
    • Receive a preset perk.
    • Use money to unlock perk slot(s) - it's 100k per slot for the Major ones, and 250k for the Elite slot!.
    • Equip perk.
    This achievement is actually to do with acquiring all the perks though, and not much else. So, in short: complete a challenge, get a preset perk. In order to unlock all of them though, you’ll need to do 40; 10 for Minor perks, 10 for Major perks and 20 for Elite. So, in short: do 40 challenges and you’re golden. 

    You’ll get a ton, if not most of these while you go for everything else, but it doesn’t help to keep on track of the challenges and switching up weapons as you go - for instance, use the Dustlander Sword when you get it (30 kills will complete the Castle Kraken challenge) and also buy an Idol Pistol, MDI-77 Auto Rifle and Sawed-Off Shotgun when you can, as there’s two challenges linked to those. The challenges aren’t that hard, in truth, you might just have to go out your way a bit to get a few of them (like wingsuiting in Lakeshore South for the Terminal Velocity challenge).
  • Complete all wingsuit challenges.

    There are a few main wingsuit challenges in Saints Row that you must unlock if you want this achievement. They are:
    • Wing It (bounce boost off people 6 people in 30 seconds & wingsuit off 12 vehicles) 
    • Terminal Velocity (free fall for 5,000 metres, get 600 seconds airtime in Lakeshore North and wingsuit for 1000 seconds in Lakeshore South)
    • Once you unlock Shady Oaks, there's a challenge or two in there related to the Wingsuit too, so do them as well (and complete this challenge)
    • And finally, I Can See Your House, which will have you wingsuiting galore.
    Do all of those and you’ll unlock this achievement.
  • Buy 1 item from every store.

    Each district has several stores, as denoted by green markers, and in order to get this achievement, you’ll need to purchase something from every store. You need only purchase a single item from each to count them as complete - once you’ve done that you’ll see them in the map marked as “Complete.” 

    There are 36 stores in all, from clothes shops to weapons shops (and even an emote shop), and while the game doesn’t recognise the “Everything is a Million Dollars” store in the list, it counts for the achievement (this store, by the way, does not unlock until after you complete the campaign).

    Here’s a list of all the regions and what stores are there:

    Kavanagh County Territory
    Rojas Desert North - 2 stores:
    Kavanagh County Park Service
    Twin Coyote Arcade

    Rojas Desert South - 2 stores:
    Effin’ Cray Socks

    Badlands South - 2 stores:

    Idols Territory
    Marina West - 3 stores:
    Twisty Creamy
    School of Art and Design

    Monte Vista - 2 stores:
    Lemoneedle (Tattoo Parlor)
    Woodbush Country Club

    Marina East - 2 stores:
    Friendly Fire (weapon store)
    Take My Ex’s Stuff

    Old Town West - 1 store:
    Buckaroo Legends

    Old Town East - 1 store:
    Friendly Fire (weapon store)

    Los Panteros Territory
    West Providencia - 3 stores:
    Rat Rods
    Friendly Fire (weapon store)

    Mercado - 3 stores:
    Gafas De Sol
    Dia De Muertos
    Botas Picuda

    Smelterville East - 3 stores:
    Rusty’s Needle
    Wearhard Industrial Clothing
    Ramparts BBQ

    Marshall Territory
    Lakeshore North - 2 stores:
    Friendly Fire
    Deep Silver Volition

    Lakeshore South - 3 stores:
    Kiss Me
    Everything is a Million Dollars

    East Flats - 4 stores:
    Smelter Yo Face
    Friendly Fire (weapon store)
    Chicken Dance Studio (Dance Studio)
    The Swole Hole

    El Dorado - 3 stores:
    Go Kart Ho
    Rusty’s Needle (tattoo parlor)
    Leather and Lace
  • Pulled out of a car by a pedestrian.

    The best and easiest way to do this is to jack a car, then wait for the driver to try and take it back from you. Some drivers will run away, but some will get angry and attempt to throw you out of the car you just stole. These pedestrians will appear as a red dot on your minimap, and have a red health bar above their head.
  • Obtain 5 items in the Collectibles app.

    See The Collector (25G) for more info.
  • Obtain 85 items in the Collectibles app.

    After you’ve acquired the church in the Saints Row campaign (the “Take Me To The Church” mission), Kevin will come to you with a new mission, “Office Decor.” This mission will introduce you to the Saints Row collectible stuff (officially), where you can take photos of items in the real world (that shimmer with a blue light) and have them accessible to decorate your church with. When you see one, all you have to do is take a photo and that item will be available to you then (and will show in the collectibles app on the phone).

