- Estimated achievement difficulty: 3/10 [Achievement Difficulty Rating]
- Offline: 42 [1000gs.png]
- Approximate amount of time to 1000gs.png: 35-40 Hours [Estimated Time to 100%]
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1.5
- Missable achievements: No
- Does difficulty affect achievements: No
- Unobtainable/glitched achievements: No

Promising the Sabotage touch in every system, Sea of Stars aims to modernize the classic RPG in terms of turn-based combat, storytelling, exploration and interactions with the environment, while still offering a hearty slice of nostalgia and good old, simple fun.

Game Difficulty / Relics:
Rather than have a direct "difficulty" selection at the start of a playthrough, Sea of Stars will slowly introduce "Relics" to the player throughout the game that can positively or negatively affect your experience, as far as it relates to how difficult the combat will be. A relic with a blue icon generally has a positive effect while one with a red icon will be a negative effect. A full list of the relics, their effects, and their locations can be found below. These do not void achievements, so feel free to turn them on/off to suit your playstyle.
  • Amulet of Storytelling: doubles HP and auto-heals after combat - story related
  • Squent Flare: successful attack/block timing in combat shows a star flare effect - story related
  • Guardian Aura: reduces damage taken by 30% - purchase in Stonemasons Outpost
  • Truestrike Pendant: removes 20% damage reduction while enemies are casting (active locks) - purchase in Stonemasons Outpost
  • Sixth Sense: adds a 35% chance to auto-block attacks (can still attempt timed blocks manually) - purchase in Stonemasons Outpost
  • Adamant Shard: regular attacks will successfully time 100% of the time, but at 50% damage bonus for the second hit - purchase in Stonemasons Outpost
  • Dubious Dare: increases damage taken by 40% - purchase at Hidden Market in Port Town of Brisk
  • Tome of Knowledge: increases XP earned by 20% - purchase at Hidden Market in Port Town of Brisk
  • Double Edge: enemy defense is decreased with no locks and increased with locks - purchase at Hidden Market in Port Town of Brisk
  • Gold Tooth: 10% price reduction in all shop - purchase in Town of Lucent
  • Falcon-Eyed Parrot: allows you to see if you're missing anything (chests, rainbow conches, wheels players) on any island of the world map. Will also show a silver star next to the location name if you have everything - turn in 27 Rainbow Conches
  • Saliant Sails: ship moves 20% faster - purchase in Mirth
  • Artful Gambit: removed 95% of your health, but perfect blocks will only cause 1HP per hit and perfect attacks deal double damage (required for What a technique! (80G)) - chest in Throne of the Queen That Was
  • Stereofilament Line: stronger fishing line - catch 4 unique fish and speak to Fishing Master in Mirth
  • Bearing Reel: reel in fish faster - catch 9 unique fish and speak to Fishing Master in Mirth
  • Mithreel Rod: depletes fish stamina more quickly - catch 14 unique fish and speak to Fishing Master in Mirth
Step 1: 100% Playthrough, Part 1 - Normal Ending:
For the first part of your main playthrough, focus on completing the story. There is nothing missable and no difficulty-related achievements, so you can use as many of the relics listed above as you'd like. While exploring each area, try to collect as many of the rainbow conches, treasure chests, combos, stories, and recipes as possible. Also be sure to catch every fish you can, and play all of the Wheels champions you come across. Again, nothing is missable and you'll be able to free-roam to every area after the story is complete, so don't worry too much about this - but follow the guide linked below to save some time. Complete the main story at your leisure and we'll clean up everything else while going for the True Ending in the next step.

You'll likely naturally break 50 locks during combat, and should use Valere's Moonerang often to practice and work on getting 25 bounces for that achievement. Otherwise, there are no combat-specific achievements to speak of.

As you play through the game, follow the collectible guide found HERE which will point out everything you need to complete the achievements. There is also a great walkthrough to be found HERE. Thank you to 100% Guides on Youtube for all the great videos they compiled that I've included in the guide below!

Step 2: 100% Playthrough, Part 2 - True Ending:
SPOILER WARNING: This step will contain a large spoiler to one of the game's main plot points. Complete the story and Step 1 above first without reading on if you don't want to ruint it!

