-Estimated achievement difficulty: 2/10
-Offline: 12 (200 )
-Online: None
-Approximate amount of time to 20 0: 10-12 hours
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
-Number of missable achievements: 6
-Glitched achievements: 1
-Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No cheats

Introduction: Sam and Max have been around for a little while and this is their first foray onto the Xbox. If you are familiar with point-and-click adventure games you will be a lot quicker at this game than most, unless of course you slow down to go through every one liner.

Playthrough Episodes 1 - 6: The story mode is completely linear so getting the "Completed Episode X" achievements will come with completing each episode with the exception of Episode 1. In Episode 1, you need to make sure that you say "Attack Me" to finish the level - not "Attack Tapes" - or else the achievement will not unlock. The other achievements can all be missed, if you don't know what you are looking for.

There is an extra achievement for every level except the first one "Culture Shock". In Episode 2, "Situation: Comedy", you need to achieve six different cow identities during the Midtown Cowboys section of the Episode to unlock Improviser. In Episode 3, "The Mob, The Mole, and The Meatball", you need to simply play the Whack-Da-Ratz (right when you walk into the Casino) and not hit any of the wrong rats and you will get Master Whacker. In Episode 4, "Abe Lincoln Must Die", you need to get Max elected president first (as part of the story) and then use the President's calendar to change the date to Easter. After that, go outside and check the golf hole to get Easter Bunny. In Episode 5, "Reality 2.0", you need to basically finish the entire level and get the point where the Internet crashes and you are in a text adventure. Once you are here simply "use" your +2 sword on everything in every area to get Mightier than the Sword. The last missable achievement comes in Episode 6, "Bright Side of the Moon". Unicornicopia requires you to get a total of 10 comments said about the Unicorn you get from Superball. If you show your unicorn to everyone that you talk to in this level, you will get it (show it to Hugh Bliss twice).

Conclusion: Sam and Max will not give you any trouble with achievements as long as you know what you are looking for. Sit back and enjoy Sam and his buddy Max's strange exploits.

x360a would like to thank PFC Nicholas Angel for this Road Map

Sam & Max Save the World Achievement Guide

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There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points

  • Complete Episode 1 - "Culture Shock".

    Story Related, complete Episode 1.

    This achievement is slightly glitched. I would suggest completing the episode by yourself, then if the achievement does not unlock, reload your last auto-save and come back here to read the guide.

    In the final puzzle of Episode 1, tell the Soda Poppers to "Become...Brady Culture!" Then tell them to "Worship...me!" Then tell them to "Attack...me!" If you tell them to attack the videotapes instead of "me", the episode will end, but the achievement will not unlock.


  • Complete Episode 2 - "Situation: Comedy".

    Story Related, complete Episode 2.


  • Complete Episode 3 - "The Mole, the Mob, and the Meatball".

    Story Related, complete Episode 3.


  • Complete Episode 4 - "Abe Lincoln Must Die!".

    Story Related, complete Episode 4.


  • Complete Episode 5 - "Reality 2.0".

    Story Related, complete Episode 5.


  • Complete Episode 6 - "Bright Side of the Moon".

    Story Related, complete Episode 6.


  • Complete all episodes of Sam & Max Save the World.

    Story Related, complete all 6 episodes. Once you complete each episode this one will follow.


  • Heard 10 different comments about your unicorn.

    In Episode 6, on the moon, you get the unicorn after talking with Superball. After that, you need to use the unicorn on several characters to hear their comments.

    The description for this achievement is a bit misleading. You need to use your unicorn on ELEVEN different people to unlock the achievement, even though Lincoln doesn't actually say anything when you use it on him.

    When you go through the locked door at the top of the rainbow elevator in the Blister of Tranquility, you watch a cut scene where an event called the Great Bliss-ification occurs. Much of the game world changes after this event, so be sure to use the unicorn on the required characters as soon as possible.

    Also, you need to listen to the whole comment after using the unicorn. If you skip the dialogue with the button, it won't count.

    Here are the eleven characters that you need to use the unicorn on. I put them in the order that they are available after getting the unicorn, and I would suggest doing them in this order to make sure that you don't miss any.

    On the moon's surface:

    1. Max.
    2. Superball (outside the entrance to the Blister of Tranquility).
    3. Harry (in front of the gift shop).

    On the Earth:

    4. Sybil (in her office, must be done before the Great Bliss-ification).
    5. Jimmy Two-Teeth (hanging on to the bent parking meter, this must be done before using the spoon-bend talisman on the bent meter).
    6. Bosco (in his shop).

    In the Blister of Tranquility main room:

    7. Lincoln (to the right of the entrance, must be done before the Great Bliss-ification).
    8. C.O.P.S. (below the entrance).
    9. Philo Pennyworth (on the far right of the room).

    In the Blister of Tranquility upper room:

    10. Crystal (after the Great Bliss-ification cut scene, Hugh Bliss will be above you inside of a crystal).
    11. Hugh Bliss (at the end of the episode, Hugh Bliss will trap Sam in a series of magic devices, and you need to use the unicorn on Hugh at some point during this final puzzle).


  • In Episode 2, achieve six different cow identities that Mr Featherly will play along with.

    On the set of "Midtown Cowboys" (the second room in the television studio), your objective will be to use an item on the cow, then choose an identity that fits the disguise. If Mr Featherly plays along, he will start talking to the cow. You then need to break the scene so that you can do the other disguises. The easiest way to break the scene is to talk to Mr Featherly.

    The three items needed are the shaving cream (already in your inventory), the plate (on the table to the far right of the set), and the lampshade (on the lamp to the right of the cow).

    Here are the six item/identity combinations:
    1. Shaving cream, My aging uncle Griswold.
    2. Plate, A saint.
    3. Plate, A circus performer.
    4. Lampshade, Abraham Lincoln.
    5. Lampshade, The Prince of Upper Thrombosis.
    6. Lampshade, Our chef.


  • In Episode 3, get a perfect score on Whack-Da-Ratz.

    You don't need to hit every rat target, you just need to get at least 20 points. You need 20 points to advance the story, so this achievement is mandatory.


  • In Episode 4, find the Easter Egg.

    After Max becomes president, you can change the date on the calendar to his right in the Oval Office. Change it to Easter, then listen to the dialogue between Sam and Max. Max refers to hiding eggs on the lawn. Go outside and look in the golf hole (under the "9" flag). Like the fourth-wall-breaking joke implies, it is an item that is completely useless to gameplay.


  • In Episode 5, attempt to chop up everything in the text adventure with your +2 sword.

    At the end of Episode 5, the game becomes a text adventure (no pictures). There are four areas: the area you start in, to the east of where you start, to the northwest of where you start, and down from where you start. There are nine items that you need to use your +2 sword on.

    In the starting area:

    1. Use...+2 sword...with Respect for Living Things.
    2. Use...+2 sword...with Internet.
    3. Use...+2 sword...with Max (can be done in any area).

    In the east area:

    4. Use...+2 sword...with Bosco's.

    In the northwest area:

    5. Use...+2 sword...with Overly Cute Kittens.
    6. Use...+2 sword...with Nauseating Lake.
    7. Use...+2 sword...with Jewel-Encrusted Idol.
    8. Use...+2 sword...with Rare Foil Card.

    In the down area:

    9. Use...+2 sword...with Corporate Presence.


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