• Estimated achievement difficulty: 3/10
  • Estimated time for 1000: 5-10 hours
  • Minimum playthroughs: 1
  • Missable achievements: None really with chapter replays.
  • Glitched achievements: None.
  • Offline: Everything.
  • Cheats disable achievements: No cheats.
  • Difficulty affect achievements: No.

Saw is a surprisingly fun survival/horror/puzzle game. If you're a fan of the genre or of the movie franchise, this game is definitely for you. There isn't much to know ahead of time going into the game other than it is fun and it is quite easy. Relax and enjoy the game as you can't really miss anything permanently. Use the chapter select feature after you beat the game to finish off anything you miss on the first shot.

Step 1: Play the game.
If you're just up for some gamerscore with little challenge, begin a game on Normal. There is no incentive to playing the game on Insane difficulty. As you play, keep an eye out for new weapons and attempt to get a kill with each weapon you come across instead of using the same one over and over. If you don't have an unused weapon and come across an enemy, attempt to knock him over and curb stomp him. You can get all the kill achievements through chapter replays though, so don't worry too much about it. Also make sure you locate the three bomb schematics so you can make and use those for at least one kill each.

There are separate achievements for each of the two endings, but you don't have to play through the entire game twice to get them. When you get to the end of the game, be sure to go through the door on the left first. Watch that ending, then at the main menu, reload your last save file. Now choose the right door and finish the other ending.

Step 2: Mop up.
Now, once you complete the main story you can reload any case in the game. If you've missed any specific kill achievements, check each achievement below to find the exact locations. Make sure you save your nails if the weapon you're looking for requires it. For anything you need multiples of still (lockpicking, curb stomps, etc) you can always do it once and then reload your last save and repeat the action on the same thing over and over.

x360a would like to thank The Pants Party for this Road Map

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There are 46 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • Unlock first container.

    After escaping the room with the nail bomb by digging a fuse out of the toilet, there will be a tall cabinet on the left side of the hallway past the broken glass on the ground.

  • Kill first minion.

    See "Duress" for more info.

  • Kill 10 minions.

    See "Duress" for more info.

  • Duress



    Kill 20 minions.

    There are way more than 20 in the game, but try to mix up the weapons you use for all the individual achievements below. If you don't have a unique weapon on you, get a curb stomp to go toward those five you need.

  • Used Health Syringe for the first time

    See "I Can Stop Anytime" for more info.

  • Used 20 Health Syringes.

    There are tons of these scattered around in cabinets, first aid boxes, etc. I got this during the third case, so just use them anytime you get to half health or lower. If you feel the need to knock it out quickly, use one and then reload your checkpoint; rinse and repeat.

  • Idle for five minutes.

    Just leave the game still at any time for five minutes. You can do this right after finishing Reverse Bear Trap to get it out of the way if you want.

  • Find your first Asylum File.


    After climbing the first ladder of the game (and getting the secret Pighead achievement), go through the door on the right and the file is sitting on top of a garbage can.

    There are plenty of these throughout the game, but you don't need to collect all of them, so grab this one and then you can ignore them if you want.

  • Find your first Patient File.


    After killing the first NPC in the game, go into the red-lit room that he broke out of to attack you. This file is sitting on a box in the corner.

    There are also plenty of these in the game, but again you don't need them and can ignore them after grabbing this if you so choose.

  • To get this quickly, just do nothing at the beginning of the game when you're in the Reverse Bear Trap puzzle and watch your head explode. You'll most likely die a bunch during the game though.

  • Killed a Collared Minion with a collar detonation.

    Jennings, 2-3: After getting out of the bathroom with your collar on, go through the door ahead and someone will come out of the dark to the left. Run back from where you came and try to close and bolt the door so they are stuck on the other side. If that fails, just run all the way to the bathroom, then when they come in, run out and all the way back into the dark hallway. They should explode before they reach you.

  • First kill with a Mannequin Arm.

    Jennings, 2-3: Directly to the left after leaving the bathroom with the bomb collar on, sitting on a shelving unit.

    Obi, 5-1: Sitting on a table after crossing the wooden plank at the top of the ladder that steam was blocking.

  • First kill with a Bat.

    I first found this after the blacklight puzzle to open the morgue door with a gun on it. Go back into the room after it blows and squeeze through the wall.

  • First kill with a Nail Bat.

    When you are first taught about barricades, ignore it and let the guy come. Kill him and take his nail bat.

  • First kill with a Mop Handle.

    Jennings, 2-3: After your encounter with the bomb collar minion, this will be sitting in a bathtub out in the open.

  • First kill with a Pipe.

    Amanda, 1-3: The first pipe can be found in a garbage can during your first encounter with an enemy. It is show to you during a small cutscene.

  • First kill with a Scalpel.

    This can first be found through story progression when you have to get a key out of one of the four people. (Will add specific chapter soon.) However, I don't remember fighting anyone after that section before your weapons get taken away. I got mine at the section below.

