Power of Nexus Achievement

  • Power of Nexus



    Activated 4 different Combo Visions in 1 combo.

    A Combo Vision is an attack you can perform with an ally once their Bond reaches level 3+ (see Tightly Wound Bond (100G) for Bond info), and is performed by holding lb.png and pressing the associated face button (button-a.pngbutton-b.pngbutton-x.pngbutton-y.png) to have them perform an attack. This uses more than half their SAS gauge, so make sure each character is full when attempting this. You will want to do this on a larger enemy, or one that is stunned after depleting its Crush Gague so they don't die. Use all four Combo Vision attacks in a row on the same enemy to unlock the achievement, and be sure to press each button directly after the other (while still holding lb.png) so you switch characters immediately. If you notice you've switch back to your main character at any point, the combo was broken and you'll need to try again.

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