- Estimated difficulty: 2/10
- Offline: 25 [1000]
- Online: 0
- Approximate amount of time to 100010-15 hours 
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 + Case Select [if needed]
- Number of missable achievements: None
- Does difficulty affect achievements: No difficulty
- Do cheat codes disable achievements: No
- Glitchy / unobtainable achievements: No
- Extra equipment needed: No
- Stackable achievements: Yes. You can play both the Xbox 360 and Xbox One versions and earn 1000 in each version.

“You are Sherlock Holmes. Use your impressive talents as a detective to solve six thrilling and varied cases: murders, missing persons, spectacular thefts and numerous investigations that sometimes lead you into the realms of the fantastic. The great freedom of action in Crimes & Punishments allows you to conduct your investigations in the manner you deem appropriate. Choose the leads you wish to pursue, interrogate your suspects and, from your deductions, name the guilty parties... and determine their fate wisely, as surprising consequences may arise where you least expect them.” – from xbox.com

Sherlock Holmes: Crimes & Punishments is a puzzle-solving point and click adventure game. Instead of focusing on one case, as with Sherlock Holmes vs. Jack the Ripper and The Testament of Sherlock Holmes, this contains six different unrelated cases to test your intuitive mind. Gather clues, perform interrogations and investigate locations to reach conclusions on who might be the guilty suspect.

Step 1: Walkthrough
All of the achievements with the exception of the “case completed” ones can be considered missable, but instead of having to replay the entire game, you can select specific cases if you missed anything.

I gave this a 2/10 difficulty as while the game itself is not difficult at all, some of the puzzles/mini-games and reaching a conclusion can be a little frustrating. It is suggested that you read through the guide first before playing the game to familiarize yourself with what’s expected. You can always replay a case once it’s completed, but it isn’t necessary if you are paying attention the first time. 

There are six cases in this game and each take around two hours to complete (Case 3 is a bit longer and Case 4 is shorter). There is a case-specific achievement for each case, but the majority of them are achievements that span over the entire game. Achievements of particular note are “A Complex Mind”, “A Man of Character”, “A Methodical Man” and “I Never Guess” as the requirements for those are the most extensive throughout the game. Use the solutions with bullet lists as checklists to make your playthrough easier and to make sure you haven’t missed anything.

Pay attention to the casebook icon and the deduction icon in the upper corners of the screen as they will help guide you when there is something you need to do.

You shouldn’t be skipping any character portraits or puzzles/mini-games until you’ve unlocked all the achievements related to them. After that, feel free to skip anything you like.

Note that if you fail to unlock any case-ending achievements (e.g. “Bruiser” or “Sharpshooter”), do not select ‘Accept Decision’. Select ‘Choose Another Ending’ which will take you back to where you make your moral choice. Select the same moral choice, skip your way through the cutscene and try again.

For your convenience, a complete walkthrough for this game is linked HERE which will unlock every achievement with the exception of “Dog-fancier” (which you have to remember to do yourself).

Step 2: Mop Up
If you missed any conclusions, moral choices, character portraits or any other miscellaneous achievements, you can always replay the cases. The game saves all of your previous decisions so if you know what you are missing, you can play that particular case up until you need to make that decision.

If you are following the linked walkthrough in Step 1, this step should not be necessary.

Upgrading to the Unreal Engine 3 and revamping the controls made this game more pleasing to play. This is a good entry to the series, albeit with shorter cases, less intricate story lines and shallow character development. Since each case is about two hours long, you could think of it as watching six separate movies. If you like to test your mind and figure out puzzles, then this game is for you.

[XBA would like to thank bLaKgRaVy for this Roap Map]

Sherlock Holmes: Crimes & Punishments Achievement Guide

Printable Guide
Show completed achievements
Show secret achievements

There are 25 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • Collect all possible in-game achievements.

    Unlock all 24 other achievements in the game and this one will unlock. This will unlock after you watch or skip the credits.

  • Finish Black Peter Case

    Story related and cannot be missed.

  • Finish Train Case

    Story related and cannot be missed.

  • Finish Blood Bath Case

    Story related and cannot be missed.

  • Finish Abbey Grange case.

    Story related and cannot be missed.

  • Finish Kew Gardens case.

    Story related and cannot be missed.

  • Finish Half Moon case

    Story related and cannot be missed.

  • Complete the game.

    Story related and cannot be missed.

  • Beat Cairns in a fight.

    At the end of Case 1, ‘The Fate of Black Peter’, when you’ve deduced that Patrick Cairns is the killer and have chosen to Condemn him, he will visit your home thinking that he is going to meet Captain Ahab. When he realizes he has been tricked, he will punch Lestrade and a QTE (quick time event) will begin. You need to successfully punch Cairns three times by using  to move the blue circle over the faint red circle around his face then pressing  to punch For the fourth punch,  will appear at the bottom of your screen. Press it before the circle closes to knock out Cairns.

