- Estimated achievement difficulty: 5/10
- Offline: 41/41 (1000)
- Online: 0 (0)
- Approximate amount of time to 1000: 14 - 18 hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 2-3 (Various Endings)
- Number of missable achievements: Each of the endings require a certain hidden score which I refer to as Morality Score. If you do not plan ahead it can make them missable. The collectibles are also missable, as certain areas close off and you cannot backtrack.
- Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No Cheats
- Does difficulty affect achievements?: Yes (Hard difficulty for game and for puzzles)
- Glitchy achievements: None
- Unobtainable achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed?: Guides for the full 1000 (Collectible Guide, Side Quest Guide, and if you want extra weapons Pre-Order codes. Find all of that information HERE.)

Before following the Guide: The side quests in the game were done using the "Hard Puzzle" choice. Some of the side quests will have different locations of items, depending on what difficulty you have set it to. If you would like the most of of this guide, make sure you are on the same difficulty. 

If you have played Silent Hill before, your opinion will vary depending on how much of a "fanboy" you were. Don't like the introduction music because it's not Akira Yamaoka? Yeah, you likely fit into this category of being extremely hard to please. If you're new to the series, you will likely enjoy your experience without any complaints. This game requires you to complete it 3 times, complete once on Hard Mode and Hard Puzzles, getting collectibles, and finishing all Side Quests. Though this seems daunting at first, the game's length depends on these factors. Therefore you will only fully experience all the game has to offer 1 time, then the other two playthroughs will be cleaning up achievements. 

Step 1: Easy Mode/Hard Puzzles/Kill Enemies/Low Morality Endings/Collectibles/Side Quests
The game can be played any way you want for the achievements, but this is the one I personally suggest to do most of it. It gets you used to the game and has you killing the enemies. You will get 2 endings while playing through this and get the Hard Puzzles out of the way. I suggest it this way because you will be using a guide for the side quests and collectibles, so you might as well get the hard puzzles out of the way while the guides are up. This will be your longest playthrough. The other reason you will be killing enemies is because of the side quests, specifically one that makes you kill all enemies before another wave comes. 

  • Kill monsters
  • Leave Cunningham
  • Taunt JP
  • Spare at end of game, reload save, then kill at end of game
  • Results: Ending B and D

Step 2: Hard/Hard Puzzles/Spare Enemies/High Morality Endings/6 of 7 Digging Up Past
This will be your high morality playthrough. You do not have to worry about collectibles nor worry about side quests except to dig up 6 of the 7 dig sites. You can run through the game and spare enemies and make all the good choices. This will be a very fast run through of the game. The reason I suggest Hard Puzzles, is because there are certain main puzzles in the game you have just done in Step 1. Putting them on easy will just confuse you because puzzle items will be in different locations. 

  • Spare monsters
  • Save Cunningham
  • Console JP
  • Spare at end of game, reload save, then kill at end of game
  • Results: Ending A and C

How to save yourself another playthrough: You can make a backup save on Cloud or on USB before doing the last Digging Up The Past dig site. Beat the game and get the 2 endings, then load up the one on the backup save. Finish the quest, then continue to beat the game to get your last ending. 

Step 3: "Digging Up The Past"
Refer to the method above. Make a backup save near the Dig Site 7 on USB or Cloud. After finishing the game, reload this backup save and continue through and beat the prison again. You will gain your last 2 achievements here. If you did not do a backup save, you will have to play the entire game again.

After finally completing your last playthrough, you should have been able to easily obtain all of the kill/incapacitate and pistol/shotgun achievements. There will likely never be any DLC for this game, so rest assured, your next Silent Hill visit will likely be reliving the past (previous titles like the HD collection) or future titles if they choose to make more.

[x360a would like to thank Tyger7 for this roadmap]

Silent Hill: Downpour Achievement Guide

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There are 41 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • Completed the game on the hard game difficulty setting, any ending.

