Adios George (Human form) Achievement in Shadows of the Damned

  • Adios George (Human form)



    Defeat George Human Boss

    How to unlock Adios George (Human form)

    Story Related, Can't be missed

    You will fight this boss in chapter 2-2. This will consist of two phases directly from the start the first phase is more or less explained by force, shoot the light barrels when George is close and it will knock him to the ground shoot his face while he's downed and repeat this until he goes into phase 2.

    He will take the goat head and run to a random spawn in the circus area, simply tilt your camera up to find the Red Ring beacon and go to that point to shoot the goat head with a light shot restarting phase one. Repeat this process twice for a total of 3 rotations and he will be dead. During phase 1 barrels will respawn so don't worry about that on the hard difficulty. During the phase 2 darkness hearts can found along the way.

    Make sure to shoot the goat head after the boss fight if it's still dark.

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