It’s All In The Reflexes Achievement

  • It’s All In The Reflexes



    Caught a flying object at least 25 times with Knives.


    At level 4, Kinves gains a move that allows her to grab items thrown at her by pressing , best done in the new Battle Royale game mode that comes with the DLC (2 controllers needed); Select Knives as player 1 and any other character for player 2, use the 2nd controller to throw items (press to pick up an item and press to throw at player 1 and catch them using , do this 25 times and the achievment will unlock.

  • If you stand at the right distance, you can throw objects at the end of the screen and catch them. Much quicker and you can do it single player.
  • I did this with my friend, just grab a base ball and keep throwing it back and forth. We played catch for about couple of minutes and "pop".
  • I have a weird glitch with this achievement. In the list of achievements w/ icons it shows that I have it, but it shows 240/ 250 on my points and Gamerscore. Anyone know how I can fix this?
  • I had Knives at level 10/11 and got this one pretty easily playing level one over twice. Just look for the blonde guys, they tend to throw something at you right when you get on the screen. Just keep hitting "b" and Knives will catch it half the time.

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