After beating the game, if you pay attention to the scenes in the middle and post sections of the credits, you'll notice hints of things your party members still may want to accomplish. There's a chance you've done some of them already if you did extra exploring before getting the Normal Ending. The game will show you the mysterious set of stones in Moorland have now activated, and any side-quest you've completed already that corresponds to the True Ending will light up.

You'll create a clear save file and will be placed back in the Fleshmancer's Lair before the final boss. To qualify for this ending you must help your companions and people you've met during your journey to light up all of the stones:
Once you have completed all seven of the above achievements, visit the stones in Moorland to unlock the New Garl + (30G) achievement, resurrecting Garl, and then you can go back to the Fleshmancer's Lair to initiate the game's ending a second time - however, this time you'll get to face The Fleshmancer himself and unlock the True Ending. After that, you'll get another clear save file (this time a gold star) and can continue adventuring if there is anything left to do such as collecting treasure chests, defeating Wheels champions, cooking recipes, listening to stories, or completing the quizes.

Step 3: NG+ for What a technique! (80G):
This achievement is for defeating 10 bosses with the Artful Gambit relic turned on. The reason this requires a NG+ run is due to how late in the game you get it. You can find this in a chest during Serai's portion of Step 2, and even if you do her step first out of that list and decide to begin using it immeditately, there would only be I believe seven qualifying bosses left in the game. At the very least, you'll need to kill a few bosses in NG+ with that relic on. It's important to note, ONLY bosses need to be killed with it on, so feel free to turn it off while adventuring and fighting normal enemies. I'd suggest just ignoring it during your first playthrough entirely, as those final few bosses will be rather difficult and have some harder timing of the attacks compared to ones you'll face early on in a new game.
So, with all that said, I'd suggest starting NG+ and going for this achievement. You must defeat 10 specific bosses (mentioned in the achievement guide below) up to the Leaf Monster. There are a few enemies you'd think count that don't, so pay attention to the list. Because you're on NG+ you'll have a high level, all the best equipment and accessories, and will likely be one-shotting most of the bosses (especially since you get double damage for perfect attacks). Turn on any helpful relics you'd like since they don't counteract the Artful Gambit relic. Just be sure to save prior to every boss in case you fail to time a block, because some can target every character and possibly kill you in one hit.
Sea of Stars is a dream game for me. I grew up on this style of RPG and the nods to favorites like Chrono Trigger and Super Mario RPG are all over the place from the types of characters, locations, and even the combat. I backed it on Kickstarter, and even though it launched into Game Pass I was happy to have supported the dev and certainly will on anything they do in the future. This is a must-play for any turn-based JRPG fan. It's an absolute bonus that the achievements are mostly a breeze despite a lot of collectibles, with nothing missable and plenty of in-game help to point you in the right direction for anything missing - and of course this guide will do the rest!
[XBA would like to thank The Pants Party for this Roadmap]

Sea of Stars Achievement Guide

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There are 42 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • Bring all Conches to Mirna in Docarri Village

    Rainbow Conches are found in green treasure chests with a conch symbol on the front, or given as rewards for short mini-quests that you can complete (though these are not tracked in any way). A full list of all of these with pictures as to their locations or instructions on how to complete the mini-quests can be found in the collectible guide found HERE.
  • Catch every fish species at least once

    Fishing is pretty simple in this game. You will cast with button-a.png (hold it down to send the line farther out into the water), and then move the line left and right in the water and hold button-a.png once again to reel it back in toward you until a fish latches on. From there, keep "steering" the fish left and right to keep it in the highlighted zone, which looks like a patch of sunlight on the water, and keep reeling it in until you bring the fish onto the dock. If you spend too much time outside of the highlighted zone, your line will begin to break (you'll see it turn red) and eventually it can snap. If the fish jumps out of the water you can press button-a.png while it is in the air to stun it and reel it in quite a ways before it recovers.

    Each fishing zone will be marked on the overworld by a small pond with a fish jumping out of it, so they're quite obvious. Inside you will find a board next to the dock which shows the types of fish that can be caught there. They will be blank but show the outline of the fish until you catch it, then the board will fill in with the full picture of the fish and its name. You will not be able to catch some fish without upgrades to your rod and line, which can be obtained from the Fishing Master in Mirth (see Home Neat Home (15G) for more info on getting the Fishing Hut). Once you have caught 4 fish, you get a stronger line, 9 fish for a faster reel, and 14 fish for a stronger reel to deplete a fish's stamina more quickly.