    There are 115 collectibles in all, of which you need 85. If you bring up the phone and go to the collectibles app, you will see four categories: small, medium, large and wall. If you hover over a Collectible it will tell you where to find it in the open-world.

    Our advice on this one is: play the game as normal while going for the other achievements and when you see a blue shimmer, take a photo. By the end you should a massive chunk of these, then you can just wrap up after. 

    If you want to get them all though - and you're missing quite a few - we've prepared a ton of maps so you can finish off them all in no-time whatsoever.

    Check out the Saints Row All Collectibles Guide and Maps HERE.
  • Complete 10 Crimes of Opportunity.

    Throughout your time in Saints Row you’ll come across white money bag icons on the mini-map. These are Crimes of Opportunity. They’ll only show when you’re in close proximity. When you see one, head over to it, kill the goons by the truck and loot the stash. Do this 10 times and you’ll unlock the Untouchable achievement. There are armoured trucks around that you can blow up too, but this do not appear to count. Well, they didn't for us!
  • Complete all jobs on the Wanted app.

    The Wanted app in Saints Row is essentially a hitman app. You login, choose a target and then take them out. It’s as simple as that. Basically, fire up the Wanted app from your in-game smartphone, then pick a job. Complete the hit and you’re done.

    There are twelve Wanted contacts in total, and you can take them on whenever you like via the Wanted app on your in-game phone. Complete all twelve to bag this achievement. The 12 targets are:
    1. Snitches
    2. Meth Cookery
    3. Litterbugs (target is also a Collective Member, and counts towards the Chaos Tamer (25G) achievement)
    4. Car Rustler
    5. Marshall VIP
    6. Kart Queen
    7. Foreign Spy
    8. Backstabbers
    9. Un Mecánico
    10. Millennial
    11. Muscleheads
    12. Necromancer
  • Complete all Side Hustles.

    The Side Hustles in Saints Row are essentially side missions of sorts, that range from wave based combat in @tcha to driving on top of a vehicle shooting stuff in Riding Shotgun (the others are: Wingsuit Saboteur, Choplifting, and Pony Express). There are 41 in all dotted throughout Saints Row. Complete all 41 and the achievement is yours. You can keep track of what Side Hustles you’re missing in the map screen if you hover over a certain district. 

    A few things to take note: you’ll need to do the first @thca mission for them to populate the map and finally, more will unlock as you complete them, so don’t be concerned if they don’t all show on the map from the off.
  • Complete Showdown.

    This achievement will unlock upon completing the final story mission titled ‘Showdown’.
  • Complete a Side Hustle.

    See Always Be Hustling (40G) for more info.
  • Complete a job on the Wanted app.

    See The Professional (25G) for more info.
  • Complete First F#@!ing Day.

    Story-related, cannot be missed.

    This unlocks upon completing Saints Row’s opening mission, ‘First F#@!ing Day’, which introduces you to your character.
  • Complete 25 challenges.

    Basically, complete 25 challenges (you can consult the list of challenges in the smartphone’s ‘Missions’ app) and this achievement is yours. The truth is, you’ll get most of these while going for everything else and completing the Criminal Empires ventures and stuff, so don’t worry too much about it. If, at the end, you don’t have it, find the easiest ones to bash out and then go ham.
  • Customize a vehicle.

    In Saints Row you can customise vehicles. To do this, hit up the garage at the Saints’ church HQ when you have that unlocked, then change its paint job, body kit, or whatever, and this will unlock.
  • Customize a weapon.

    The simplest way to do this is to head into your armoury at the church, after you’ve completed the “Take Us To The Church” mission and simply change a weapon’s skin.
  • Customize a weapon, a vehicle, clothing item, and your skin with a Cutting Edge material.

    At Empire Tier 3, you’ll get the chance to buy the $400,000 Cutting Edge business venture. Once you’ve acquired it, you’ll be tasked with taking pictures of cutting edge materials at the behest of fashion designer Edith, following the clue given when you hover over the icon on the game’s map screen. You need only take a photo of just one, then apply the material to any weapon, car, single item of clothing, and your character’s skin. Do that and this is yours.
  • Defeat all members of the Idols Collective.