    This game requires 2 full playthroughs of the game at the minimum. I suggest having it on this difficulty while going for the endings which require you to spare enemies. This is because you will be rushing through the game, skipping enemies and ignoring collectibles and side quests. This is more straight to the point. The game isn't all that difficult, especially because when you die you get full health back. So use first aid kits only when you really need them.

  • Completed the game on any difficulty without killing any monsters.

    Killing an enemy means when you incapacitate it, not finishing it off while on the ground. If an enemy dies while you fight it that will not count against you. This means you can feel free to fight anything you want and if it dies you'll be fine. You must only leave incapacitated enemies alive for this achievement. Because you have to complete 2 full playthroughs, you should get this while going for the endings related to not killing monsters.

    Note: You can always check your statistics in the game start menu. Scroll to the bottom and you should see an Enemies Killed stat. If you keep checking this and notice it went up to 1, you can reload a previous save.

  • Completed all side quests.

    For a guide on all side quests, go HERE

  • Completed the "Digging up the Past" side quest.

    Refer to Silent Hill Tour Guide achievement description.

    Location: Spread out around Silent Hill
    Prerequisite: Complete game 1 time
    Best time to complete: During your second playthrough get all but 1, then reload a backup save to finish off the quest.

    This side quest only opens up after you have completed the game once. During your second playthrough, dig up 6 of the 7 artifacts. Make a backup save on USB or Cloud. If you do not have access to either, you will need to play through a 3rd time. Otherwise, load up your save after you beat the game for 2 more endings, and complete the prison once more after you dig up the final site.

  • Completed the "Bird Cage" side quest.

    Refer to Silent Hill Tour Guide achievement description.

    Location: Multiple locations in Silent Hill (6 total)
    Prerequisite: None
    Best time to complete: On the playthrough you are collecting mysteries and finishing side quests.

    You will find these as you do everything else in the game. They are kind of a collectible in which you open a cage and free a blue bird.

  • Completed the "All Points Bulletin" side quest.

    Refer to Silent Hill Tour Guide achievement description.

    Location: Police Station
    Prerequisite: Patrolling police car spots you in Hillside.
    Best time to complete: When you get to Hillside for the first time. Run on the roads to get spotted, then head to the police station. 

    This side quest starts after a run-in with one of the 4 police cars driving around Hillside. Once you are spotted by one, the side quests starts. Enter the police station and into the room with the chalkboard and radio. Go to the radio and enter these numbers and "recall" the police cars.

    • D375
    • C466
    • B557
    • A648

  • Completed the "Stolen Goods" side quest.

    Refer to Silent Hill Tour Guide achievement description.

    Location: Apartment Building - Floor 3
    Prerequisite: Inside the apartment with the note on it. Move the bed to find the stolen goods.
    Best time to complete: As soon as you get inside of the apartment. There is no other reason you'll be coming back.

    This side quest starts in the same room as the above letter. Go inside and there is a bed by a hanging body. Move it and collect the items in the box. You must deliver these items back to apartments they belong. Remember that once you are finished, if you return to the thief's apartment, you can change into his clothes.

    Gold Watch: Inside the apartment straight across from the thief's. Inside there is a little table with a fake arm to place the watch on.

    Locket: Near the kitchen appliances you will find a coffee table in front of the couch. 

    Money Box: Go down to the second floor from which you came. There is a child's room in the apartment there. Place the box by the bed near the change.

    War Medal: Now go down the stairs again to the first floor. Go into the only apartment down here and place it next to the bed by the nightstand. 

  • Completed "The Art Collector" side quest.

    Refer to Silent Hill Tour Guide achievement description.

    Location: Scattered around Silent Hill and then inside the Gallery area
    Prerequisite: Collect 6 paintings and finish the puzzle in the Gallery.
    Best time to complete: After collecting all of the paintings and while you are in the area. Check the side quest guide for locations.

    There are 6 paintings spread around Silent Hill and after gaining them all you can finish a side quest in the Gallery. Afterwards, head to the cemetery and you can get a tomahawk from the crypt.

