Ninja Somersault Achievement

  • Ninja Somersault



    Performed at least 10 consecutive head stomps successfully with Knives.


    At level 11, Knives learns the head stomp move: Jump + .
    Use Survival Horror Mode (access via cheat code) and Kill between around 100 zombies, so that the screen fills up with more zombies and try to make them gather at the base of the screen, and then use head stomp on them 10 times in a row, without touching the floor.

    Zombie Survival Mode
    at the Title Screen

  • how do u get this
  • Either the Zombies in the graveyard or on Gideon in the Subspace highway (second time you fight him) you can easily get a good 15-20 before you fall.
  • I got it thanks to this video: Use P2 Ramona to get Knives into EX mode. While Gideon is away, use Knives' tech 2 (the one you bought from Mobile's secret shop in Negascott's stage) to keep her on air.
  • good shit guys! this really helped!
  • Thanks urameshiBR, the link really helped.
  • Link is dead, just fyi. Also, as I've just tried it several times, you cannot use friendly hits whilst blocking to get the achievement.
  • Here ya go, easier strategy
  • Right at 9 he pulls away
  • Strange...I got this at the end of my Supreme Master run with Kim. I did some head stomps with her, not consecutively. I've never even played as Knives. *shrug*

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