    There are 6 main members of the Idols Collective that you’ll come across in Saints Row - you’ll recognise them because of their fancy LED helmet (basically, like Wrench from Watch Dogs 2). Some in the campaign, some in side missions, some in open-world stuff. Simply kill all 6 and this achievement is yours. The location of all six are as follows:
    • The boss at the end of the “Be Your Own Boss” mission.
    • You’ll encounter one in “Idol Threat” (a Kev mission after the Networking main mission)
    • You’ll come across 2 in “Going Overboard,” a main story mission.
    • You’ll find one at a Threat in Old Town West (west of the main square there).
    • And finally, there’ll be one in the Wanted app. Kill members until this dude and his pesky helmet shows up.
  • Destroy a car with Pugnus Sanctus Dei.

    First things first, you’ll need to get the Pugnus Sanctus Dei to get this achievement. You can get them by doing two of the Hidden History discovery activities:
    • The first is St. Thomas Corvacho’s - south west in East Providencia
    • Then, in Old Town West, head to Meeker Square.
    Do both of these and you’ll unlock the Pugnus Sanctus Dei - the boxing glove gun. If you need assistance finding the two Hidden History locations and completing them - as long with the rest - then check out our Saints Row Hidden History guide here.

    Then, once you have it, equip it from your church armory and then beat a car until it explodes. Do this and the achievement is yours.
  • Perform a barrel roll.

    Once you know how to do it, performing a barrel roll is actually very easy. You simply need to find one of the many ramps out in the world, and hit it as fast as you can in your vehicle of choice. As soon as you leave the ramp and take flight, you’ll need to hold down button-a.png and hold the left analogue stick either left or right. Doing so will see you perform a barrel roll. If you don’t hold down the button, you’ll perform a spin instead. If you need more airtime to perform a full barrel roll, you might just need to find a bigger ramp.
  • Place a criminal venture.

    This achievement will unlock upon completing the story mission “Networking.”
  • Complete a criminal venture.

    In order to get this achievement you need to fully complete a Criminal Venture. So, first, you need to buy it from the Empire Table, then you need to place it down. Then you need to visit the criminal venture and complete all of its missions. You’ll obviously get this while going for the rest of the achievements, but if you want an early win, can we suggest the Chalupacabra criminal venture, as it only has 5 really easy missions.
  • Fully upgrade a vehicle.

    In order to fully upgrade your vehicle, you need to head to your garage at the church. Choose a vehicle, go to customize and then down the bottom, under Equipment, apply the upgrade kits. The first one costs $5k, the second costs $25,000 and the third $100,000. Just make sure you've unlocked the Signature Ability first - although this took us a few attempts with a few different cars for this to unlock.
  • Fully upgrade a weapon.

    To max out a weapon, you’ll need to gain their Signature Ability by completing a set challenge attached to the weapon you want to fully upgrade (the K-8 Krukov AR is an easy one to opt for). You’ll then want to head to a gun store to purchase three upgrade kits. The first kit costs $5,000, while the second will cost you $25,000. The third and final upgrade will set you back $100,000, but it’s all worth it, as each kit increases your weapon’s ammo capacity and damage output. Also, you get this achievement. Again, like The Mechanic (20G), this took a few attempts with different guns before it unlocked too.
  • Reach the maximum level.

    Saints Row’s maximum level is 20, and chances are, if you’re playing the story and mixing in a few side activities, this will come naturally before you reach the end. If not, you can boost XP by completing Side Hustles and Business Ventures, or by getting mixed up in a spot of gang warfare. Practically everything you do earns XP, so if you delve into everything Saints Row has to offer, you’ll easily hit level 20 without even trying.
  • Defeat a miniboss from each faction.

    Saints Row’s three factions are Los Panteros, The Idols, and Marshall Industries, alongside a fourth you’ll encounter at the end of the game. You’ll encounter some of the minibosses automatically during the campaign, and have to defeat them to progress. If you’re missing any, the KAKTS Radio Business Venture requires you draw out a miniboss by calling them on your phone to initiate a fight, so if you’ve yet to earn this achievement, this is the best way to make sure you snag it.
  • Kill an enemy with a towed object.

    First things first, the title specifies an enemy, so you can’t just do this on a pedestrian - enemies have red health bars. Simply though, there’s a good chance you can get this on the “A Piece of the Action” mission, where you have to steal a car and a container - in which you tow it. If not, you can upgrade a car and add a tow bar, then seek out some gang scum on the streets of Santa Ileso.
  • Kill a tank driver with the Quantum Aperture.