  • Completed "The Bank" side quest.

    Refer to Silent Hill Tour Guide achievement description.

    Location: Bank
    Prerequisite: Once inside the bank, set the alarm off by going to the vault downstairs and attempting to open one of the deposit boxes.
    Best time to complete: While navigating past it, on Lansdale Ave.

    Look on your map and you should see the Bank. Head inside. Gather weapons and anything else you think you need, and go down stairs. There is a vault. Inside it, try to open one of the deposit boxes. An alarm will sound and waves of enemies will appear in the lobby. Defeat them all for the achievement. Each wave you get a refresher of items in the vault.

    • Wave 1: Screamer
    • Wave 2: 2 Screamers
    • Wave 3: Screamer and Brawler
    • Wave 4: 2 Brawlers
    • Wave 5: Screamer, Brawler, and a Stabber

  • Completed the "Homeless" side quest.

    Refer to Silent Hill Tour Guide achievement description.

    Location: Homer is in the tunnels on Laymond Ave. 
    Prerequisite: Talk to Homer and bring him 3 items.
    Best time to complete: Any time before the boat, best to collect items then later on give them to Homer all at once.

    Candy Bar: You will have found a vending machine in a mandatory alley after exiting the apartment (hard puzzle only). If you need to backtrack, look at your map. On Lansdale Avenue you should have two squiggly marks. The second one by Cook Street has the alley. You must have the money from a cash register from the Diner or the Theater in order to get it.

    Coat: Across from the movie theater is a Thrift Store. Head inside and go into the back room for the coat.

    Fishing Pole: This is located in the pier area of Pleasant River. It's behind a fenced area on the right.

  • Completed the "Cinéma Vérité" side quest.

    Refer to Silent Hill Tour Guide achievement description.

    Location: Theater
    Prerequisite: Should grab the light bulb from the hardware store first. Read full description below.
    Best time to complete: Should be the first thing you do when in Chastain Heights area after the cut-scene when you escape from the Centennial Building.

    This will be your first side quest in the new area of Silent Hill called Chastain Heights. Before you head inside the theater, head through the alley South of the theater. Go along the road that curves up and left. Follow it until the dead end. The door with the light above it is a hardware store. Inside is a shotgun and the bulb you need for the quest. 

    Now that you are prepared, head inside the theater.

    • Film Reel 1 - The House on the Lake:
      As soon as you enter the theater, go behind the concession stand on your left and there is a back room with this reel.
    • Film Reel 2 - The Silent Children:
      Continue on until you get to the movie screen area. Facing the chairs, look at the 2nd to last row on the left side.
    • Film Reel 3 - The Secret of the Attic:
      Now to go the room that's on the right side of the area. Go up the stairs, past the projector, and in the back room is the last reel.
    • Spliced Reel:
      You can skip part of the quest by just entering in the code 9241 on keypad by the door (near the projector). Splice the films together to make one.

    Now what you must do is use the light bulb you got from the hardware store to fix the projector. Now play the film, and run down to the screen and enter it. Go along the sidewalk and into the house. Pass the stairs and open the door to your left. In the room is a crank on the window. Exit and go through the back door in that hall. Continue through the next, and in that room there is a jack-in-the-box. Use the crank to get a key. Now go to the corner of the room to find a ladder. Go up and locate the chest. Open it and grab the golden gun. Now enemies will attack and it's extremely hard to navigate this area based on the camera angles and losing the ability to effectively aim. Run out of the house and back the way you came to exit.

  • Completed "The Gramophone" side quest.

    Refer to Silent Hill Tour Guide achievement description.

    Location: Apartment South West of theater (access via ladder)
    Prerequisite: Opposite of the apartment are some red garage doors on a building. Leaning on one of them is a hook. You must grab the hook to pull the ladder down to enter.
    Best time to complete: After theater, anytime before St. Maria's. 

