“Chaudown” Achievement

  • “Chaudown”



    Unlock and call all strikers.


    Each of the four main characters can summon a striker by hitting . This will use up a portion of your Guts. Land a move with all four of your main characters.


    As you progress, Mr. Chau will appear on your Main Map. He appears on the map somewhat randomly, there is no clear criteria for getting him to show up. However, if you replay the Stage 3 Boss Battle with Todd (he gives you a 1UP), Mr. Chau often shows after 2-5 fights. If this isn't working, switch things up; change characters, change Bosses (try Stage 4 then), change between single player or co-op, anything.

    Fight then defeat him to unlock him and Mrs. Chau as strikers. So then, land a move as each one of them. They can be used by whatever character defeated Mr. Chau. Mrs. Chau shows up far less often than Mr. Chau, so keep spamming striker moves until she appears and hits and enemy.


    Now lastly, you'll have to land a striker move as NegaScott. You will have to finish the game four separate times, start to finish, with each of the four main characters to unlock NegaScott.


  • I've called and hit with all the strikers I have. Even called with Knives even though she wasn't listed in the achievement. But still nothing unlocked. Have I got to play through an entire stage, or can I call the striker and then back out after successfully hitting it?
  • You get it when you call the following strikers at least once: Knives (Scott summon) Knives (Stills summon) Knives (Kim summon) Knives (Ramona summon) Mr. Chau* (Random summon after defeating him) Mrs. Chau* (Random summon after defeating Mr. Chau) Nega-Knives** (Nega-Scott summon) *Mr. and Mrs. Chau are only aailable to a character that was present for Mr. Chau's defeat. **Nega-Scott becomes playable after clearing the game with Scott, Stills, Kim and Ramona at least once each. There is some debate as to wether or not the striker needs to carry out their action for it to count toward the achievement. Some say just having them appear is enough while others say they need to actually consume GP to count. Also some claim this achievement is glitched but it's more likely thos
  • I've done this one a dozen times, and still haven't gotten this obviously glitched achievement. And I've got ll the strikers. Hell, I even tried playing through the game the long way with each character all the way through.
  • Wasn't looking forward to this after reading all the comments about it being bugged, but I got it first try. They /don't/ need to hit an enemy for the achievement to pop, either. I unlocked Mr Chau on one player, and as far as I know, I never even summoned Mrs Chau. After beating the game with all four, I started as NegaScott and hit the left button straight away. Achievement popped as soon as Knives appeared.
  • Mr. Chau sure doesn't make himself well known. I've played this game a ton and have only seen him show up once. Makes me mad, too, because it was a really close fight! But ultimately; Mr. Chau 1, Me 0.
  • I had this achievement once before on my other account, and when I went to unlock it on my current it did not work. I searched this on google and found out that this is a glitch that Ubisoft isn't fixing. I have every other achievement to this game and this glitch really annoys me
  • i just got this achievement :D just click LB with negascott and pff achievement unlock :D i only have 2 left from the dlc grab stuff and head stomp :D woot soo its not glitch!
  • I played now four times have nega scott and nothing happens i think i have also summond Mrs Chau if this was she i summond with scott and some pink lady shows up with a paperback is that mrs chau??? i wanted first to finish all other achievments before i buy the DLC so what can i do now???
  • yeah, me too I bought this game a year ago, and still haven't unlocked "Chaudown", I even bought the DLC and 100% thaty shit too, I love this game but it is seriously starting to piss me off... I didn't pay for glitches Ubisoft!
  • Yea i wish this get fix
  • Is the multiplayer with randoms on this game or is it only with guys you know for coop. In short is there a matchmaking option? Want to play this but none of my mate do.
  • Umm this game isn't online buddy...
  • Ooh, I got it! It probably took 20-30 random strikers attempts though, before I got Mrs. Chau to fire. (She appears to be telling off whoever you're fighting, holding a shopping bag.)
  • If you download the Knives DLC she has her mother as a striker right off the bat so you don't have to keep hitting strikers over and over again hoping to see Mrs. Chau. After all if you want all the achievements for the game you're going to have to download the DLC.
  • I was playing co-op and my achievemnet popped once I got NegaScott. My girlfriend was playing too and she tried with NegaScott and nothing happened. Is it possible that she is glitched, but not me? Does it matter that she didn't get as the #1 player? I have no idea and now she is mad that I have more achievements on the game! Thanks Scott Pilgrim!
  • This achievement is a long one; being that you need to get Nega Scott. My suggestion (if no one has alread), use the Power of Love Sword code to breeze through the campeigns with each character. You will still have trouble with the 7th evil ex-boyfriend, so you will want to pay off Scott's late fees, purchase the power ups and extra lives (I purchased seven extra lives which I think is enough, as you will tend to die a few times).
  • why is this so hard?
  • Does anyone know if the new online multiplayer DLC will patch this?
  • just got the achievement. I thought it was glitched, but I called in the Strikers for every character, and got the achievement.
  • Ok here I am a year later...... and still no damn achievement I have played over and over again. I am in the top 100 in leaderboard..... I have beat Mr. Chau with all characters both DLC, Unlocked, and Regular. I have beat it on all settings... Unlocked all moves and used them! I WANT REST!I WANT PEACE! fix it UBISOFT!
  • When trying to find Mr. Chau to fight him, don't just check one character's map screen. I had just beaten the game as Kim, and after the credits I loaded her back up and he wasn't on her map, so I chose to load up Scott's and there he was. So as you're playing through each characters story, after beating a boss check every characters map screen, not just the one you're playing.
  • Guys get the DLC and fight mr.chau. Knives uses her mom and you wont have to struggle with getting her to launch. Just get nagascott call in striker and pop. Achivie unlocked. Still not popped then clear your cache from system. Redownload if you have to n use nagascott again. Easy! Don't give up!
  • ^I already had the DLC months ago I just finaly did all 4 playthroughs and this achievement has glitched on me, negascot didn't cut it. I performed every single striker before nega striker months ago. I really enjoyed playing this game but I'm not going to waste pointless hours on a small Gscore and yes Ubisoft you should patch this you twits.
  • This better be patched in the DLC.
  • So the DLC is out but I have yet to receive it...is this achievement patched now?

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