    If you fail, you will need to make the moral choice again which will restart the cutscene/QTE.

  • Disarm Mexican by shooting the gun from his hand.

    At the end of Case 2, ‘Riddle on the Rails’, during the final correct conclusion (“Mexicans Drowned Chileans”), select either moral choice. There will be a few minutes of dialogue that you can sit or skip through. When it is over, there will be a cutscene of Watson with his gun drawn hiding behind the corner of the station looking at The Mexican and the Doncaster Station Master. Then Holmes will ride up on a railroad cart and announce that they are under arrest. The Mexican will call the Station Master a traitor and point a gun at him. As Watson, you must act quickly and shoot the Mexican in the hand, not the head. Use  to move the blue circle over the faint red circle around his hand then press  to shoot. The achievement will unlock shortly afterwards.

    Note: It is recommended that if you are following the “A Man of Character” solution to select the ‘Blind Justice’ moral choice.

  • Retrieve the Golden Knife from the ancient temple of Mithras.

    During Case 3, ‘Blood Bath’, during your second visit to the archeological dig at St. Albans, you need to uncover the entrance to the Mithraeum. When you finally gain access, make your way through the clever maze until you reach the Hall of Mithras. You must use levers to open gates as both Holmes and Watson until you open the final gate that gives you access to the Statue of Mithras. Walk up to the statue and press  to take the Golden Knife, unlocking the achievement.

    Note: It is recommended that you follow the walkthrough linked in the roadmap to make your way through the maze and level puzzles as they can be quite confusing.

  • Save Crocker from committing suicide.

    At the end of Case 4, ‘The Abby Grange Affair’, during the final correct conclusion (“The Captain is the killer”), select either moral choice. After Wiggins retrieves Captain Crocker and he returns to Holmes’ home, sit or skip through a couple of minutes of dialogue. When it is over, the Captain pulls out a gun in an attempt to shoot himself. Quickly use  to move the blue circle to his hand and press  to grab it. This will prompt Holmes to wrestle with the man to disarm him. Keep pressing  over and over again (button mash) and when the prompt appears on screen, press it before the circle closes, knocking the gun from his hand. The achievement will unlock shortly afterwards.

    Note: It is recommended that if you are following the “A Man of Character” solution to select the ‘Arrest Captain Crocker’ moral choice.

  • Prevent Miss White from suicide.

    At the end of Case 5, ‘The Kew Gardens Drama’, during the final correct conclusion (“White is an accomplice”), select either moral choice. The cutscene opens with Miss White initiating a conversation with Holmes. After about a minute and a half of dialogue, Miss White will pull a vial from her purse. Follow the three onscreen QTE (quick time event) prompts before the circles close and when the camera switches to Watson’s point of view, use  to move the blue circle to her arm and press  which will prompt Watson to swat away the vial, unlocking the achievement.

    Note: It is recommended that if you are following the “A Man of Character” solution to select the ‘Condemn Miss White’ moral choice.

  • Catch the thieves at Notting Hill Manor.

    During Case 6, ‘A Half Moon Walk’, play through the case and at some point you will need to disguise yourself as a lockpicker. Continue on and eventually you will need to break into Notting Hill Manor and find the safe. When you’ve gained access to the house and found you can’t open the safe, you will need to set traps to ensnare the thieves in hopes of finding the key to the safe.

    The traps you need to set are:

    • Block the kitchen door with a chair from under the window.
    • Take the rope from the stove, go to the room with the safe and attach the rope to the hammer and chandelier then hang the chandelier.
    • Behind the stairs, move the cupboard over to block the window.
    • Open the hatch in the kitchen and cover it with a carpet found in the room with the safe.
    • At the top of the stairs, there is a bead necklace sitting on a table. Drop the beads on the top step.

    You need to press  to see how all the traps will work before everything is complete. Once Holmes says “the traps for my circus companions are all prepared”, the achievement will unlock. 

  • Finish 25 mini games and puzzles without skipping.

    Refer to “My Grey Matters” for more information. If you aren’t skipping any puzzles, this will unlock at the end of Case 2, ‘Riddle on the Rails’.

  • Finish 35 mini games and puzzles without skipping.

    Refer to “My Grey Matters” for more information. If you aren’t skipping any puzzles, this should unlock during Case 3, ‘Blood Bath’.

  • Finish 45 mini games and puzzles without skipping.

    This achievement counts both puzzles and mini-games. Whether you are conducting an experiment at your analysis table, wiping off a sign, figuring out a cylinder lock, shooting, or constructing something, they all count towards this achievement.

    There are well more than 45 in the game, so if you are stuck on a few, you are safe to press  to skip it. If you aren’t skipping puzzles, this should unlock towards the end of Case 3, ‘Blood Bath’.