    Below are all the fishing zones and which fish can be caught there.
    • Sunglow Lake: Lunar Trout, Man O’ War
    • Windy Loch: Grass Haddock, Hardshell, Lunar Trout
    • Lavish Lake: Hardshell, Man O’ War, Grass Haddock
    • Haunted Creek (inside the Abandoned Wizard’s Lab): Lunar Trout
    • Haunted Creek (on Wraith Island): Spectral Eel, Ghosturgeon, Bone Pike
    • Settler’s Rest: Crimson Bass, Seakjaw, Hardshell, Grass Haddock
    • Sulfuric Basin: Rock Shrimp, Lava Koi
    • Watcher’s Pond: Fluorescent Piranha, Crimson Bass, Sun Carp, Viridian Lobster
    • Lake Turquoise: Clockwork Crab, Fluorescent Piranha, Swordfish, Ninja Starfish
    • Skybound Lagoon: Sky Urchin, Cloud Skate, Ninja Starfish
    • Cerulean Reservoir: Laser Burbot, Coil Flounder, Cybernardl Hermite, Silicium Sponge
    Once you have caught all 23 unique fish, the achievement will unlock.
  • Bouncy



    Bounce a moonerang 25 times in a row

    Moonerang is one of Valere's skills, which involves using perfectly timed presses of button-a.png to deflect her moonerang at opponents. You can do this indefinitely so long as you keep doing it at the right time, but the moonerang will speed up with each successive deflection, to a point where you're essentially just mashing button-a.png and hoping for the best. I found this easiest to do against a group of three enemies that were all on the same side of the group. I've also had some long streaks against bosses that are far away from the group. It really just takes some practice, and once it hits top speed you'll want to hit the button as soon as you hear the moonerang connect with the enemy - her deflection lasts a half a second and will still be up when it comes back. I'd suggest saving with full MP and engaging some enemies, then just returning to the main menu and reloading your save to keep trying over and over until you nail it, or just keep attempting it as the game progresses and you'll get there in time. Below is an example of the three enemy approach.
  • Break a total 50 locks in battle

    A "lock" in this regard is a series of symbols that will appear over an enemy's head as they power up a big attack which will correspond to a type of attack. This could be your normal attack (such as a sword for a slashing attack with Zale) or a magical symbol (such as a moon for Valere). You will need to use those types of attacks enough times to interrupt the channeling of the enemy's attack, thus "breaking their lock" and preventing the attack. It will usually take two characters and most attacks take two turns to charge, so this isn't very difficult - and often it only takes two of the same symbol so a perfectly timed attack from one character can take care of it. You should get this extremely early on in this game.

    Note: If you absorb the live mana that drops when you hit enemies, this will imbue your normal attack with the element of your magical attack, allowing you to break both types of locks at the same time. If you need a slashing and solar attack, you can do both with Zale in one attack, for instance. However, this only works on the first attack, so a perfectly timed attack with Zale will always be two slashing locks and one solar lock - even if you absorbed two balls of live mana.
  • Cook every recipe at least once

