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There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points

  • Successfully complete the first level within par time.

    - On the first level of normal mode, boost down (not the whole way because you will die....just do it off and on) and shoot / go through as many green things as you can. I believe it is 1:30 you have to beat the first level to get the achievement.
  • Complete levels 1-5 in normal mode.

    - Just complete the first 5 levels in normal mode.
  • Complete levels 6-10 in normal mode.

    - Just complete levels 6-10 in normal mode.
  • Complete levels 11-15 in normal mode.

    - Just complete levels 11-15 in normal mode.
  • Complete levels 16-20 in normal mode.

    - Just complete levels 16-20 in normal mode.
  • Destroy 100 or more objects in a single level.

    - I got this achievement on the second level. Just take your time and try and destroy everything. But I found out not very long after that, later levels give you tons of more objects to destroy. One level I got over 300 items.
  • Take no damage for the duration of an entire level.

    - Just do the first level and take your time. Don't brake because there is enemies that are on your tail and if you go to slow, they will end up shooting you. Just try and dynamite all green platforms until you get your percentage down to 0. Also stay away from the walls and mines.
  • Attain first place in an Xbox LIVE game.

    - Just do a match against a friend and have him sit there while you boost down and back up for a quick win and achievement.
  • Complete endurance mode.

    - Definitely the hardest achievement in the game. Endurance is a bonus game and you have to complete level 1-20 w/out getting a game over. You start with 3 lives, and you can gain an extra life at 25million pts, but if you have 3 lives then, you won't get an extra life. 3 lives is the most you can have at a time. You also don't gain anymore lives on top of that one. Very difficult so just take your time and try not to lose any lives until you get to the later levels.
  • Complete levels 1-20 in Time Trial Mode.

    - In this mode, you don't have to destory the green objects, just boost down until right before you start taking damage from it, then let go and boost again. The object here is to reach the bottom as fast as possible then exiting the same way. Just complete all 20 levels under par time to get this achievement.
  • Complete levels 1-13 in race mode.

    - This is the same thing as speed freak but this time you are racing against other people. Very easy actually just boost down like before and reach the bottom as fast as possible. Then just exit the same way.
  • Achieve a score of 50,000,000 in any mode.

    - You can get this in normal mode. The 50mil is a combined score off all your levels. My final score was 80 mil once i beat the last level, so it's very easy if you can just beat the game.





    General Tips:
    -The object of this game is to destroy the glowing green objects. There is two ways to destroy them, hold the to boost through them or throwing dynamite sticks with the .
    -If you're close enough to a platform, you can throw a dynamite stick at it and it will cause a large chain reaction.
    -Avoid the red objects as they are hazardous.
    -Everytime you destroy a green object, it gives you some health back.
    -Brake a lot when you're in normal mode, always brake to find the nearest object to destroy.
    -There is a bar on the right of your screen and the object is to get that to zero by destroying objects in the level.
    -If you are close to the bottom and you still have a small percentage left to destroy, you can dynamite the core and it will take a percentage away.
    -After you reach the bottom, you will have to escape. You will end up flying upwards and the controls are very difficult. Just make sure you don't blow up the core with a dynamite stick before you land because it will start the countdown and then you will still have to land and then take off, which means you would lose lots of time.
    -Some levels give you more time to escape, that just means that there are more objects to avoid in the level, not because the level is longer.

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