- Estimated achievement difficulty: 5/10
- Offline: 12
- Online: 0. No Xbox Live matchmaking.
- Approximate amount of time to 200: 10 Hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 4+
- Number of missable achievements: 0
- Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No
- Does difficulty affect achievements?: Yes, complete one playthrough on Supreme Master.
- Glitchy achievements: None
- Unobtainable achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed?: Second Controller

  • Online MP and Wallace DLC
    • Difficulty: 3/10
    • Time to 250: 2-3 Hours [if using cheats]
    • Unobtainable: None

Side scrolling brawling action comes to Xbox Live Arcade in the form of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game. Complete with 8-bit-esque graphics, music, and presentation, this game is truly a blast from the past... and stuff. Based off the comics (but right in time for the movie), you'll battle through 7 stages with 4 playable characters, as well as an unlock-able bonus character. The achievements are reasonable and generally obtainable. One depends on a bit of luck however, but hopefully luck will strike in one of your required 4 playthorughs (meeting then defeating Mr. Chau)

Cheat Early, Cheat Often.
Cheats do not disable achievements. Your best cheat is the having the Power of Love sword unlocked at every level.

Power of Love sword unlocked at any stage
at the Title Screen

Once you quit the game this and any cheats have to be re-entered. You can find other cheats, such as Zombie Survival mode and others below. Zombie Survival is great for practicing combos all while leveling up. Most of the other cheats are for novelty purposes.

First Playthrough
As you are required to beat the game with all four characters, may as well beat it with Scott first, as it is required for an achievement. You're also required to beat the game on Supreme Master difficulty, so you have a choice to make as to whether you want to hammer that out as well. My suggestion is to make a quick run of the bosses later on Supreme Master instead, as this counts as beating the game on that difficulty. You level up as you play though so you will get better, in addition to buying items to boost your stats.

If you don't feel like doing either of these objectives you have three other playthroughs to do this, so you can do them at your liking. With each character, call upon and land your striker (Knives) at least once with each of them. Hopefully you will find Mr. Chau along the way. If so, fight him, and unlock him (and Mrs. Chau) as a striker. Use and land a striker move as both Mr. and Mrs. Chau.

Playthroughs 2-4
Now, complete the game with Ramona, Stills, and Kim on Average Joe difficulty, making sure to use their striker moves at least once. If you missed something your first time, use this as your chance to mop up. You should have amassed 1,000 kills by now, as well as ate every food item.

Supreme Master Playthrough
If you opted to make your Supreme Master run last, you're probably doing yourself a favor, as now this should be very easy with your Level 16 character and max stats. Start a game on Supreme Master in Single Player, and you can now simply defeat the 7 evil exes to get the achievement. Since you've already beaten the game on Average Joe, you will be able to play the last portion of each level.

Use all 7 Strikers
After beating the game as all four characters, you unlock a secret character, NegaScott. Use his and land his striker move, NegaKnives, and you should have called upon all strikers:

Scott (Knives)
Ramona (Knives)
Stills (Knives)
Kim (Knives)
NegaScott (NegaKnives)
and (Mr. Chau)+(Mrs. Chau). Beat Mr. Chau in a random encounter to unlock him and his wife as strikers. Make sure to land a hit with everyone. The Chau's are only unlocked for the player that beat him, and both their striker moves occur randomly so keep using your move until they appear.

Online MP and Wallace DLC

First up, select Wallace as your character and start on level 1-1 then get a second player into your game (can just be a second controller offline) then have them press (and hold) LT and RT then press Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A. They will explode and drop $50.00. Grab that with player 1 and repeat until you have just over $700.00. Now continue through the level until you get to No Account Video - head in there and pay off the late fees, then buy 10 copies of Seven Shaolin Masters to max your stats. Followed by 13 copies of Alone and Disturbed to max out your level.

You can now either blitz through the game or exit back to the main menu and use the Power of Love sword cheat to make things EVEN easier enter the following cheat code: on Title Screen (has prompt to Press Start):

Either way, you only need to defeat all of the bosses to get "And....it's a wrap" so if you have already completed the game you can load up the relevant bosses/levels to get this done fast. Be aware that you HAVE to defeat Gideon last (others can be in any order) and this CAN be done offline. I would recommend you do it online though so that all of your KO'ed enemies count towards "Wallaciraptor!".

