Invulnerable Achievement

  • Invulnerable



    Play through a World and reach the boss without getting hit.


    Like "New Challenger", in a multiplayer game you can hold to block while your co-op partner does the work. If doing this method, try on Stage One or Two, where enemy attacks are less complicated and easily blockable. If going solo, use your Power of Love cheat and wait until you are properly leveled up to attempt to do this.

    A common exploit is to load up the Third Stage (after you have beaten it a first time) where you watch Clash at Demonhead arrive in their limo. Watch the cutscene, and a few seconds after the "GO!" prompt disappears, exit to the map. Now move ahead to mid-level where you battle Lynette and Envy. Here, you will have to defeat them without getting hit. With your Power of Love sword and max strength this should be fairly simple, although each character has some moves that are hard to evade or block. You can play in co-op and have your friend do the work, but beware of Lynette's robot arms or Envy's kicks. Block, or move away if possible so your friend can attack.

    Once you defeat these two, you then will have to crash through the walls to make it to the Bass Battle Mini-game. If you're a low level character, you may not be able to break through the walls before Todd catches up, and he will attack you then. Defeat Todd in the Bass Battle to take the fight outside. Once outside, the achievement unlocks.

  • This is too hard help me out here
  • I've got an easy fix for you. Play it on easy, with your best fighter, go to level three but don't spawn at the start of the level spawn at the main stage, quickly whip out Envy and Lynette. Once Todd blast you through the wall with a sound wave just hall ass until you reach the end of the maze and as long as you haven't been hit anywhere in between it should pop up as soon as you step outside. Make sure your fighter is levels are maxed out and is at level 16 otherwise you won't stand a chance at doing this.
  • Wipe/haul.**
  • thankx bro
  • I tried using Boba Fett's advice and haven't had any luck. I kill the girls, break down the walls of the maze, and then win the bass battle. Once I go outside, nothing. Am I missing something?
  • i tried it 2 nothin still
  • I got this one by playing level one with my girlfriend. I held down the block button almost the whole level only fighting when I got a clear shot and let her clear the level. Once I got to the boss, the achievement popped. Hope this helps anyone who is trying to get this one.
  • I know a way to get it. Play this with a friend on 2 player and use the konami code on yourself. do it until you lose all of your lives. when you turn into a ghost don't take their lives. then let your friend continue the level until the end and you get the achievement. hope it helps
  • Just confirmed rentaroomyman's method, although you need to hold down LT+RT while entering the Konami Code. Thanks, man! Saved me a lot of headache.
  • Hey guys I found the best level for this was soon as you beat the twins second robot (the giant one) the level leading up to there actual boss fight there are no more then 20 enamys if on average Joe difficulty and the fire and spikes don't count so get burnt and spiked as much as you want, its a short level but I guarantee achievement in 2/3 attempts work better 2 playerbut still very possible with 1 player (pay late fee)
  • Use the power of love sword cheat. Go to level 3 and once they say go return to the map. Go the the Main Stage part of level 3. Use the power of love sword to kill the robo girl. Make it through all of the walls without getting hit and then you will get the achievement.
  • You guys are making it WAY harder than it needs to be. 1. Activate "Power of Love" cheat. 2. Load "Snowy Toronto". 3. Exit to map after "GO!!!" disappears. 4. Load "Shopping District". 5. Hack and slash your way through level. 6. Achievement will pop when you enter Matthew Patel's boss battle.
  • If anyone still plays this add me, Rudy Ramone 13.

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