  • Reach 6 correct conclusions for all 6 cases.

    Each case has anywhere from 3 to 7 possible conclusions, and while reaching any one can all wrap up the case, there is only one correct one. You reach your conclusions by arranging clues, generating character portraits and formulating deductions based on interviews and evidence you’ve collected. Only the correct combination will result in the correct conclusion.

    Reaching all possible conclusions for a case is not a requirement for this achievement, but to unlock “A Complex Mind”, you need to reach every conclusion for every case. If you are working towards that, this achievement is not missable. Refer to “A Complex Mind” for more information.

    Listed below are all the correct conclusions:

    • Case 1: Cairns is guilty
    • Case 2: Mexicans drowned Chileans
    • Case 3: Blinkhorn (Ice Knife)
    • Case 4: The Captain is the killer
    • Case 5: White is an accomplice
    • Case 6: Foley's Vengeance

    This achievement unlocks after you watch or skip the credits.

  • Reach all possible conclusions in the game.

    For this achievement, you are required to reach every possible conclusion for each case. There are 26 total. When you’ve obtained enough clues to make an accusation, the  button with a “!” icon appears at the top right of the screen. Press it and pair clues together to advance the thought branches in your deduction. You reach a conclusion when all the clues on your deduction board culminate into a giant golden sphere. When that happens, if you want to make a moral choice and watch a possible outcome to the case, you are safe to do so. This is notnecessary for this achievement; you only need to reach the conclusion.

    As long as the case stays active, you are free to rearrange and collect more clues at your leisure to see if you can reach other conclusions. But, make sure you do not press  to select ‘Accept Decision’ unless you are absolutely certain that it is the final and correct conclusion. Use the list below as a checklist.

    The game saves all of your conclusions, so if you do happen to miss one, you can replay a case from the start. You will need to play through the case until you get to a point where you’ve collected enough clues to reach the conclusion you previously missed. The game will then register that you’ve reached another conclusion and you can exit that case.

    Case 1, ‘The Fate of Black Peter’ (16 clues & 4 conclusions):

    • Neligan is guilty
    • Hurtley is guilty
    • Two Murderers
    • Cairns is guilty (correct conclusion)

    Case 2, ‘Riddle on the Rails’ (23 clues & 4 conclusions):

    • Robinson is a swindler
    • Chileans stole the prototype
    • Mexicans sealed in the Chileans
    • Mexicans drowned Chileans (correct conclusion)

    Case 3, ‘Blood Bath’ (18 clues & 6 conclusions):

    • Pitkin (Silver Knife)
    • Pitkin (Ice Knife)
    • Garrow (Silver Knife)
    • Garrow (Ice Knife)
    • Blinkhorn (Silver Knife)
    • Blinkhorn (Ice Knife) (correct conclusion)

    Case 4, ‘The Abbey Grange Affair’ (16 clues & 3 conclusions):

    • The Randalls are guilty
    • Domestic accident
    • The Captain is the killer (correct conclusion)

    Case 5, ‘The Kew Gardens Drama’ (22 clues & 6 conclusions):

    • The syndicate killed Dunne
    • Albert killed Dunne
    • White killed Dunne
      • You must conclude the three above before continuing to the ones below.
    • Hamish is guilty
      • This isn’t a conclusion in the normal sense (giant golden sphere). After you reach the above three conclusions, you must find Hamish guilty and have him arrested before continuing on. You cannot reach the next conclusion unless you arrest Hamish.
    • Hamish did it alone
    • Albert is an accomplice
    • White is an accomplice (correct conclusion)

    Case 6, ‘A Half Moon Walk’ (18 clues & 3 conclusions):

    • Double murder
    • Robbery
    • Foley's Vengeance (correct conclusion)
  • Receive maximum personality ranking.

    To unlock this achievement, you are required to either ‘Condemn’ or ‘Absolve’ all your final conclusions at the end of each case. You need to select the same moral choice for each case; either six Condemns or six Absolves. Mixing them will not unlock the achievement. 

    Listed below are all the Condemned choices:

    • Case 1: Condemn Cairns (this is required for the “Bruiser” achievement which is why it is recommended that you ‘Condemn’ everyone)
    • Case 2: Blind Justice
    • Case 3: Condemn Blinkhorn
    • Case 4: Arrest Captain Crocker
    • Case 5: Condemn Miss White
    • Case 6: Condemn Foley

    Note that your choices sometimes switch sides of the screen, so be mindful not to select the left choice or right choice every single time.

  • Finish 15 "Character Observations" without skipping.

    As you interview people and interrogate suspects, sometimes when you first speak to them there will be an icon at the bottom of the screen. When you press it, you make physical observations about that person that will help in your investigation. Use the  and  buttons to move up and down on the person. Move the circle around with  and when it turns blue, press  for an observation. Each person has a different amount of observations; there is a list on the right. When you’ve found them all, the camera pulls back, the icon turns green and you can resume your questioning. 