    This is a very short and easy side quest. Just South of the movie theater on the West side (turn left after the alley), you should see a ladder that is too high to reach. Turn around and head to the red garage doors behind you. There is a hook there. Grab it and pull the ladder down. Once inside, head up the stairs and go into the left room. Grab the crank in the children's room then head down the hall into the main bedroom. On the dresser is a record. Go back downstairs and put the two pieces on the record player (gramophone). Play it until a dead body hows up with a message bout turning back time. Now, play the record again but go backwards. After the scene plays out a man gets out of the painting on the staircase and attacks. Run to the painting and burn it with your lighter to complete the quest. The man will keep attacking if you don't. 

  • Completed the "Shadow Play" side quest.

    Refer to Silent Hill Tour Guide achievement description.

    Location: Multiple Locations in Silent Hill
    Prerequisite: Start quest, grab all Shadow Play items, place all Shadow Play items and use your flashlight to copy the markings on the wall.
    Best time to complete: As you play doing everything else. This is by far the most time consuming and worst side quest in the game. Follow the quest guide to make it easy.

    You can start this quest later on in the game, but you will be able to find the items earlier. Please refer to the guide for a better description.

  • Completed the "Dead Man's Hand" side quest.

    Refer to Silent Hill Tour Guide achievement description.

    Location: House in Pleasant River
    Prerequisite: Enter house and investigate body.
    Best time to complete: While in the Pleasant River area.

    Make your way to Rice Street. As you exit from the pier area, you should just head straight across. You should see a set of rails and a ladder. Go to the left of this and down the small alley. Follow the path until you reach a back door. Head inside. Investigate until you find a dead man. You'll see his heart was ripped out and the quest will start. Head down to the basement area and you must find a ladder that leads down. When given the choice there is a path to a fire axe and a path to the ladder. The path on the right is for the ladder. This is one of the most confusing areas of the game and you can easily run around in circles and get lost. Finally when you find the ladder, head down. When you get to a choice in paths, take a right. Continue on and on until you find another path that goes right, and do it once again. Find the heart, and travel backwards. The place will be littered with enemies so be careful and just keep running. To finish the quest, place the heart back inside the man's chest.

  • Completed the "Ashes to Ashes" side quest.

    Refer to Silent Hill Tour Guide achievement description.

    Location: House in Pleasant River (first on the left when getting there)
    Prerequisite: Enter house and pick up Urn
    Best time to complete: While in the Pleasant River area.

    This quest starts after you grab the Urn that is in the room in a Pleasant River home. Exit the house and go left. Go left at your first opportunity and follow the path to the piers (the big middle section on the map). Go to the end and there is a bench there. Examine and use the urn. After dumping the ashes, the achievement will unlock. 

  • Completed the "Ribbons" side quest.

    Refer to Silent Hill Tour Guide achievement description.

    Location: Starts on Lansdale St, then the pier in Pleasant River, then finally an apartment next to the theater.
    Prerequisite: Find the missing person poster on Landsdale street. Find the lunch box with the mystery item. Find the key. Go to the apartment.
    Best time to complete: Take your time with this, completing it as you move along casually. Do not waste your time trying to get to these areas early on in the game.

    This is a 3 part side quest involving collecting a couple items and then finally going to an apartment where you find a note.

  • Completed the "Mirror, Mirror" side quest.

    Refer to Silent Hill Tour Guide achievement description.

    Location: Right before the boat to the prison, in a house next to the big semi.
    Prerequisite: Enter house and look at the mirror.
    Best time to complete: Near the end of the game when you get to this area. 

    Look inside the mirror and whatever looks different, change it. There are 5 interactive objects. Just look for the one the mirror reflects differently, and examine it. Here are the 5 possibilities:

    • TV on
    • Dresser open
    • Lamp on
    • Picture rotated correctly
    • Candle Lit
  • Killed or incapacitated 10 Screamers.