    Cooking is done at any campfire. You will gradually learn new recipes as the game progresses. Be sure to watch out for sparkling harvest points throughout the world to continually keep stocked up on ingredients. Be wary that your lunchbox can only hold up to ten cooked foods, so you may have to consume or sell some before cooking new recipes.
    • Roast Sandwich (Meat x2, Grain x2) - Story Related
    • Herbed Filet (Fish x2, Grain x1) - Story Related
    • Basic Salad (Lettuce x2, Tomato x1, Bell Pepper x1) - Story Related
    • Tomato Club (Grain x1, Lettuce x1, Tomato x1) - Story Related
    • Berry Jam (Red Berry x5) - Story Related
    • Chaudree (Potato x2, Seafood x2, Dairy x1) - Chest in Mountain Trail
    • Mushroom Scramble (Mushroom x3, Egg x2) - Chest in Trial of Mists
    • Mushroom Soup (Mushroom x6, Dairy x2, Bone x1) - Chest in Moorlands
    • Papillotte (Potato x2, Onion x3) - Purchase in Port Town of Brisk
    • Hearty Stew (Potato x3, Onion x2, Meat x2, Grain x1, Bone x1) - Chest in Flooded Graveyard
    • Mooncradle Fish Pie (Grain x1, Egg x2, Fish x4, Potato x2, Onion x1, Dairy x1) - Chest in Haunted Mansion
    • Bouillabaisse (Tomato x3, Onion x2, Fish x3, Seafood x4) - Purchase in lake Docarria
    • Parfait (Red Berry x4, Grain x1, Dairy x1, Maple Syrup x1) - Chest in Autumn Hills
    • Peach Strudel (Peach x3, Grain x1, Egg x2, Dairy x1) - Purchase in Cloud Kingdom
    • Sashimi (Fish x9) - Chest in Derelict Factory
    • Yakitori Shrimp (Seafood x9) - Purchase in Repine
    • Pain Dore (Red Berry x3, Egg x2, Dairy x1, Grain x3, Maple Syrup x2) - Purchase in Lost Ones Hamlet
    • Gourmet Burger (Lettuce x1, Tomato x1, Onion x1, Meat x3, Mushroom x2, Grain x2, Dairy x2) - Purchase in Lost One Hamlet
    • Champion's Omelette (Bell Pepper x3, Tomato x3, Onion x2, Egg x5) - Chest in Sacrosant Spires
    • Surf and Turf Tataki (Fish x6, Seafood x6, Meat x6) - Purchase from Sky Base vending machine
    • Croustade (Apple x6, Grain x2, Egg x2, Dairy x1, Maple Syrup x2) - Purchase in Mirth
    • Lasagna (Tomato x6, Onion x3, Meat x4, Grain x5, Dairy x3) - Purchase in Fleshmancer’s Lair
    • Braise (Potato x4, Onion x3, Meat x6, Grain x2, Bone x4) - Purchase in Fleshmancer’s Lair
    • Legendary Feast (Meat x5, Potato x3, Onion x2, Fish x5, Seafood x5, Apple x3, Bone x2, Dairy x3) - complete the Wholesome Food (15G) achievement
    All of the locations can be found in the collectible guide linked in the Road Map as well. Once you have the recipe, be sure to cook it any campfire for it to count!
  • Unlock all combos

    Combos are attacks that can be performed in battle between two characters. They are found from treasure chests, completing puzzles, and sometimes just sitting out in the open. Below is a list of the combos and their locations.
    • Mending Light - inside the Forbidden Cave, sitting in the open
    • Solar Rain - complete the light puzzle in the Moorlands
    • Bash Drop - complete the light puzzle in Coral Cascades
    • X-Strike - solve the painting puzzle in the Haunted Mansion Library
    • Moon Shiv - in Sacred Grove, use the light puzzle to raise the platform to the right and climb up
    • Item Roulette - in Glacial Peak, use the light puzzle to melt all the blocks
    • Arcane Moons - in Autumn Hills, complete the top half of the light puzzle
    • Venom Bomb - in Songshroom Marsh, sitting in a cave near a solar crystal
    • Conflagrate - in Air Elemental Skyland, at the second light puzzle, drop down to the left and into a cave
    • Arcane Barrage - story related
    • Soonrang - complete the solstice shrine puzzle north of Mooncradle
    • Moonrock, Arcane Sun, Elbow Loop, Bottle Punch - story related (B'st joins)
  • Listen to all of the campfire stories

    Campfire stories are told by Teaks at any camp (if she is available to you during that portion of the story). Once you find a collectible from the list below, you can speak with Teaks and a new story will be available for her to tell you. Once you have a heard a story, it will turn from white to grey on the list so you can track it easily. The full list of these locations can be found below, and in the collectible guide linked in the Road Map.
    • The Vespertine - story related
    • The Great Summoning - Stonemasons Outpost, in a chest (Ancient Molekin Cloak)
    • The Three Sisters - Necromancer's Lair, in a chest (Romaya's Hairpin)
    • The Vampire Rose - Jungle Path, secret area behind a waterfall as you climb up above the large stone head (Stone Tablet Piece)
    • The Nomads of the Seas - Lake Docarria, in a chest through whirpool in the shop (Old Coral Vase)
    • The Two Alchemists - story related
    • The Clockwork Castle - Clockwork Castle, chest on the right side of the bottom section (Cog Prototype)
    • Khukharr The Unyielding - Cloud Kingdom, chest right next to Puntie (Cloudy Shard)
    • Mooncradle & The Elder Mist - Mooncradle, chest next to the Celestial Willow Tree (Celestial Willow Leaf)
    • Es’tristae - Es’tristae’s Lookout, chest right at the entrance (Broken Handle)
    • Paradise Lost - Aventry’s Tomb, complete his side-quest (Aventry Crest)
    • The Cerulean Expedition - Vespertine, speak to Seria (Joyce’s Belt Buckle)
    Once you've found every collectible and given them to Teaks, as well as selected the story and gone through all the dialogue of each from her menu, the achievement will unlock.
  • Find every single treasure

