One Man Army Achievement

  • One Man Army



    Clear the game in single player on the “Supreme Master” difficulty setting.

    As you progress through the game, you level up your character as well as purchase items to increase your stats. My suggestion is plaything through the game once on Average Joe difficulty, to increase all of your stats and reach the max level for your character at Level 16 (unlocking new moves along the way as well). I like to save up money to purchase Smashing Turnips from Shock Wave Record to incrementally increase my Strength to 100. Once at 100 you will blow through the enemies and bosses, exponentially increasing the rate at which you earn cash. Also, get some easy cash by doing the first portion of Stage 5, there is a door leading to a Subspace Highway for easy cash, then you can back out and repeat.


    Now you can farm cash to pay off Scott's Late Fees ($504.25!) at No-Account Video. Doing so will allow you to buy The Mystical Head (1UPs) and other useful items such as Seven Shaolin Masters (+10 in all stat categories, and +100 XP) for $4.95 each. Alternatively, you can replay the boss battle with Todd for a 1UP.


    Now that you are properly leveled up and beaten the game on Average Joe, your entire World Map will be unlocked for your Supreme Master "playthrough". You can exploit this by simply beating all the bosses in Supreme Master:

    • Matthew Patel (Shopping District)
    • Lucas Lee (Casa Loma's Parking Lot)
    • Todd Ingram (The Main Stage)
    • Roxanne Richter (Chengdu Gardens)
    • Kyle K. and Ken K. (Dragons' Den)
    • NegaScott (Eerie Forest)
    • Gideon Graves (Final Stage: Techno Base)

    You'll have to fight some other enemies along the way but with max stats they shouldn't be an issue. Make sure you beat all of them in succesion, and to be on the safe side, in one sitting. If you start on the last part of each Stage it won't take long though, no need to play the entire level. Load up on 1UPs at either No-Account Video, Wallace's Mystery Shop, or beating Todd over and over again.

    One of the other two ways of getting this achievement include beating the game on Supreme Master from the get go. This would eliminate another playthrough, but with a low level character it would be very difficult and time consuming. You will die a lot and likely have to re-do a bunch of stages anyways. Lastly, you can beat the game with a character on Average Joe, max your stats and level, and start from beginning to end on Supreme Master. This is essentially the same as the first method, but if you are worried that skipping to the bosses won't work you can play from beginning to end.


  • easier than it sounds just make sure all stats are maxed out before begining
  • Yep you're quite right on that one, with out being maxed out you would stand little to no change of getting through in one piece. I ran thought it with Nega Scott but I messed it up cause I was doing it on easy just to get to level six so I could unlock Nega Scott's "hadouken" lol. So I started from scratch with Knives and got it as soon as I defeated Gideon... for the third time.
  • I'd also say to use the power of love sword code.

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