Next up you can do the online stuff. If you did all of the above online with a buddy then you will get "Wallace the novice!" after completing your first level. If you did it offline then just find a buddy and start level 1-1 on Average Joe. Play to the end of that level with each of the following characters (Scott, Ramona, Kim, Stills and Wallace) to get that achievement and to snag the last achievement for this pack "Everybody wants to play". You merely need to complete ONE level with each character for that, so swap out after each one. Fastest levels (with maxed characters) are either 1-1 or the level 3 Boss battle "The Main Stage". If you didn't already snag Wallaciraptor on your Wallace run then all the kills you get doing these online stages will count too.

If you've beaten the game with everyone, and used all strikers, you should be all done. If not, you most likely have only one or two achievements left. Levels are re-playable so you shouldn't miss anything. Main thing is: have fun. If you're going for full gamerscore, you have plenty of time to just play the game normally first playthrough, then concentrate on getting everything else on your other three.

Cheat Codes

Power of Love sword unlocked at any stage
at the Title Screen

Zombie Survival Mode
at the Title Screen

Boss Rush Mode
at the Title Screen

Pick the Same Character in Multiplayer
at the Title Screen

Blood Mode
at the Title Screen

Turns Coins to Animals
at the Title Screen

Sound Test Level
at the Overworld Map

[XBA would like to thank litepink for this roadmap]

[XBA would like to thank jackanape for the Online MP and Wallace DLC addition]

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World Achievement Guide

Printable Guide
Show completed achievements
Show secret achievements

There are 19 achievements with a total of 300 points

  • Defeat Matthew Patel without losing a life.


    You'll want to hang on to your Power of Love weapon/cheat for the first level to make this much easier, as well as playing on Average Joe difficulty. If you happen to break or drop your sword, load up in a shop to max your Heart and Guts to give yourself the best shot. While this is entirely possible on your first try, you can come back when your character is properly leveled up too.

    In a multiplayer game you can cower and hold to constantly block while your co-op partner attacks if you'd like.

    Power of Love sword unlocked at any stage
    at the Title Screen

  • Defeat the Twins simultaneously.


    Not entirely story related, but something that will likely happen on any one of your four playthroughs. It doesn't have to be in the exact same strike, just within a few seconds of each other. When one Twin is down, the other will revive him. This allows for their health to even out as well as land some attacks. The Twins seem to be more susceptible to interactive objects than other bosses so knock a goon down, pick him up, and swing him around. *This can be achieved on any difficulty*

  • Defeat an enemy by throwing an object at him while he’s already down.


    Something you'll likely do in the first or second stage by accident. Pick up an object with , knock them to the ground by swinging your item with , then hit again to throw it. The blow from the thrown object would kill them if there health is low enough.

  • Play through a World and reach the boss without getting hit.


    Like "New Challenger", in a multiplayer game you can hold to block while your co-op partner does the work. If doing this method, try on Stage One or Two, where enemy attacks are less complicated and easily blockable. If going solo, use your Power of Love cheat and wait until you are properly leveled up to attempt to do this.

    A common exploit is to load up the Third Stage (after you have beaten it a first time) where you watch Clash at Demonhead arrive in their limo. Watch the cutscene, and a few seconds after the "GO!" prompt disappears, exit to the map. Now move ahead to mid-level where you battle Lynette and Envy. Here, you will have to defeat them without getting hit. With your Power of Love sword and max strength this should be fairly simple, although each character has some moves that are hard to evade or block. You can play in co-op and have your friend do the work, but beware of Lynette's robot arms or Envy's kicks. Block, or move away if possible so your friend can attack.

    Once you defeat these two, you then will have to crash through the walls to make it to the Bass Battle Mini-game. If you're a low level character, you may not be able to break through the walls before Todd catches up, and he will attack you then. Defeat Todd in the Bass Battle to take the fight outside. Once outside, the achievement unlocks.

  • Clear the game once with Scott.


    Can be done on Average Joe difficulty.

