-Estimated achievement difficulty: 4/10
-Offline: 33 (685)
-Online: 17 (315)
-Approximate amount of time to 1000: 20-25 hours
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 playthrough
-Number of missable achievements: 3 (That Wheel?, Mother My Brain Hurts, E99 Tech Geek)
-Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No cheats
-Does difficulty affect achievements?: Yes. (Time Master)
-Glitchy achievements: None
-Unobtainable achievements: None
-Extra equipment needed?: None

Welcome to Singularity. This First Person Shooter borrows many different elements from different games. Elements from Bioshock, Half-Life, and Metro 2033 can all be seen in this game. This game is very straight-forward, and the achievements reflect this. All single-player achievements can be earned in 1 playthrough. The multiplayer achievements are simple, but will require 6 players to boost.

Hard Playthrough:
All 33 single player achievements can be obtained in one play through. Most can be earned by simply playing the story, while others will require some thought. Start as early as possible to obtain each weapon achievement, as getting them out of the way will help in the long run. Your stats will not be effected if you die or reload a checkpoit. When first acquiring the Dethex Launcher on level 3, be sure to use it to unlock the door to the left for the Mother My Brain Hurts achievement. After acquiring the final TMD upgrade in Barisov’s lab in level 6, continue into the vent. Go down the ladder for the That Wheel? achievement. Refer to this Collectibles Guide for a location of all Chrono-Notes, chalkboards, TMD blueprints and Bio Formulas for the Pen Pal, Stay After Class, Time's On My Side and E99 Tech Geek achievement. Complete the game on Hard for the Time Master achievement. You do not need to play through the game 3 separate times to unlock each ending achievement. Depending on which ending you chose, you can reload your checkpoint after you've beaten the game. Doing so, will unlock either The Good of the Many, One TMD to Rule Them All, or The Needs of the Few.

All of the multiplayer achievements are simple, and straight-forward. Each of the achievements can be easily boosted. However, 6 players must be present to start a match. The Extermination Addict achievement will take the most time, but will go quicker while going for the other achievements. Check the Achievement Trading Thread for partners to boost the achievements.

All in all, Singularity is a quick 1000. The only achievement that may cause trouble is the Extermination Addict achievement. The game is fun, and it will fly by. Obtain your last achievement, and congratulations on the 1000!!


[x360a would like to thank Tyger7 and YUNDER for this Road Map]

Singularity Achievement Guide

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There are 50 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • Completed Singularity on Hard Mode

    This difficulty is available from the the start. I suggest just playing through the game on this mode, since it's really not too difficult. You'll have times when you'll be replaying the same section until you get it right, and those can be frusterating, but you should eventually get through it. Below are some helpful and pretty obvious tips to follow while playing.

    • Upgrade your AR9 Valkyrie first and then into shotgun. These guns have most ammo.
    • Don't waste your money on buying things that upgrade your E99 usage and vials. Put it to med kits and health instead.
    • When you see a cyro or propane tank laying around, use it as long as you have some distance between you and the enemy.
    • Use Impulse and Deadlock against ticks. Eventually the game will tell you that you can also age which will kill all of the ticks walking around it as well.
    • If an enemy soldier is taking cover, you can still age him through the cover.
  • 20 Centurion kills in single player campaign

    First Mission Obtained: Worker's District

    This is your starting weapon. I would suggest getting these kills and dying or reloading your checkpoints. It is weak if not upgraded, so you will need to press twice on the creatures you fight (this will utilize the melee attack), then shoot them. If you're good at head shots, you won't need to stab them.

    Note: There are weapon upgrade machines that allow you to switch your weapons and they appear more frequently as you progress in the game. You may hold two weapons at any given time. Press to switch between the two weapons you have.

  • 40 AR9 Valkyrie kills in single player campaign

    First Mission Obtained: Worker's District

    This is the all-around best weapon to use in the game. You will most likely get hundreds of kills with this weapon. It is dropped by many soldiers so you alway have plenty of ammo. Upgrading this completely first is a very good idea.

  • 30 Volk S4 kills in single player campaign

    First Mission Obtained: Worker's District

    This is the all-around best weapon to use in the game. You will most likely get hundreds of kills with this weapon. It is dropped by many soldiers so you alway have plenty of ammo. It is a good idea to completely upgrade this weapon before any others.

  • 25 Kasimov SNV-E99 slo-mo kills in single player campaign

    First Mission Obtained: Worker's District

    This weapon is the sniper in the game. To get the achievement, you must activate slo-mo mode by pressing the first. If it runs out, you must wait to use that power again, but you still may kill enemies without it. It's usually found before you're about to have a firefight with enemies soldiers that appear some distance away. You will have many oppurtunities to get this.

  • 15 Autocannon kills without reloading in single player campaign

    First Mission Obtained: Rail Line

    This achievement requires you to get all 15 kills within one ammo clip. You can upgrade this a little if you want to for help, but it should not be a problem. The best place early on is when you must chase after Kathryn who was abducted by the enemy. You will face a lot of enemies here, and it's a very straight forward path. You can switch weapons and use powers at any time as long as you don't reload, so when you must kill the heavily armored troops, use somethin else to kill them.

  • 20 Spikeshot kills in single player campaign

    First Mission Obtained: Worker's District

    This weapon is the sniper in the game. To get the achievement, you must activate slo-mo mode by pressing the while scoped. If it runs out, you must wait to use that power again, but you still may kill enemies without it. It's usually found before you're about to have a firefight with enemies soldiers that appear some distance away. You will have multiple oppurtunities to get this.

  • 20 Dethex Launcher kills in single player campaign

    First Mission Obtained: Central Docks

    Though somewhat powerful, this weapon is more fun than business. When you grab this weapon, there is a puzzle to get the achievement "Mother My Brain Hurts" (see that description for more detail). I suggest getting the kills right away. You press to blind fire, or holding :ltbut: first will let you navigate the explosive grenade to enemies. Let go of to create the explosion. If you press the bomb will hop.