    There are 187 treasure chests in the game to collect. These include the traditional-looking chests (which change depending on the area you're in, basic brown chests in the Home World and more futuristic ones in Serai's world), the green Rainbow Conch chests, as well as the picnic baskets which have food items or ingredients inside. You will be able to use the Falcon-Eyed Parrot relic on the world map to track if you're missing anything from a specific island. Once you click on a location, it will tell you the type of collectible and which specific place it is. From there, consult the collectible guide in the Road Map to run through the location and find which one you're missing. Nothing is missable or really even hidden all that well, so it's unlikely you'll pass up more than a small handful as you play, though some require backtracking due to story-related items you'll need to access the areas they are hidden in.

    Note: There are three chests you need to dig up in the Cerulean Expanse which can easily be overlooked. Keep following the beeping on every screen until it stops completely before moving on.

Secret achievements

  • Defeat Forbidden Cavern's boss

    Story related and can not be missed.
  • Get sent to Sleeper Island

    Story related and can not be missed.
  • Defeat Chromatic Apparition

    Story related and can not be missed.
  • Defeat Romaya

    Story related and can not be missed.
  • Defeat the Dweller of Woe

    Story related and can not be missed.
  • Learn Captain Klee'shaë's true identity

    Story related and can not be missed.
  • Defeat Stormcaller

    Story related and can not be missed.
  • Home



    Build your own town

    Story related and can not be missed.
  • Find the Solstice Amulet

    Story related and can not be missed.
  • Defeat the Dweller of Torment

    Story related and can not be missed.
  • Defeat the Leaf Monster

    Story related and can not be missed.
  • Defeat the Acolytes

    Story related and can not be missed.
  • Fight the Dweller of Strife

    Story related and can not be missed.
  • Defeat the Toadcano

    Story related and can not be missed.
  • Attend the ceremony

    Story related and can not be missed.
  • Learn Seraï's true identity

    Story related and can not be missed.
  • Defeat Meduso

    Story related and can not be missed.
  • Defeat the Triumvirate of Eminence

    Story related and can not be missed.
  • Meet Arty

    Story related and can not be missed.
  • Defeat the Dweller of Dread

    Story related and can not be missed.
  • Defeat Elysan'darëlle

    Story related and can not be missed.
  • Defeat the Watchmaker in a game of Wheels

    Wheels is a unique mini-game that you can find in most town taverns. The basic gist is that you will select two playing pieces that have different abilities, then spin a wheel up to three times while choosing to "lock" certain symbols after a spin if you want to keep them. The symbols with the stars on the background will go toward leveling up your pieces (bronze>silver>gold) and doing so will make them more powerful. The basic symbol relating to sun or moon will power up the pieces on the left or right respectively, to perform whatever action they can do (attacking, healing, interrupting, etc), while the hammers will build a defensive wall in front of your castle. Once you make enough attacks to reduce the health of the enemy castle to zero, you win. It makes much more sense after playing a game or two.

    I personally found using the Mage and Archer a solid combo every match, as the archer can shoot over walls, and the mage attacks twice to knock a wall down and still get in damage with the second attack (or two damage attacks if they have no wall). Your first match will be the hardest since that is where you win the Archer piece. Other pieces may have stronger attacks, but you're often thwarted by the enemy building a wall on the same turn you attack, or using an Assassin piece to interrupt your attack.