    When do they appear: They are the first monsters you see, and will be introduced via a cut scene. There are both male and female versions.

    This is a more common enemy in the game. They have various attacks for close range as well as long range. If there are multiple enemies, focus on this type first to avoid a lot of frustration. You will face many of these. 

  • Killed or incapacitated 10 Dolls.

    When do they appear: The earliest you can fight this enemy is in a basement South of the police station (first house on that block). They appear in Centennial Building, then a lot more in St. Maria's. 

    This enemy has "Shadows" which attack you. Every time you kill one of the shadows, you will damage the doll. You can also choose to try and attack the doll directly. Use a flashlight to help you spot the shadows. A Forensic Flashlight is best to use against this enemy once you obtain it.

    If you defeat the one in the basement, defeat the 3+ in Centennial Building, you should get this achievement after picking up the axe from the corpse in the first moments of St. Maria's. There will be around 6 or 7 in that one room alone. 

  • Killed or incapacitated 10 Weeping Bats.

    When do they appear: Once you get to Devil's Pit, you will start facing these monsters. 

    This enemy is very tall and can crawl around on the ceilings. They have long reach and can surprise you by dropping down. Sometimes you will be faced with multiple. These enemies are one of the most rare in the game, so fight then every chance you get if you are going for this achievement. This is the hardest enemy based achievement in the game. 

    Glitchy: It seems to only count if you kill or incapacitate these enemies while they are on the ground (not shooting them while they are on the ceiling). Some also say they randomly spawn on the overpass after St. Maria's. Some have seen a bunch of them spawn, while others have seen 0. There are 2 side quests that you can find them in, Dead Man's Hand and in the Monroe Cemetery when you finish the Art Collector quest. You can avoid all of these locations if you just take care of the ones you see.

  • Killed or incapacitated 10 Prisoner Minions.

    When do they appear: These enemies will start appearing once you leave Devil's Pit and are in Silent Hill. They will randomly spawn outside, more likely when it's raining. 

    There are 2 different types of this enemy type. There are Brawlers and Stabbers. They are melee based enemies. You should be able to defeat them with melee yourself, Brawlers being the easier of the types.

  • Killed or incapacitated 10 Prisoner Juggernauts.

    These enemies will only show up in the Overlook Penitentiary. The are scripted and not random encounters for the most part. You must dodge the charge attack and then strike when you see an opening, or just shoot them since you have a good amount of ammo in the prison. Whenever you come into contact with them, take care of them. If for some reason you missed a few, don't worry. During the last few minutes of the game if you wait long enough, you might face another 7.

  • Escaped from 20 monsters.

    Escaping an enemy means you have fled the fight without killing or incapacitating the enemy. When running from enemies, you'll likely just be holding  to get a lot of distance. This achievement will likely randomly unlock for you as you're normally walking around Silent Hill, without any enemies nearby (at least that you had been aware of)

  • Completed Murphy's Journal with all Mysteries.

    These are the collectibles in the game and you must get them all which fill your journal. There are a total of 54 but you only need 53 for the achievement. This means you only have room for 1 error. The main story progression areas you cannot backtrack to. Be diligent when finding these. This all must be done in 1 playthrough, they do not stack.

    Go HERE for the mystery and side quest guide which is in order as you should obtain them.

  • Incapacitated 20 monsters without killing them.

    When fighting enemies, they will go down and be incapacitated. This means they aren't yet dead and have the potential to get back up if you wait around too long. You will get this while going for specific endings (morality score above 0). You can do this on any playthrough you want though. Remember, the town of Silent Hill always spawns enemies randomly. 

  • Killed 25 monsters with the Pistol or Shotgun.

    Any weapon that is considered a firearm will work for this achievement. Remember what path you are on, and only kill enemies when going for specific endings and achievements. See the last achievement in the guide that talks about endings for more information and how to plan ahead.

