Tightly Wound Bond Achievement

  • Tightly Wound Bond



    Reached Bond Level 6 with all allies.

    Increasing bonds for each of the party members in the game will take place during the "Standby" sections of the game. After each chapter, you'll go to the Hideout and can shop, save, and interact with the characters. Anyone who has an icon of two chain links interlocked will have an available "Bond Episode" to play/watch, and some will initiate from the game's brain messaging (email) system in the menu. You will need to view all of these for all characters to unlock this specific achievement, while all the preceeding achievements require either playable character to hit Level 4/5 with specific allies for their individual achievements.

    Some of the Bond Episodes may come later depending on how many gifts you have given the character and how much time you have spent with them fighting in your active party. Inside the shop menu, you'll see items marked with a red or yellow heart, these will increase bonds more quickly than others, so after the story is over in EX New Game+ if you have any bonds you need to increase, just keep buying and gifting those to finish off all these achievements and view all the remaining Bond Episodes.

    The list below is the earliest spot a bond will become available if you have fought with the character enough and/or given them enough gifts. You can do every bond to Level 6 in the post-game, so don't worry about this too much. The list is presented with the name of the character you are bonding with and then the name of the character you'd need to be playing as in paranthases.
    • Phase 1 Standby: Yuito (Kasane), Kasane (Yuito), Hanabi (Yuito), Kyoka (Kasane)
    • Phase 2 Standby: Hanabe (Kasane), Tsugumi (Yuito/Kasane), Shiden (Kasane), Arashi (Yuito)
    • Phase 3 Standby: Hanabe (Yuito)
    • Phase 4 Standby: Gemma (Yuito/Kasane), Tsugumi (Yuito), Shiden (Yuito), Kyoka (Yuito.Kasane), Arashi (Kasane)
    • Phase 5 Standby: Kasane (Yuito), Hanabi (Kasane), Gemma (Yuito), Kagero (Yuito/Kasane), Luka (Yuito/Kasane), Shiden (Kasane)
    • Phase 6 Standby: Yuito (Kasane), Gemma (Kasane), Tsugumi (Yuito), Kagero (Kasane), Luka (Yuito), Kyoka (Yuito), Arashi (Yuito/Kasane)
    • Phase 7 Standby: Hanabe (Yuito), Gemma (Yuito), Tsugumi (Kasane), Luka (Kasane), Shiden (Yuito/Kasane), Kyoka (Kasane), Arashi (Yuito)
    • Phase 8 Standby: Gemma (Kasane), Tsugumi (Yuito/Kasane), Kagero (Yuito/Kasane), Luka (Yuito), Arashi (Kasane)
    • Phase 9 Standby: Yuito (Kasane), Kasane (Yuito), Hanabe (Yuito/Kasane), Gemma (Yuito), Kagero (Kasane), Luka (Kasane), Shiden (Kasane)
    • Phase 10 Standby: Yuito (Kasane), Kasane (Yuito), Hanabi (Kasane), Gemma (Kasane), Tsugumi (Yuito), Kagero (Yuito), Luka (Yuito), Shiden (Yuito/Kasane), Kyoka (Yuito/Kasane), Arashi (Yuito/Kasane)
    • Phase 11 Standby: Yuito (Kasane), Kasane (Yuito), Hanabe (Yuito), Gemma (Yuito), Tsugumi (Kasane), Kagero (Yuito/Kasane), Luka (Yuito/Kasane), Shiden (Yuito), Kyoka (Yuito/Kasane), Arashi (Kasane)
    Again, don't worry if any of the Bond Episodes are not ready to view at the specific above Standby sections, these are just the earlies they will be available. You can do all of them after the story is complete, and can switch between characters in EX New Game + to take care of all of them at your leisure.
  • Got all bonds to level 6 with both characters. Achievement did not unlock. Changing party members triggered the achievement to pop.

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