    To unlock this achievement you'll need to defeat the Watchmaker in a game, and you'll need to defeat every other Champion player in the game first before you can challenge him. Below is a list of where you can challenge each player.
    • Port Town of Brisk
    • Town of Lucent
    • Stonemasons Outpost (after defeating Dweller of Woe)
    • Vespertine (hold lb.png on the world map to get on deck)
    • Lake Docarria
    • Cloud Kingdom
    • Mirth (after building the Inn)
    • Repine (purchase the portable board from the Watchmaker)
    • Mooncradle
    • Clockwork Castle Clocktower (Watchmaker)
    The rewards for defeating each Wheels player are locked in order, so no matter which one you defeat you'll always get the next reward in line. These are as follows:
    1. Archer
    2. Bronze Wheel
    3. Silver Wheel
    4. Engineer
    5. Gold Wheel
    6. Priest
    7. Diamond Wheel
    8. Assassin
    9. Platinum Wheel
    10. Flimsy Hammer
    Upon getting all ten rewards you will unlock the achievement.
  • Have dinner at the Golden Pelican

    You can find the Golden Pelican, an exclusive restraunt, in the Port Town of Brisk the very first time you enter. The waiter will immediately kick you out and you'll be left wondering how to get an invitation for the entirety of the game. Once you beat the story the credits will point to numerous things you can do still. Complete the New Garl + (30G) achievement first, then you can finally begin working on an inviation to the Golden Pelican.
    With Garl in your party, speak to him at a campfire twice to be given the Hook of Time item. This will allow you to solve yet another mystery, the empty Stillpond Island at the bottom of the Home World map. Head there and a sparkle will be in the water. Fish out the sparkle to reveal a short dungeon, and at the end of that you'll find another fishing spot. Rather than fishing here, jump in the water and swim out to grab the glowing key that can be used above the pond. Now you'll be at a third fishing spot, and we're going to want to fish here to catch Chef Bass, the owner of the Golden Pelican! This will give you the coveted Gilded Invitation, so return to the Golden Pelican to have your dinner for this achievement, and get your final recipe and question pack. Congrats!
  • Defeat the Gun Goddess

    The Gun Goddess is an optional boss you can fight at the end of a short side-quest for Serai's ultimate weapon. After defeating the Dweller of Dread, you can speak to Serai on the Vespertine or at any campfire to begin. She will give you an artifact that you can have Teaks read for you, which will give you a clue to what directions to take in the Cerulean Wastes for the next step of the quest. Head there and at the first screen with the metal plate showing one green dot to the east, head Northeast, then Southeast, Northeast again, and finally East. This should lead to a screen with a new speedball network pod. Take that to a new area called The Throne of the Queen That Was. Walk forward for a scene and this boss fight.
    The Gun Goddess fight can be tough if she is able to charge up her Fan the Hammer attack which shoots six bullets randomly amongst your party. Try to always leave 2-3 live mana balls on the field so you can interrupt it, then use AOE attacks to hit the bullets themselves and kill them. While the bullets are gone you can put some big damage into the Goddess. A fully powered Conflagration level three combo is great, as is any powered up Ultimate attack. Keep your health up with Resh'an's party heal or the level two combo Mending Light.
  • Defeat the Sea Slug

    The Sea Slug is an optional boss you can fight at the end of a side-quest for Resh'an's ultimate weapon. After getting the power of flight you can land on the tiny island in the Northwest section of Home World (labeled "???") and use the glyph there to activate four light prisms in the water around the map. Start with the one nearest to that island and work counter-clockwise using the light to create whirlpools and solving the puzzles inside each of the Sealed Docarri Ruins under the sea. Once you have three fragments from the first three ruins, you can use them to open the door at the fourth ruin and fight the Sea Slug.

    The Sea Slug fight is pretty much identical to the fight against the Giant Slug boss in the Forbidden Cavern from earlier in the game (hence the achievement name). He hits pretty hard, but if you keep your health up with Resh'an's AOE heal or the combo Mending Light and use your hardest hitting single target attacks on the boss, it won't take too long. The little slug balls he summons are very hard to kill, and only do about 50-60 damage anyway, so I just ignored them.
  • Defeat the Elder Mist for a second time

    After beating the game once, you can return to the top of the Mountain Trail for a second go against Elder Mist, so long as you have completed the five shrines around the two world maps. The locations of the shrines and solutions to the puzzles can be seen in the video below. Once you complete all five of those, return to the top of Mountain Trail, then climb down just below where you teleport to the Elder Mist Trials and enter the door here to fight him again. The battle is identical, just a bit harder. Be sure to kill the sword first to avoid the counter-attack, then put in as much damage as possible to Elder Mist before it is resurrected.
  • Defeat Croustalion

