Everybody wants to play Achievement

  • Everybody wants to play



    Play Online with all characters at least once (including Wallace Wells)


    Join or create a match for either public or private (if you have friends) via the Network Game option. You only need to use Scott, Ramona, Kim, Stills and Wallace for this acievement (Knives doesn't count). Again you only need to do one level, so use maxed characters on Average Joe difficulty, World 1-1 (Frozen Suburbs) or World 3 (The Main Stage) and play through until the end of the stage.

    Use This Thread to find people to play with!

  • I wonder if this achievement includes Knives from the Knives Chau DLC pack??
  • ^ was just thinking the same thing. Either way already own it. Heres hoping the matchmaking servers are good.
  • This includes Scott, Romona, Stills, Kim, Nega-Scott (Maybe?), Knives(?) and Wallace.
  • I would assume it doesn't include Knives since she's DLC. Then again, I wouldn't doubt it.
  • Achievements are out but no dlc for it? This is retarded
  • where is the damn dlc already?
  • Comment #6, it is delayed and possibly cancelled because they basically tried to copy/paste (stole) sprites from a different game.
  • It is out today go get it!
  • As comment #8 said it is finally out for 400 MP.
  • In order to get this achievement you have to use Scott, Ramona, Stills, Kim and Wallace. No need to use Nega Scott or Knives.
  • I've played each character several times and haven't gotten this
  • I guess you need to finish a level with each character in online mode to get this... with the shitty servers this is gonna be a hard one
  • like comment #12 says, u have to complete the level with each character while hoping the servers don't crash/glitched out.
  • These servers suck! Even when playing a private party game with one friend, the lag is unbearable and finishing a level with each separate character will be a pain in the ass. 200 enemies has some flexibility at least.
  • GT: michelinman7 i need someone to do these with
  • GT: Obi Wan Cass if anyone wants to work on this (such a pain!)
  • GT Hopefailstoday Managed to get through one game, these servers really blow. I'm down anyttime to help out with these and all my characters are leveled up.
  • trying to get this one hit me up GT: MLG Vulpix
  • GT: crimeclown420... Hit me up
  • gt: JimmilyGoofyMan hit me up!!
  • I need both online achievements. Even though it was long delayed, I was pretty excited about this feature. It's a shame that every game is plagued with lag. Anyway, my GT is: Cpt Oats89. Lets do this.
  • ANTxNEE32 if anybody is still interested.
  • GT XenoNick looking to get all the online stuff done. =]
  • trickedalex13 for all online stuff
  • Friend me @ kylejrichard. I am up for helping with any of the online achievements.
  • Hello! If you need a partner for the online achievements, just add me! My characters are fully leveled and -- hopefully -- we can get this done quickly. Thank you! GT: TiagoSFRamos
  • Update: just got it! Thanks!
  • Just got it, too.
  • still need a boosting parnter!!! gt: JimmilyGoofyMan
  • Down to boost. Hmu if you want to boost.GT JubJub44
  • still need this one... pls gt: JimmilyGoofyMan thx
  • I need help with this one. Add me Phrantoine
  • If you need help with this achievement, add me GT: xCurbSnipex
  • Looking for help with this and thge 200 KO one GT: Obsolete x360a
  • Need a partner. Gt The Eyeless
  • Looking for a partner. GT: Gaming ProdigyX
  • My body is ready for this achievement.
  • I wanna play! Add me: Rewsifer (And message me as well)
  • If anybody's still on this board I'm looking for somebody to get all of the Wallace Pack achievements with. Send me a message if you're up for it. Gamertag: RushHourDuck (capitalised that way too)
  • Still looking to grab the Wallace pack achievements as well, just throw me a message. Gamertag: Myrmidont
  • I need to knock out the online achievements. If you need them too or you're just plain nice, add me and we can get right to the point. Gamertag: xXVanitasXx
  • Need a partner for all online achievements. Gt: Alex Minestra
  • My post in #41 is no longer valid. I have already gotten the achievements I needed and will no longer assist anyone else. Thanks.
  • GT: XV84 only need to do this with three more characters
  • Looking to boost all online achievements GT - Dairypop4000
  • Looking to play with others with the online Multiplayer DLC. PM me if interested. Gamertag: Delta Omega X
  • Im down for the online achievements if anybody else is. Much Thanks GT:Sgt Rorek
  • I need help with this one. Add me GT - Deathwing666
  • I can help with the achievements, add me and send me a message, my gamertag is LifeVirus99

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