    To acquire the Quantum Aperture, you’ll need to first purchase the Eurekabator! Criminal Venture for $100,000 upon reaching Empire Tier 2. Then, you’ll need to complete the second Alpha Test, which showcases what the gadget can do - it creates a window, which allows you to shoot through walls. Once you’ve got hold of the Quantum Aperture, equip it, and use it on a tank - a Marshall tank will do it - then shoot the driver (hostiles appear as red projections) out of their seat.
  • Complete 5 districts in Santo Ileso.

    See All Mine (50G) for more info.
  • Own 100 different pieces of clothing.

    Each time you visit a clothes store, purchase as many clothing items as your wallet will allow. You’ll also unlock items for completing certain missions and tasks, which will soon add to up to a bulging wardrobe. In all likelihood, you’ll get to 100 pieces of clothing pretty fast.
  • Prank a co-op partner.

    Pranking is an online only thing in Saints Row, which you must have turned on. Then, while in game with your co-op partner, hold left on the d-pad to see the Prank criteria that you must complete. These are random, but will be relatively easy things to do in-game. Once you've done them, hit left again on the d-pad and boom, the achievement is yours.
  • Buy 2 Emotes.

    The emote store is the ‘Chicken Dance Studio’ in East Flats, just southwest of the lake in the middle of Santo Ileso. Head here and buy two emotes (cheap ones, if you like), and this will unlock.
  • Perform a quadruple backflip with Super Air Control.

    A great way to do this, is to get your hands on a Sandstorm Elite dirtbike, and take it to your Saints church HQ garage, so it’s stored there. You’ll need to perform a double backflip while riding the bike, which can be done fairly easily off a sand dune out in any of the surrounding desert. Once you’ve done that, head back to the garage and customise the bike with the Super Air Control signature ability, which enables you to do flips a lot faster when holding lb.png. While you’re at it, fit a nitrous boost, so when you head into the desert to hit the dunes again, you can do so at top speed, then fit in a quadruple flip while using the Super Air Control signature ability.
  • Refill the boost bar 3 times in a row with Infinite Boost.

    The Infinite Boost is a Signature Ability on cars like the Vindicator (found by finding all 5 rocket car parts). Once you have that car, and that ability, you basically need to fully activate the boost, and if it runs out and you've not hit anything, you get an automatic refill. Do this three times and the achievement is yours. Nothing too hard here. Just do it on the highways and weave through the traffic. The bike outside of JimRob's has this ability too, and makes the whole thing even easier.
  • Stagger an enemy with a vending machine.

    During gunfights, keep your eyes peeled for vending machines. Should an enemy come close to one, shoot it, and it’ll electrocute them, unlocking this achievement. There are a few opportunities to do this, so be sure to stay on the lookout for a chance to do it.

    The “Non Compete Clause” is a good mission for this. When you get to the executive floor, there’s a vending machine on the right and straight ahead. Bait an enemy near it and then shoot it. Bob’s your uncle, the achievement is yours.
  • Complete the photo scavenger hunt.

    There are 37 Photo Hunt discovery activities in Saints Row. Complete all 37 and you’ll unlock this achievement. You can find all the discoveries and their locations (including the Photo Hunt) here in our guide.

    Here's where all 37 are in text form too:

    Kavanagh County Territory
    Rojas Desert North - 32 discoveries (3 photo hunts):
    Photo Hunt 1 - Bison Memorial - central/east Rojas Desert North
    Photo Hunt 2 - Snake Oil Saloon Sign - south west corner of Rojas Desert North
    Photo Hunt 3 - Thunderpump sign - east of the last one

    Rojas Desert South - 20 discoveries (1 photo hunt):
    Photo Hunt 4 - Tombstone Angel - central Rojas Desert South

    Los Panteros Territory
    Smelterville East - 12 discoveries (2 photo hunts):
    Photo Hunt 5 - Flaming Hot Billboard - southeast Smelterville East
    Photo Hunt 6 - Boomers Short-Fuse Fireworks - central Smelterville East

    Smelterville West - 7 discoveries (2 photo hunts):
    Photo Hunt 7 - Joe Cola Bottle Cap - southwest Smelterville West
    Photo Hunt 8 - Milk Carton - central/west Smelterville West

    Mercado - 13 discoveries (2 photo hunts):
    Photo Hunt 9 - 66 West On-Ramp Mural - southwest in Mercado
    Photo Hunt 10 - Jackalope - east of number 9 in Mercado