    Melissa, 3-5: In the hallway with the suicidal gun man, head into a door on the right and unlock the locked door inside. The scalpel is stuck in a mannequin's head.

  • First kill with a Syringe.

    Jennings, 2-11: After finally getting through the door with the TVs around it (after the boiler explodes), this will be sitting on a shelving until to the right.

    Jeff, 6-2: Pick the door on the right of the illuminated double doors with the combination lock on them.

  • First kill with a Table Leg.

    Jennings, 2-4: Just before finding the valve wheel, pick this off the dead guy who walked through the electrified puddle.

  • First kill with a Crutch.

    This can first be found just after a short cutscene that shows a view of Tapp from above a fan. Turn right and it is behind a small half-wall.

  • First kill with a Shovel.

    Melissa, 3-8: There are two shovels in the graveyard area.

    Jeff, 6-3: This shovel is on a desk to the right when you enter the auditorium area where you need to go either left or right to find a lightbulb.

  • First kill with a Table Lamp.

    Jennings, 2-4: Right after you find the table leg on the dead guy, this will be sitting on a table in the next room.

  • First kill with a Hatchet.

    Melissa, 3-8: If you have a nail on you, head down the stairs at the back of the graveyard and open the locked door.

    Jeff, 6-0: This doesn't need a nail and is directly next to the first set of stairs in a pool of blood.

  • First kill with fire

    Melissa, 3-8: There may have been chances before this, but in the graveyard you can find a lighter on the stairs just to the left of where you drop from the window. There are tons of Molotov bottles lying around, so grab and throw them at the survivor of the bum fight. Might take two to finish him off.

  • First kill with Scissors.

    Oswald, 4-9: After passing the electricity floor, turn right and head upstairs. Break through a wall in the bathroom to find the scissors on a bed.

    Obi, 5-1: After getting the audio tape about your 5th victim, pick the door on the left and the scissors are sitting on the shelves in this room.

  • First kill with a Gun.

    Melissa, 3-5: You will see a man who shoots himself in the head. Take his gun after he's down.

  • First kill with an Explosive Mine.

    Schematic Location: Oswald, 4-3. This is on a table next to a camera in the room just after the big shirtless dude with a nail bat attacks you.
    Secondary Schematic Location: Tapp, 7-2. Inside a locked room in the section to the right just after walking over a plank into a green-lit hallway.

    Oswald, 4-3: Shortly after finding the schematic, you will come across two Molotov enemies. Kill them and to the left is a small alcove with three doors. Pick the door on the left to reach a work table. You can also find a table with the scissors in 4-9 if you don't have a nail at this point.

    To kill someone with a mine, I'd suggest hitting them with a weapon or fists until they are low on health, then run away and use RB to cycle through your mines to find the one you want and press LT+RT to place the mine. Stand a bit behind the mine and the low-health enemy will chase you, stepping on it and dying.

  • First kill with a Stun Mine.

    Schematic Location: This is in a side room just before you find the work table in 3-12.

    Secondary Schematic Location: Obi, 5-1: In the same room as the scissors from above.

    Melissa, 3-12: The first work table of the game is found inside a small office before the room with all the locked cages and angel statues.

    See "Wait for the Boom" for info on successfully killing with a mine.

  • First kill with a Gas Mine.

    Schematic Location: Oswald, 4-0. This will be sitting on a table directly in front of you while progressing through the first few rooms after Melissa leaves you.

    Secondary Schematic Location: Tapp, 7-1. This is inside a locked room behind a man locked in a cage with a Reverse Bear Trap on his head, just after being forced to let out and fight a similar minion.

    Oswald, 4-3 or 4-9: See "Wait for the Boom" for these locations.

    See "Wait for the Boom" for info on successfully killing with a mine.

  • Fought first NPC.

    Amanda, 1-3: A dude will hit you with a bat and you're shown the pipe in the garbage can, this will unlock after landing your first blow on the person who breaks through the door.

  • Stomped first Minion to death.

    See "Merciless" for more info.

  • Stomped five Minions to death.

    The quickest way to knock someone down is with a bat, or you can use LT+X to do an uppercut with your fists. Once they go down, move to them and press LT+X again and then press the corresponding on-screen button when the pictures match up during the mini-game.

    If you use a bat to knock someone down, quickly drop it with LB or you won't be able to stomp them.

  • Unlocked first door.

    See "Professional" for more info.

  • Unlock 5 locked doors.

    See "Professional" for more info.

  • Unlock 20 locked doors.

    To pick a lock you will need a nail. The first one can be found inside a nurse cart inside the left-hand room after using the key you get from searching the first NPC you fight. You use up the nail when you successfully pick a lock, so keep searching desks, cabinets, etc for more during the game.

    When attempting the lockpick, you need to match up the ends of each small gear to the gear on either side. So if you have a gear with a screw on the left and a red button on the right, rotate the gears on either side to match. Obviously if a gear on either side can't match up, you'll have to rotate the starting gear and work from there. Once you figure it out once it is a breeze from then on.


