Speed Run Achievement

  • Speed Run



    Cleared the game in 90 minutes or less with Knives.


    Just play through With Knives from the first stage to the last, on Average Joe difficulty. To speed things up, you can use the power of love sword.

    If you want to be max level before starting and don't have the money to move over from another character, you may also use the Konami Code Money Trick as described in This Thread until you have about $700.00 and then pay off Scott's Late fees in No Account Video and level Knives up (buy 'Seven Shaolin Masters' 10 time and then 'Alone and Disturbed' until you are level 16), before starting again from the first stage.

    Power of Love sword unlocked at any stage
    at the Title Screen

  • Use the Konami code to build up your money to around $700. Once you hit that, pay off the late fee at the video shop and buy 10 of the "Seven Shaolin Masters" tapes. You will have 100 for each stat. Now you proceed to restart the game from level 1. You should be able to clear it in about half an hour.
  • When do you input the Konami code??
  • what is the konami code???
  • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Konami_Code
  • How do you restart the game to level 1?
  • @3 how do you not know what the konami code is???????
  • @6 Maybe he aint oldskool enough ;P
  • Umm guys imma try that Konami code, because im getting teh knives DLC this weekend:)
  • Hold LT+RT and enter the Konami Code: Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A This needs to be input while in the game not at the title screen.
  • Not @ title screen? Be more specific... At character select screen, in the game menu? There's lots of non title screens...
  • whilst you are playing just pause the game and punch it in.
  • Anyone else having problems with this unlocking? i finished in 67 minutes (includeing the looong credits) and it didn't pop ; ;. played the whole game in a single run aswell
  • I finished this with Knives in co-op with my gf, finished in an hour but it didn't unlock. My Knives was already level 16 with max stats; started at level one, my gf played Ramona. Any ideas?
  • FFFFUUUUUUUU- Did this in 89 minutes including several crashes where I had to restart the xbox. Didn't unlock. :'(
  • This game is freezing 75% of the times doing the last boss. So this achievement can take up to 5 tries (=a whole day!)
  • Did it in 45 minutes (running passed enemies whenever possible) on Average Joe. It doesn't matter if you have completed the game with the Knives already, as long as you complete every stage in order. Though to be safe I think it would be best to exit back to quit the game back to the dashboard before attempting the achievement (to reset any internal clocks in the game). You have to do it in one sitting, if the game chrashes or you quit the game, you'll have to start from the begining. The achievement will unlock when you K.O. Gideon (before the credits start).
  • I actually had to try this twice, the first time was a little over 90 min. But I think the second try was about 60 min.
  • I just recently got this. I ran into the problem where it would crash on me each time roughly 30 minutes into the game. Because of this, I found a trick however to do it faster. If you beat the game with knives and have all the stages unlocked, you can just load into the first parts of each stage, and then return to menu, load the last part of the stage and beat the boss. It will count as the full stage begin completed, and is a fast method to avoid the potential crash. Also this only seemed to work in single player, but I can't be certain of that.
  • Thanks a lot to Itsradoo! the method works like a charm, it saves both time by cutting unnecessary stages and by lowering greatly the chances of having a crash!
  • Hey itsradoo and Sumean, I was wondering if you gents could be of some assistants to me. I tried this trick you speak of, twice. But it didn't work, maybe I'm not doing something right, missing a party maybe? The first time I just went to the very end part of each level where the bosses reside, didn't work. I tried a second and I fought the large robot of the Twins on the roof tops, fight them in the Dragons den and then fight Gidedon (all three f'n times) and still nothing pops! Please someone a little help would be awesome, thanks. Also Konami code ftw! My Knives is so jacked up that I might just try to fly through the game the ol' fashion way, just hopefully with no crashes. Wish me luck!
  • Okay nvm I over looked one part of the process, I got it. =) 12 down 3 more to go.
  • This one popped at the moment the last last boss' head exploded and he turned into coins. So the credits aren't part of your time limit. I got Knives all ranked up, and went through every part of every level with the Power Of Love sword code, and it went pretty fast as I blasted through all the guys. Took about 65 min. First try, no crashes.
  • Anyone know if you can do this in co-op? My girlfriend and I are playing the game and I figure we can both get this one.
  • Found out that co-op does not work. I had to play it in single player to get it to pop. They should have made it 60 min, since each time I ran it I came in under 60. Was an easy one.
  • Ive tried this four times now its crashed 3 times and the fourth time i guess my time was over cause i lost track. :( only this and chaumaster to go
  • Do you have to restart if you die? or if you lose all your lives? cause that would be a pain in the ass.
  • Just did this with lvl 16 Knives and max stats. Was a lot easier than I thought, managed it in 55 minutes. Don't worry about losing a life and it's obtainable on Average Joe setting. Achievement will pop as soon as you finish off Gideon.
  • Fuck man they still haven't patched the crash bugs and death traps that glitch into unrespawning pits that render the game unwinnable and force to restart the entire game over. FUCK THIS GAME! I've beaten shit broken glitchy games before to 1000 but this is the fucking worst, Sonic 06 was easier than this garbage game. No joke, at least in that game I could abuse glitches to win there is tons of useful glitches in that game.

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