    You have the option to let the game find them all for you by pressing  to skip them. For this achievement, you need to complete 15 character observations without skipping them. If you haven’t skipped any observations, this will unlock towards the end of Case 3, ‘Blood Bath’. Refer to “A Methodical Man” for a list of all the character portraits in the game.

  • Gather 26 Character Portraits.

    Since there are exactly 26 character portraits in the game, you need to complete them all to unlock this achievement. You can keep track of which ones you’ve completed on the last tab of your casebook. Follow the method outlined in “Keen Observer” to complete them all.

    Listed below are all the characters you gather portraits from:

    • Case 1 (5): Peter Carey, Judith Carey, John Hopley Neligan, Liam Hurtley, Patrick Cairns
    • Case 2 (7): Evesham Station Master, Angry Passenger, Thomas Robinson, Bridlington Station Master, Chesterfield Station Master, Doncaster Station Master, The Mexican
    • Case 3 (4): Alan Philips, Percival Blinkhorn, Gregory Pitkin, Tristram Garrow
    • Case 4 (3): Lady Brackenstall, Theresa Wright, Captain Crocker
    • Case 5 (4): Albert Dunne, Martyn Hamish, Margaret White, Green Grand Mystic
    • Case 6 (3): Leighton Chapman, Ryan Turner, Charles Foley

    Note: Once you have unlocked “Keen Observer”, you can safely skip any portraits you want and they will still count as complete.

  • Finish 10 Dialogue QTEs without a failure.

    As you interview people or interrogate suspects, sometimes an  with a closing circle will appear on the screen when that person is lying to you. This is a dialogue QTE (quick time event). You have to be quick and press when prompted, so you need to be paying attention. When you press , you will need to select from a list the correct evidence to prove that the person is lying to you. If you present the correct evidence, the screen will flash white and you will continue with the conversation. If you don’t guess correctly, the conversation will start over.

    To unlock this achievement, you need to successfully complete 10 QTE’s without failing; meaning you must press  the first time it appears before the circle closes and present the correct evidence the first time.

    There are about 35 opportunities for this throughout the game with 8 in the first case alone. Listed below are the first 12 correct dialogues. If you are successful from the beginning, this will unlock about halfway through Case 2, ‘Riddle on the Rails’.

    Case 1, ‘The Fate of Black Peter’:

    • Interviewing Mrs. Carey – ‘Pilgrimage’
    • Interrogating John Hopley Neligan (first time) – ‘Ring’s Engravings’
    • Interrogating John Hopley Neligan (first time) – ‘Father’s Jacket’
    • Interrogating John Hopley Neligan (second time) – ‘Bond Certificate’
    • Interrogating Liam Hurtley – ‘Hurtley’s Boots’
    • Interrogating Liam Hurtley – ‘Gardening’
    • Interrogating Liam Hurtley – ‘Hurtley’s Letter’
    • Interviewing Mrs. Carey – ‘Romantic Correspondence’

    Case 2, ‘Riddle on the Rails’:

    • Interviewing Station Master Bertram – ‘Rookie Station Master’
    • Interviewing Chesterfield Station Master – ‘Binge Drinking’
    • Interviewing Doncaster Station Master – ‘Horse Racing Tickets’
    • Interviewing Mysterious Man in Doncaster Station – ‘Mexican Cigars’
  • Receive 3 messages from those whom you condemned or absolved.

    Sitting under a knife on the mantle above the fireplace in Baker Street is where Holmes keeps his post. At the beginning of each case, starting with Case 2, there is either a newspaper clipping or letter pertaining to the previous case. Select “Take” to open and read it. If you are doing this at the start of every case, this will unlock as Case 4, ‘The Abbey Grange Affair’, is loading.

  • Interact with Toby in every case.

    When a case takes you to Baker Street, simply interact with your dog Toby. His position will change depending on the case. This does not count if you are required to use Toby on a case (Case 4 and 5). 

    • Case 1: He is not in the room when the case starts. Upon returning to Baker Street after your first visit to Scotland Yard, Toby will be sitting on his bed in front of the window.
    • Case 2: After the opening cutscene/dialogue, Toby will be sitting on his bed in front of the window. This will be your only opportunity to interact with Toby for this case as you do not return to Baker Street at all.
    • Case 3: After the opening cutscene/dialogue, Toby will be sitting on the sofa next to the encyclopedias.
    • Case 4: After the opening cutscene/dialogue, Toby will be sitting underneath the punching bag next to the window.
    • Case 5: After the opening cutscene/dialogue, Toby will be sitting on his bed in front of the window.
    • Case 6: After the opening cutscene/dialogue, Toby will be sitting on the chair next to the telescope in front of the window.

    If you miss any of these opportunities, you can always replay a case.

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