    West Providencia - 16 discoveries (2 photo hunts):
    Photo Hunt 11 - Grind Rail - south west of West Providencia
    Photo Hunt 12 - Rattle Snake - south of the fast travel in West Providencia

    East Providencia - 6 discoveries (2 photo hunts):
    Photo Hunt  13 - Barbeque Barn - east in East Providencia
    Photo Hunt 14 - Providencia Memorial Wall - north in East Providencia

    Old Town East - 10 discoveries (1 photo hunt):
    Photo Hunt 15 - Rock Duet - northeast corner of Old Town East

    Old Town West - 8 discoveries (2 photo hunts):
    Photo Hunt 16 - Mad Cow - southwest in Old Town West
    Photo Hunt 17 - Seal of the City - in the middle of Old Town West

    Monte Vista - 11 discoveries (1 photo hunt):
    Photo Hunt 18 - Monte Vista Market Sign - centre/east in Monte Vista

    Marina East - 6 discoveries (2 photo hunts):
    Photo Hunt 19 - The Messenger - central Marina East
    Photo Hunt 20 - Cactus Mural - northwest in Marina East

    Marina West - 13 discoveries (2 photo hunts):
    Photo Hunt 21 - La Galleria Shopping Centre Fountain - west in Marina West
    Photo Hunt 22 - School of Architecture and Design Campus sign - northwest Marina West

    Marshall Territory
    Lakeshore North - 11 discoveries (2 photo hunt):
    Photo Hunt 23 - The Solar Wind - east Lakeshore North
    Photo Hunt 24 - The Coyote Rodeo - southwest Lakeshore North

    Lakeshore South - 13 discoveries (3 photo hunts):
    Photo Hunt 25 - Dare Street Studios - north Lakeshore South
    Photo Hunt 26 - The Horseshoe Cowboy - northeast Lakeshore South
    Photo Hunt 27 - The Third Pillar - south Lakeshore South

    West Flats - 9 discoveries (2 photo hunt) :
    Photo Hunt 28 - Bowling Pin - north West Flats
    Photo Hunt 29 - Old Railroad Water Tower - south West Flats

    East Flats - 6 discoveries (2 photo hunts):
    Photo Hunt 30 - Smelters Helmet - north East Flats
    Photo Hunt 31 - FB Burger - south East Flats

    El Dorado - 16 discoveries (2 photo hunts):
    Photo Hunt 32 - 10 Gallon Saloon Sign - central/west El Dorado
    Photo Hunt 33 - El Dorado Wedding Chapel - east El Dorado

    Badlands South - 30 discoveries (2 photo hunts):
    Photo Hunt 34 - Rocks 66 - southwest of the fast travel in Badlands South
    Photo Hunt 35 - Badlands Windmill - west Badlands South

    Kavanagh County Territory
    Badlands North - 24 discoveries (2 photo hunts):
    Photo Hunt 36 - House Phoenix Dragon - northern Badlands North
    Photo Hunt 37 - Badlands Watering Hole - northern Badlands North
  • Complete 10 districts in Santo Ileso.

    See All Mine (50G) for more info.
  • Unlock all vehicle special upgrades.

    The special vehicle upgrades are basically the "Signature Abilities" on the vehicles. There are ten in all. Unlock them all and this achievement is yours. The ten are:

    - Super Air Control (available on the Ant buggy, amongst others)
    - Bowelroad Roar (part of the LARP mission chain)
    - Crab Steering
    - Jump
    - Ball & Chain
    - Tank Gun
    - Ejector Seats
    - Infinite Boost
    - Kneecappers
    - Air Boost
  • Hit a launched piñata with the Piñata Stick.

    This achievement requires both the Pinata Launcher and the Pinata Stick. The former is a reward from the “Let’s Pretend” criminal venture - for completing the last mission. Let's Pretend is in the last tier of unlocks there) and the latter is a skin you can attach to the crowbar at a gun shop (the skin is unlocked at the @tcha in Marina West). All you need to do is shoot the pinata with the launcher and melee it before it explodes with the stick. Simple!
  • Open the Style app for the first time.

    Easy! Simply head into your in-game smartphone by pressing ‘options/touchpad’, and select the Style app - the one that enables you to customise your character on-the-fly anywhere, at any time.
  • Complete all 15 districts in Santo Ileso.