    The Croustalion is an optional boss you can fight at the end of a side-quest for B'st's ultimate armor. Speak to B'st at camp to learn about the Port Town of Brisk Arena, then head there to participate. There are four ranks to complete. Bronze, Silver, and Gold are all quite simple, but you'll have a locked party of specific members in each. The "Special" rank will unlock after completing all of those, and this will be the difficult battle against Croustalion. I would highly suggest taking out the Measure Chests quickly, as it is hard to keep up with three enemies' worth of locks at the same time, and they can heal each other and the boss. Once those go down, the fight evens out considerably and you can often break the boss' locks, and keep charging up Level 3 combos and Ultimates. Really just a matter of time and keeping up with some light healing when low at that point.
  • Free Duke Aventry's soul

    This achievement is unlocked by completing a side-quest to help out Duke Aventry in the Flooded Graveyard. While exploring there you will find a room with three symbols on the wall and a locked grate. Later in the game once you get flight you can visit a new spot on the Home World map called Romaya's Secret Passage with some pillars and symbols. Use the middle fan to swap the colors of the symbols to match the wall you found in the Flooded Graveyard, then hit the fans in front of each symbol to adjust the pattern to match what you saw in the Flooded Graveyard. Go through and you'll be back in the symbol room and the grate will open; loot the chest to get Romaya's Journal. Exit the room and give that to Duke Aventry who will give you the Yellow Flame and the achievement will unlock.
  • Build a Spa, an Inn, a Shop and a Fishing Hut in Mirth

    To unlock this achievement, you must build all the new facilities available in Mirth. This is quite simple, and only requires getting all the plans, which are rewards for turning in Rainbow Conches. Collect 39 Conches and turn them in (see Conch Master (15G) for locations), you will be given plans for the Inn at 4, the Shop at 19, the Fishing Hut at 22, and the Spa at 39. Bring all four sets of plans to Jirard in Mirth to unlock the achievement.

    A second piece to this not required for this achievement specifically, but required for New Garl + (30G) and the True Ending is getting workers to come to the town and open each of the buildings for business. Each of them can be found in the locations below:
    • Shop: Merchant - Lake Docarri
    • Fishing Hut: Master Fisherman - Mooncradle
    • Spa: Chi - Stonemasons Outpost
    • Inn: Edgar - Town of Lucent
  • Achieve pro rank in every single Quiz Question pack

    The Quiz Master can be found inside the locked shed in the Town of Lucent. To get the key, you will need to first get the Turbo Cookie from a chest by standing on the bridge and using your Graplou to get on top of the Inn and go into the attic. Give the cookie to the NPC in the upper left of town, then beat him in battle, and finally loot his grave for the shed key. Go into the locked shed and down the well to find the Quiz Master. To get a Pro rank on a question pack, play it on Expert level and do not get any questions wrong. You'll see a gold medal next to each question pack you've got a Pro rank on (you do NOT need the silver medal for the Casual rank to unlock the achievement). There are 11 total quiz packs, and you'll only begin with one. The other ten can be found in the following locations:
    • Port Town of Brisk for beating the B.S Roulette game (see this video)
    • Haunted Mansion - bookshelf in Library
    • Jungle Path - chest in the water on the left
    • Songshroom Marsh - chest found just after unlocking the gate with Yomara's key
    • Cloud Kingdom - chest inside the Inn
    • Cerulean Expanse - in the Oasis with the Rainbow Conch
    • Sky Base - chest near the lift in the north section
    • Repine - behind the Cypher door (see this video)
    • Fleshmancer’s Lair - in the room before the final boss
    • Port Town of Brisk - reward for Wholesome Food (15G)
    Return to the Quiz Master to complete all 11 packs without getting any questions wrong to finally unlock this achievement. Questions will be asked in a different order each time, and the answers will be in a different order as well. Go slowly through the menus so you don't accidentally select an answer trying to get through the question text too quickly, but you can always just take it again right after if you mess up. The answers to all of the questions can be found HERE.
  • Fulfill the ultimate wish

    After beating the game, if you pay attention to the scenes in the middle and post sections of the credits, you'll notice hints of things your party members still may want to accomplish. There's a chance you've done some of them already if you did extra exploring before getting the Normal Ending. The game will show you the mysterious set of stones in Moorland have now activated, and any side-quest you've completed already that corresponds to the True Ending will light up.