    As stated many times, the game gets easier as you progress and level up. My suggestion is progress and save up cash for the Smashing Turnips at Shock Wave Record. If you buy 12-13, you max up your strength at 100. This increases your power substantially. With full strength you'll whip through levels and earn cash very fast. Now you can earn money to pay off Scott's Late Fees at No Account Video. Doing so will unlock the ability to buy items there, including The Mystical Head (1UPs). Also, you can replay the boss battle with Todd for a 1UP.

    Utilize your shops, upgrade your stats, take a snack "to go" when you're shopping to give yourself the best advantage against the Evil Exes.

  • In a multiplayer game, reanimate another player at least 25 times.


    Under the options you can turn Friendly Hits ON. Start a two player game and hit your co-op partner until they need to be revived/reanimated tapping when a counter appears. I find this best to do if you start up midway through Stage One (Shopping District). There, no one will attack if you stay to the left. Again, killing your teammate will take time if you aren't leveled up enough so best to wait until everything else is done.

    If playing multiplayer this will occur many times naturally. Reanimating your teammate may not always be the best option though, keep in mind. Often it will get you killed and there's no use having everyone dead.

  • Eat every food items.


    There are a total of 14 shops, and some are well hidden. 11 of them contain food, so you will need to clean each shop out of their food for this achievement. A good way to farm cash is to start up the beginning of Stage 5 and doing the Subspace Highway portion over and over.


    For a guide to all the shops, where to find them, what each item does, and which food items are required for this achievement, see THE SHOP GUIDE, loacted in the 4th and 5th posts of that thread.


  • Defeated 1000 enemies.


    Playing Solo, this may happen during your first run. Otherwise, don't worry about this and play naturally and it will come. The kills are accumulative throughout each of your 4 playthroughs.

  • Clear the game in single player on the “Supreme Master” difficulty setting.

    As you progress through the game, you level up your character as well as purchase items to increase your stats. My suggestion is plaything through the game once on Average Joe difficulty, to increase all of your stats and reach the max level for your character at Level 16 (unlocking new moves along the way as well). I like to save up money to purchase Smashing Turnips from Shock Wave Record to incrementally increase my Strength to 100. Once at 100 you will blow through the enemies and bosses, exponentially increasing the rate at which you earn cash. Also, get some easy cash by doing the first portion of Stage 5, there is a door leading to a Subspace Highway for easy cash, then you can back out and repeat.


    Now you can farm cash to pay off Scott's Late Fees ($504.25!) at No-Account Video. Doing so will allow you to buy The Mystical Head (1UPs) and other useful items such as Seven Shaolin Masters (+10 in all stat categories, and +100 XP) for $4.95 each. Alternatively, you can replay the boss battle with Todd for a 1UP.


    Now that you are properly leveled up and beaten the game on Average Joe, your entire World Map will be unlocked for your Supreme Master "playthrough". You can exploit this by simply beating all the bosses in Supreme Master:

    • Matthew Patel (Shopping District)
    • Lucas Lee (Casa Loma's Parking Lot)
    • Todd Ingram (The Main Stage)
    • Roxanne Richter (Chengdu Gardens)
    • Kyle K. and Ken K. (Dragons' Den)
    • NegaScott (Eerie Forest)
    • Gideon Graves (Final Stage: Techno Base)

    You'll have to fight some other enemies along the way but with max stats they shouldn't be an issue. Make sure you beat all of them in succesion, and to be on the safe side, in one sitting. If you start on the last part of each Stage it won't take long though, no need to play the entire level. Load up on 1UPs at either No-Account Video, Wallace's Mystery Shop, or beating Todd over and over again.

    One of the other two ways of getting this achievement include beating the game on Supreme Master from the get go. This would eliminate another playthrough, but with a low level character it would be very difficult and time consuming. You will die a lot and likely have to re-do a bunch of stages anyways. Lastly, you can beat the game with a character on Average Joe, max your stats and level, and start from beginning to end on Supreme Master. This is essentially the same as the first method, but if you are worried that skipping to the bosses won't work you can play from beginning to end.


  • Buy all the items of a shop.


    In Stage 1, the Mini Mart has 5 items totaling $9.20.

  • Defeat at least 200 enemies using interactive objects.


    Like many of the other achievements, this should come naturally while beating the game four separate times. Press to pick up an item, and to swing it. Your Power of Love sword counts as an interactive object so if you are using the cheat for this weapon you will obtain 200 kills without having to worry.

  • Unlock and call all strikers.


