Gourmet Achievement

  • Gourmet



    Eat every food items.


    There are a total of 14 shops, and some are well hidden. 11 of them contain food, so you will need to clean each shop out of their food for this achievement. A good way to farm cash is to start up the beginning of Stage 5 and doing the Subspace Highway portion over and over.


    For a guide to all the shops, where to find them, what each item does, and which food items are required for this achievement, see THE SHOP GUIDE, loacted in the 4th and 5th posts of that thread.


  • these include the 2 "Food" Items in Wallace's Mystery Shop; Ambrosia, and more importantly, Tlaloc's Feast. It took me a bit to find out the feast counted. If doing a Speed run of the shops in-game, make sure you aren't maxed out on Lives... although it wouldn't be to much hassle to just input the Konami code and Suicide lol.
  • It can be unlocked WHITOUT eat all items. I never enter to Scott's Dad BBQ but it was unlocked it today. I don't know how the glitch works, but this achievement it's glitched.
  • WITHOUT, sorry for that.
  • Just got this and I am 99% sure I did not drink any of the coffee drinks. Guess the achievement literally means food items, and one can skip beverages.
  • working on this one now
  • Yes!!! I finally got it! ^_^
  • Im hungry. :)
  • I have done this twice now for no Achievement. Any suggestions?

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