    You'll create a clear save file and will be placed back in the Fleshmancer's Lair before the final boss. To bring Garl back to life and unlock this achievement, you will need to complete all of the following tasks for your friends first:
    Once you have complete all seven of the above achievements, visit the stones in Moorland to resurrect Garl and unlock this achievement.
  • Defeat the Fleshmancer

    After unlocking the New Garl + (30G) achievement, go back to the Fleshmancer's Lair and approach the summit where the game's ending takes place. With Garl now in your party, this will play out differently and allow you to face the Fleshmancer in battle. This fight is rather annoying, as the boss will have very difficult (sometimes impossible) to break locks, and will use that advantage to summon seeds and use these minions to stall you. The color of the minions will hint at their vulnerability, so absord live mana with the appropriate character to deal big damage and take them down quickly.

    After a few rounds of that and putting a good chunk of damage to The Fleshmancer, you will go into a shmup sequence similar to the credits sequence. Kill all the arms to stop them from launching attacks, then quickly build up your Super Beam attack and unleash it with rt.png, this should do about half its health bar in damage and you will return to the battle below after an attack you can't dodge. Repeat this process again killing minions until you get back to the shmup sequence, and hopefully a second laser attack will kill this form of the boss (I unfortunately got hit too many times and had to do a third round of this). Once the shmup boss is dead, you'll still need to dish out another chunk of damage in the ground battle before the boss finally bites it for good.

    A video of this boss fight can be found HERE.
  • Defeat 10 bosses with Artful Gambit relic on

    The Artful Gambit relic is found quite late in the game during Serai's end-game side-quest. See Better off dead (30G) for more info on where it is located. This relic removed 95% of your health, but drops all damage done to 1HP if you perform a perfectly timed block and doubles the damage you do on a perfectly timed attack. Essentially, you must perform perfectly in battle or be killed in one hit every time. None of the other relics in the game will void your progress toward this achievement, so be sure to leave on all the helpful ones, especially Sixth Sense which gives a 35% chance to auto-block attacks which can trigger if you miss your timing. Equipping the accessory Reaper's Mercy will leave you with 1HP if an attack would normally kill you, giving you an extra miss of a perfect block as well.

    Once you have this relic, you can begin working on the achievement during your first playthrough if you'd like, but as I pointed out in the Road Map, it's much less stressful to simply hold off and do the entirety of it during a NG+ playthrough. Do keep in mind that it is cumulative though, so if you defeat the few bosses left in the game during your first playthrough, you'll only need to defeat the remaining few from the list below. These are the ten bosses that count from the beginning of the game until the achievement will unlock:
    • Bosslug (Forbidden Caverns)
    • Elder Mist (Elder Mist Trials)
    • Malkomud (Wind Tunnel Mines)
    • Chromatic Apparition (Abandoned Wizard's Lab)
    • Romaya (Necromancer's Lair)
    • Botanical Horror (Haunted Mansion)
    • Dweller of Woe (Haunted Mansion)
    • Stormcaller (Maelstrom Point)
    • Dweller of Torment (Torment Peak)
    • Leaf Monster (Autumn Hills)
    This should take you about four hours of game time to complete, and almost zero effort. You will likely be killing most of these bosses in one hit since you'll be a very high level and have all the best equipment (be sure to re-equip everyone who joins your party). You can use rb.png+button-a.png to speed through dialogue, and hold button-b.png to skip any cinematics to speed up the story. This should be the only achievement you have left while in NG+ so just sticking to the main story and not needing to explore any of the maps, you'll be done in no time.
  • Me day



    Use the spa in Mirth with all 6 playable characters

    The spa is one of the facilities you'll unlock during Home Neat Home (15G). Be sure to also recruit the worker for the spa to actually use it. Once it is up and running, you can visit the spa and pay 250G to use it with each character, earning a specific stat upgrade related to their playstyle. You can only use it once per character, and they will be greyed out in the menu after they've used it. There is a certain point in the story where Garl will no longer be available, but you can still get this post-game, so it is not missable. See the Road Map and New Garl + (30G) for more info on how to get him back.
    Money is rarely an issue in the game, as you get tons of gems to sell, and you can sell off all your old weapons and armor with no worries. If you haven't done the Living Encyclopedia (80G) achievement, you'll get a few dozen gems as rewards for that.
    Warning: The max gold you can hold is 999, so don't sell off all your gems at the same time! The game lets you continue selling things even if you've hit the max you can carry, so you could lose a bunch with no gain. Sell off enough to get to 750G and use the spa three times, then go back and sell more to get back to 750G for the other three characters.

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