Shoot Many Robots Achievement in Shoot Many Robots

  • Shoot Many Robots



    Kill 10000 robots!

  • How to unlock Shoot Many Robots

    This should come easily when you are going for the achievement to reach Level 50. However, an easy grind spot is Stage 6: Downtown Roadblock 2. This level should net you somewhere between 700-800 kills each time.

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  • Seriously...
  • You get this achievement far before completing the game. I got mine around half way through the hard maps. So don't worry to much about it, it will pop before you know it :) If you don't feel like continuing after you finished the normal campaign, i suggest you do the last survival mission.
  • I still haven't gotten mine but hopefully it will pop soon. Just finished Insane but I have been playing it with people a lot better than me so I rarely get many kills.
  • I unlocked this at Level 40. It goes quickly and there are a lot of robots to kill. It's not that hard.

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