    Completing a district involves placing a Business Venture there, carrying out all of the objectives attached to said Business Venture, clearing up all the collectibles dealing with any threats, doing all of the Side Hustles, and purchasing at least one item from each shop. A big portion of this part is finding the discoveries, as unlike the other activities they don't show on the map... which is why we created a series of maps with every discovery on it and you can check them out right HERE.

    Do that, and you’ll know you’ve completed the district because it’ll have turned purple and have a big gold Saints’ fleur-de-lys logo in the middle of it. Do this in all fifteen districts across Santo Ileso, and boom. All done.

Secret achievements

  • Unlock Criminal Empire Tier 5.

    The Criminal Empire stuff in Saints Row is a large part of the game, and is incredibly time consuming - and expensive… in-game, of course. Once you’ve done the prologue and the intro and have completed “Take Me To The Church,” you will have access to the church and the Criminal Empire table. To find the table in the church, as you go in the main doors, head left and up the stairs and it will be across from the balcony.

    In order to unlock this achievement, and the other achievements inexplicably linked to this, you’re going to have to basically do a few things: 
    1. Access the table and buy properties, then place them on the map.
    2. Do Venture missions tied into those properties you’ve bought.
    3. Do a final mission to wrap up that tier.
    In order to complete each tier you basically need to meet a few criteria: building ventures, completing ventures and then a mission to wrap up that tier. It’s an incredibly time consuming set of achievements, this, so take your time, break up the monotony of stuff with side missions, getting collectibles, doing story missions and so on.
    The 5 tiers and their completion criteria (along with the mission needed to complete them) are as follows:

    Tier 1:
    3 ventures built, 0 completed, and Drawing Heat

    Tier 2:
    6 ventures built, 2 completed, and complete Body of Evidence

    Tier 3:
    10 ventures built, 5 completed, and Good Cop/Bad Cop

    Tier 4:
    14 ventures built, 8 completed and story mission

    Tier 5:
    Build all Criminal Ventures, complete all story missions, build the Saints Skyscraper for $8m to complete the ‘Let’s Build a Skyscraper’ mission.
  • Secret Achievement

    Throughout the Saints Row campaign you’ll come across “loyalty” missions, where you assist Neenah, Eli and Kev. These missions will appear in the main mission menu, so as long as you do all the missions that pop-up there, you’ll get this achievement. It seems like the following missions are required for this achievement:
    • Neenah’s Car
    • The Fast and Foodest
    • Networking 
    • The Forge
    • The Dustmoot
    • Idol Threat
    • Art Appreciation
    There’s also potentially The Rod Warrior, but we had that still active when we got the achievement, so we’re fairly certain this doesn’t count.
  • Sing karaoke with the Saints.

    This achievement will unlock upon completing the final story mission titled “Let’s Build a Skyscraper” epilogue mission.
  • Et tu?



    Secret Achievement

    Once you reach Saints Row’s point-of-no-return, you’ll be subjected to an event that we won’t spoil here. Once this has occurred, the achievement will unlock.
  • Get fired.

    Story-related, cannot miss.

    This achievement will unlock upon completing the story mission titled “The Peter Principle”.
  • Name your criminal empire.

    Story-related, cannot be missed.

    Complete “Take me to the Church” and this achievement is yours.

DLC: The Heist & The Hazardous (Store Link)

There are 3 achievements with a total of 75 points


    Secret achievements

    DLC: Doc Ketchum's Murder Circus (Store Link)

    There are 6 achievements with a total of 200 points


    Secret achievements

    DLC: A Song of Ice & Dust (Store Link)

    There are 5 achievements with a total of 150 points

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    Saints Row Achievement GUIDE FAQ

    • What is the estimated achievement difficulty for Saints Row?
      The estimated achievement difficulty for Saints Row is 4/10.
    • How many offline achievements are there in Saints Row?
      There are 49 offline achievements in Saints Row.
    • How many online achievements are there in Saints Row?
      There are 1 online achievements in Saints Row.
    • How long does it take to get 100% in Saints Row?
      The estimated time to get 100% in Saints Row is 80-100 hours.
    • How many playthroughs is needed to get 100% in Saints Row?
    • How many missable achievements are there in Saints Row?
      There are no missable achievements in Saints Row.
    • Does difficulty affect achievements in Saints Row?
      Difficulty does not affect achievements in Saints Row.
    • Are there any unobtainable/glitched achievements in Saints Row?
      There are no unobtainable/glitched achievements in Saints Row.

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