    Guns aren't extremely rare, but they are also pretty easy to miss. You also have a limited supply of bullets. The best way to get these kills would be to just finish off the enemies with the gun. Use melee attacks with . Once they are down, aim with  and fire with . If you are on easy, the enemies will usually only take one bullet while on the ground. Eventually you will be using the shotgun a lot, so don't panic if you haven't gotten the achievement by the time you get to the prison area. This achievement is best aligned while going for all side quests in the game. Below are the weapons you could potentially find.

    • Colt: Most common gun, found in a good amount of places.
    • Shotgun: Not found for a while, there will be a good amount when you get to the prison though.
    • Golden Gun: Awarded after the Cinema Verite side quest.
    • Rifle: Enter pre-order code 911977 into the in-game lockers at the entrance of Silent Hill after the Devil's Pit, in the basement of a house South of the C of Campbell St, and the Pearl Creek Subway entrance found on Laymond Ave.

    Note: You can check your gun kills in the start menu statistics screen. Scroll to the bottom to see how many were killed by firearms. The game will not count kills if you have died, you will have to get them all over again.

  • Used 20 First Aid Kits.

    The First Aid Kits are fairly easy to find in the game if you check most rooms. They are usually in a drawers or in a cabinet. You can hold as many as you want at one time, so only use them when needed. To use them, you must be injured lower than 100%. Open up your inventory and choose them. To use them quickly, just press . This avoids putting yourself in your inventory menu while enemies are attacking. To see how many you have used, all it takes is simple math. Go to your stats page from the pause menu. Scroll down until you see how many First Aid Kits you have picked up. Take this total and minus the amount you are currently holding. This will give you how many you have actually used. 

    Note: When you get on the boat to leave Silent Hill, you will lose all of your First Aid Kits. Use them up if you still need the achievement before getting on the boat.

  • Completed the game on the hard puzzle difficulty setting, any ending.

    This is one of the options you get when starting a new game. It will make the puzzles a little bit harder, or certain puzzle items will be in different areas. 

    For various puzzle solutions, check HERE


Secret achievements

  • Survived the Diner Otherworld.

    Story related, and can't be missed.

    This is gained after your first Otherworld encounter. At the diner, you will be in the kitchen. You turn off the gas and then must pull a fire alarm. Once in, you must escape something chasing you. At the very end you'll be running up what seems like endless stairs. Once you know there is nothing chasing you, just turn around and run back down them for the achievement.

  • Rode the Sky Tram to Devil's Pit.

    Story related, and can't be missed.

    Once you get to the Tram, you should have taken the tokens off the counter. After you go to the diner and through a decent amount of gameplay, you will be outside again with shacks. In one of the shacks is a game to play. Follow the cables to the generator, fix it, then go back in and play the game. After winning you will have free tickets. Now you can run back to the tram and ride it for the achievement.

  • Escaped from Devil's Pit.

    Story related, and can't be missed.

    Once you take the train and finally get out of Devil's Pit, you will be outside. The achievement will actually unlock as you go down some wooden stairs to towards the street.

  • Met DJ Ricks in the Radio Station.

    Story related, and can't be missed.

    DJ Ricks is found in the Centennial Building on the 18th floor. You will eventually get there, as it is story related. He is in room 1701. After the cut-scene plays out, the achievement will unlock.

  • Escaped the Radio Station Otherworld.

    After the DJ Ricks cut-scene, you will have to find some fluid to burn some clothes by a fire exit (and light it with the lighter). Afterwards, you will be running in the Otherworld. It can be somewhat tricky, but all it takes is a little persistence. You must continue on the only way forward until you get to another cut-scene that finally gives you the achievement.

  • Collected 3 pages of the rhyme book.

    Story related, can't be missed.

    While doing the St. Maria's area, you will have to find 3 poem fragments to piece together a poem. They involve puzzles of sort, and you must complete them before you can move on in the game. They also count as 3 of the mysteries you must find in the game.

