Gift-Giving Freak Achievement

  • Gift-Giving Freak



    Gave all gifts to all allies. *Does not include add-ons.

    Gifts are purchased in the Shop's Exchange menu, and there are a total of 67 to purchase and give to allies. Once you give a gift, you will see a check mark next to the character portrait that you gifted it to. Be aware that some gifts must be given to multiple characters, so anyone with their portrait lit up in the Present menu in the shop needs to be gifted that same item. All gifts will be available in the shop after Standby Phase 11. You won't be able to complete this achievement until completing your second playthrough since each character has different gifts for the various allies. Make sure you give every gift to each ally with both characters. Speak to the other playable character in the Hideout to switch after completing the game a second time.

    Since these are bought in the Exchange menu which does not use the money system in the game, you may need to find items in the game world/dropped from enemies to purchase them. You can mark these on your wishlist from the shop and you'll get a notification when you can purchase the item. You can check the Library in the menu to see where enemies can be found that will have the items you need. The environmental items are the white sparkle pickups in the levels, and are completely random so each time you grab one it could be a different rarity (A, B, C, or S). Keep running through the levels and grab all of them to eventually get the one you need.

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