Secret achievements

  • Complete Reverse Bear Trap

    This is the first thing you do in the game. Rotate the left stick clockwise and watch the side of your head. A button will flash quickly and you must hit it before it goes away. Do this three times, then you will have to switch to flicking the left stick up and down to pull it off your head.

  • First encounter with Pighead.

    This will occur automatically while climbing the first ladder you come to in the game.

  • Release Jennings from his Trap

    This is similar to the locked boxes you may have come across by now. If not, the premise is to place gears of three sizes (switch between them with the triggers) and eventually connect the moving gear with the stationary one, causing it to also move. You have to finish three puzzles total to disarm the trap. The blade will raise after each section, giving you more time.

    Unfortunately all the puzzles in the game are randomized, so I can't give a walkthrough, but despite the timer on this, you'll want to try and remain calm and work through things in your head before making too many moves. If you get halfway through and realize you made a mistake, it will take time to remove all the gears to start over. As with some of the other puzzle types, it may help to work backward. Start with the non-moving gear and see what types can be places near it, then try to connect it back to the moving gear. I personally worked forward, but this may help if you're stuck.

  • Release Amanda from her trap

    To solve this puzzle you will have to get all the red vials to the left and the blue to the right. When you release a vial, the weight will cause each lever below to fall down depending on which side the opening is on. If the lever is up-right, it will fall down-left. If it is up-left, it will go down-right. The first section is easy, just plan out in your head which way each will fall and put the correct vial in.

    During the second phase, the vials will sometimes get stuck as the lever will now require the weight of two vials to fall. When this happens, ignore that vial for now and continue to do the same thing you did during the first section. You will have to put an opposite vial in to the other side so it gets injected, then come back and put another vial of the same color down on top of the stuck one so it can then fall and two will get injected at once.

  • Release Melissa from her Trap

    For this puzzle, the object is to get the piece you move to hit the swirled tile on the board. You can hit up to 5 of the X's on each individual board without killing Melissa, but if you hit a sixth, it's game over. There is no time limit (despite her pleas for you to hurry), so take your time and plan out your moves. You'll want to work backward by starting at the swirl and finding a direct line to an obstacle, then make moves one by one until you hit the piece you control. Reverse the order and make those moves to complete each section.

  • Release Oswald from his Trap

    You've by now become familiar with these fuse puzzles. Again, since these are all randomized, there isn't a set of moves I can give you to complete them. However, the best advice I can give is to work with the activated pieces first and position them to give power to the largest area. If you have a 3-pronged piece and one of the openings is facing off the board or directly into a dead end, that's not going to do you any good. The first two are fairly simple but the third is much bigger than anything you've had before. The same rules apply though, so do your best to get the first two done quickly so you can leave enough time for the last.

  • Release Obi from his Trap

    This puzzle is again very familiar by now from any of the gas-filled rooms you've been stuck in. The basic strategy here is to work from the outside in. Start and make sure that the outside ring has two pieces that are touching the red tubes and that the pipes coming off of them are angling toward the middle. If you have one combination that has them curling back in on themselves, that obviously isn't going to match up and have them meet in the middle. From there, use that same philosophy and work one by one until the middle pieces. Many sections will look like two options can work, so you really have no choice but trial and error. Again though, you want to always have the pipes heading toward the middle, so start with whichever looks best with that in mind.

  • Release Jeff from his Trap

    This is essentially a game of Memory, but instead of matching exact items, you'll be matching corresponding items. I'd highly suggest grabbing paper and a pen to write down everything that comes up when you don't get a match so you can get back to them later when you find the other half. I tried without it and couldn't remember for the life of me. Anyway, you can make up to four mistakes total with the fifth being a death sentence for Jeff. Every correct answer will give you another chance as a stake will be removed from his body. Here are the matches you need:

    • Heart :: Monitor (like this)
    • Hammer :: Nails
    • Shotgun :: Shells
    • Pills :: Bottle
    • Saw :: Foot
    • Camera :: Film
    • Recorder :: Tape
    • Puzzle :: Piece
  • Kill the Pighead

    You will fight Pighead during section 7-5. The easiest way to kill him is to simply spam uppercuts with LT+X since he won't block or have time to move away before you land another blow. Alternatively, you can arm traps, use weapons or lay down any mines you may have. You could also lure him into the cage that he used to kill the other dude, then bolt the door and turn his trap against him. But again, going bareknuckle is extremely cheap and easy.

  • Complete Game using Truth Door

    After getting the other ending, from the main menu, select "Continue" and load your last checkpoint (7-13) and then choose the other door. There will be a few short sections to navigate before the game ends yet again. Nothing new here though, so just proceed as usual.

  • Complete game using Freedom Door.

    Once you finish the last gauntlet of puzzles and minions and return to the two doors that will end the game, choose this door first. There will be a short cutscene and the game will end.

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