    Each of the four main characters can summon a striker by hitting . This will use up a portion of your Guts. Land a move with all four of your main characters.


    As you progress, Mr. Chau will appear on your Main Map. He appears on the map somewhat randomly, there is no clear criteria for getting him to show up. However, if you replay the Stage 3 Boss Battle with Todd (he gives you a 1UP), Mr. Chau often shows after 2-5 fights. If this isn't working, switch things up; change characters, change Bosses (try Stage 4 then), change between single player or co-op, anything.

    Fight then defeat him to unlock him and Mrs. Chau as strikers. So then, land a move as each one of them. They can be used by whatever character defeated Mr. Chau. Mrs. Chau shows up far less often than Mr. Chau, so keep spamming striker moves until she appears and hits and enemy.


    Now lastly, you'll have to land a striker move as NegaScott. You will have to finish the game four separate times, start to finish, with each of the four main characters to unlock NegaScott.


DLC: Knives Chau Add-On Pack

There are 3 achievements with a total of 50 points

  • Caught a flying object at least 25 times with Knives.


    At level 4, Kinves gains a move that allows her to grab items thrown at her by pressing , best done in the new Battle Royale game mode that comes with the DLC (2 controllers needed); Select Knives as player 1 and any other character for player 2, use the 2nd controller to throw items (press to pick up an item and press to throw at player 1 and catch them using , do this 25 times and the achievment will unlock.

  • Performed at least 10 consecutive head stomps successfully with Knives.


    At level 11, Knives learns the head stomp move: Jump + .
    Use Survival Horror Mode (access via cheat code) and Kill between around 100 zombies, so that the screen fills up with more zombies and try to make them gather at the base of the screen, and then use head stomp on them 10 times in a row, without touching the floor.

    Zombie Survival Mode
    at the Title Screen

  • Cleared the game in 90 minutes or less with Knives.


    Just play through With Knives from the first stage to the last, on Average Joe difficulty. To speed things up, you can use the power of love sword.

    If you want to be max level before starting and don't have the money to move over from another character, you may also use the Konami Code Money Trick as described in This Thread until you have about $700.00 and then pay off Scott's Late fees in No Account Video and level Knives up (buy 'Seven Shaolin Masters' 10 time and then 'Alone and Disturbed' until you are level 16), before starting again from the first stage.

    Power of Love sword unlocked at any stage
    at the Title Screen

DLC: Wallace Wells Add-on Pack

There are 4 achievements with a total of 50 points

  • Complete your first online match with Scott Pilgrim Online Multiplayer and Wallace pack

    Join or create a match for either public or private (if you have friends) via the Network Game option. You only need to complete ONE level and it can be done with ANY character. Quickest way would be using a maxed character on Average Joe difficulty, selecting World 1-1 (Frozen Suburbs) and play through until the end of the stage. Alternatively you can select World 3 - The Main Stage - as this boss battle is super short on Average Joe with maxed stats.

    Use This Thread to find people to play with!

  • Play Online with all characters at least once (including Wallace Wells)

    Join or create a match for either public or private (if you have friends) via the Network Game option. You only need to use Scott, Ramona, Kim, Stills and Wallace for this acievement (Knives doesn't count). Again you only need to do one level, so use maxed characters on Average Joe difficulty, World 1-1 (Frozen Suburbs) or World 3 (The Main Stage) and play through until the end of the stage.

    Use This Thread to find people to play with!

  • Clear the game once with Wallace Wells


    Just play through With Wallace Wells from the first stage to the last on Average Joe difficulty, follow the guide above to max him out straight away and use the Power of Love sword to make this even easier. You ONLY need to complete the boss stages (assuming you have finished the game previously) but make sure to leave Gideon (World 7) until last. This CAN be done OFFLINE unlike the rest of the achievements.

  • Knockout 200 enemies in online mode with Scott Pilgrim Online Multiplayer and Wallace pack

    Every enemy to beat in online mode counts towards this, with every character, so try and do your Wallace playthrough online to get most of these out of the way early. Once you've cleared a level with every character then just keep setting up a network game for World 1-1 (Frozen Suburbs) on Average Joe difficulty with a maxed stats character. You should get this in about 2-3 runs of that level.

    Use This Thread to find people to play with!

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