    Poem Fragment 1

    Inside St Maria's Monastery, you will eventually get to the Chapel after the little girl runs up the stairs. Inside is a locked gate with the poem behind it. Examine the ropes on the pillars. Burn the closest one to the book. Now examine the chandelier and pull/push it into the gate twice to break the doors open.

    Poem Fragment 2

    This is related to doing the stage puzzle. You should already have the lever. Grab the record from the drawer in the room behind. Now place the record on the player and the lever on the right mechanism. You must do a very specific order to complete the puzzle.

    1. Turn off the lights using the switch on the right.
    2. Play the record.
    3. Activate the spotlight. Turn it to the middle.
    4. Pull the lever on the left of the spotlight.
    5. Pull the lever on the right of the spotlight.
    6. Turn the handle on the rain machine in the back.
    7. Examine the medal sheet to strike it.

    Now the area will turn into what the play was. Head into the cottage and to the chest. Examine it and piece together the puzzle (very easy). You will automatically be awarded the poem.

    Poem Fragment 3

    You will find a room where there are 3 screamers on the beds. Wheel the first one on the left into the X-Ray Machine. Activate it to make sure the key is inside. Wheel it out and examine the screamer. Rotate the  until the monster starts making a fuss. The worse, the better. Now press . You should grab both the poem and the key. You will also get "Ashes, Ashes" achievement for grabbing all 3.

  • Defeated The Bogeyman.

    Story related, and can't be missed.

    This will be somewhat of a boss fight at the end of St. Maria's. This is a specific fight where you are at a lake and he rises from the water. You must attack him until he goes down on the ground on his knee, then press  on his hammer to finish him off before he gets back up. If he gets back up, you have to damage him all over again. Be quick about it. 

  • Reached Overlook Penitentiary.

    Story related, and can't be missed.

    This is obtained once you finally get to the boat in the game and use the key to get to the penitentiary. Be aware that there is no turning back, and you lose items (like First Aid Kits).

  • Achieved "Forgiveness" ending.

    See Ending E achievement description.

  • Achieved "Full Circle" ending.

    See Ending E achievement description.

  • Achieved "Truth & Justice" ending.

    See Ending E achievement description.

  • Achieved "Execution" ending.

    See Ending E achievement description.

  • Achieved "Surprise!" ending.

    There are a total of 5 different endings in the game, each related to achievements. The game has a hidden "morality score" that you will never actually see. This score and your final decision will give you various endings. What you will want to do is stack these endings. Because there are truly only a couple differences for the endings, you can reload checkpoints and knock out 2. When you get Ending A, reload save and choose alternate choice to get Ending B. When you get ending C, reload save and choose alternate choice to get ending D. Ending E happens after a special sidequest after completing the game once, so make sure you only complete it when going for that specific ending. 

    Ending A: Forgiveness

    • Incapacitated enemies being SPARED
    • Attempt to save Cunningham (Ravine)
    • Attempt to console JP Sater (Devil's Pit)
    • Score must be ABOVE 0
    • Press  to SPARE during final moment of game

    Ending B: Truth & Justice

    • Incapacitated enemies being KILLED
    • Leave Cunningham behind (Ravine)
    • Taunt JP Sater (Devil's Pit)
    • Score must be BELOW 0
    • Press  to SPARE during final moment of game

    Ending C: Full Circle

    • Incapacitated enemies being SPARED
    • Attempt to save Cunningham (Ravine)
    • Attempt to console JP Sater (Devil's Pit)
    • Score must be ABOVE 0
    • Press  to KILL during final moment of game

    Ending D: Execution

    • Incapacitated enemies being KILLED
    • Leave Cunningham behind (Ravine)
    • Taunt JP Sater (Devil's Pit)
    • Score must be BELOW 0
    • Press  to KILL during final moment of game

    Ending E: Surprise!

    For this ending, all you must do is complete the "Digging Up the Past" sidequest, and then complete the game with any score. This quest is only available after completing the game at least once beforehand.

    See Useless Trinkets achievement description for how to complete.

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