  • 15 Seeker kills in single player campaign

    First Mission Obtained: Research Facility

    This weapon is not a normal weapon. It is found at certain locations with lots of enemies. It cannot be picked nor upgraded from a weapon upgrade machine. You will get plenty of chances to get kills as you progress, and there's no need to grind these out at the first location. When you shoot the gun, hold down the trigger and control the bullet (all in slow motion).

  • Kill 5 enemies by grabbing rockets and launching them back in single player campaign

    You will first see the enemies that shoot rockets on the mission "Rail Line". There are another 4 or so spots where you will find them, which isn't much. You'll want to get these as soon as you can to get this achievement over with so you don't forget. When a rocket is coming your way, hit the to use telekensis, then press to fire it in any direction you choose. You don't have to kill the same enemy that shot it, the achievement counts any enemy that dies to the explosion.

  • Kill 10 enemies inside a Deadlock in single player campaign

    This does not have to be done in one Deadlock. In the "Rail Line" mission you will get this TMD power. To use it, hold down . You can let go if you want. Press and you will shoot it. Any enemy that is inside of it, or runs into the outer wall, will be considered in deadlock. It's a good idea to use this when dealing with ticks.

  • Kill 20 enemies with Impulse in single player campaign

    This will be obtained in the mission "Rail Line". Press to use it. It shoots out a force that deals damage to enemies. You don't have to grind it right away, as ticks die in one from it.

  • Kill 10 enemies with Propane Tanks or Cryo Tanks in single player campaign

    Propane Tanks: These are small little propane tank placed around the game, normally in spots you should use them. On impact, an explosion and fire will kill almost all enemies in one hit. You can use telekenesis to throw them with the or just shoot them if an enemy is near.

    Cryo Tanks: A cyro tank is introduced to you in the game as a tutorial. You can use telekenesis on them by holding or shoot them if an enemy is near. The result will freeze the enemy, which you now just have to shoot/impulse. If you happen to freeze yourself, you must impulse out of it.

  • Grab 5 Shields from enemies in single player campaign

    You will first encounter a shied enemy in the mission "Research Facility" but you cannot grab his shield. You have to wait for the next mission when you have the telekenesis ability. These enemies are fairly scattered around the game, so you will not have to grind this achievement.

  • Age 15 soldiers to Dust in single player campaign

    You will be able to age a soldier in the level "Research Facility" where you learn this ability. Press to age and kill them instantly.

  • Turn 15 soldiers into Reverts in single player campaign

    This can be obtained late in the mission "Rail Line". To turn a soldier into a Revert, press twice rapidly.

  • Fully Upgraded 1 Weapon in single player campaign

    The weapon station let's you switch weapons, or upgrade them by pressing . There are 3 categories for each weapon and you can upgrade each category twice. The first upgrade on any of them costs 1 point. The second costs 2 points. To fully upgrade 1 weapon, you will need to spend 9 tech points. The tech points are found in game and can be collected. There are at least 22 that can be found in and one you can buy for 5000 (E99 credits).

  • Purchased 10 different Hero Upgrades in single player campaign

    There are 10 different Hero Upgrades gained from finding Bio Formulas which look like little opened books. They are all in set locatations except for 1 of them which appears on one of two different levels. To make sure you get them all, you can follow the guide HERE.

  • Purchased 5 different TMD Equipment items in single player campaign

    There are around at least 7 total TMD Equipment Blueprints laying around which look like blue pieces of paper with white lines on them. You need to find these, and then purchase them at an TMD upgrade station found in various locations of the game. You can follow the guide HERE to make sure you get at least 5 of them. You can buy them all and then reload your game if you didn't actually want one of the upgrades.

  • Used the TMD to find 15 Chrono-Notes in single player campaign

    Chrono-Notes are very easy to spot. They are normally in your main path and have a glowing purplish tint to them. There are more than 15 total in the game, so missing a few is okay. You can follow the guide HERE to make sure you get them. You must press on them.

  • Used the TMD to revert 10 Chalkboards in single player campaign

    There are certain chalkboards that can be reverted/aged during the game, and there are more than 10. Press on them to revert them. They are usually easy to spot. You can follow the guide HERE to make sure you get them.

  • Killed 10 enemies by aging a Revert and having it explode near them in single player campaign

    First you must turn a soldier into a Revert by pressing twice rapidly. Now press it again on the Revert to cause him to age and explode near another enemy. This can be grinded at your leasure at the spot in the video below.

  • Found the wheel. Will they ever explain this?

    In the 6th and final level you'll find a TDM upgrade machine (It's part of the storyline, no scavenging required). Behind it is a vent, which you can shoot and it will break. Go through it, get down a ladder and you'll see the half of a large wheel, stuffed into the wall. Walk to it and the achievement pops by looking at it.

  • Discovered the strange E99 specimen and what it morphs people into

    Upon finding the Dethex Launcher in the Pearl, you'll find this easy to miss achievement. Before hitting the switch, make sure you do the mini puzzle on the wall where the launcher was. Hold and shoot the gun. Now, while still holding , navigate the easy maze pressing when needing to make the ball jump to another section. Follow it under the floor and to the door. Now let go of and the door will explode open. You can now press on the Chrono-Note to get the achievement.

  • Play 5 public matches of Extermination

    See "Extermination Addict" for more information.

  • Play 100 public matches of Extermination

    This is first gametype option in the multiplayer menu. You only have to play 100, you don't have to win them all. The rules are as follows:

    Rounds: 2 (1 as creatures, 1 round as humans)
    Required Amount of Players: Minimum 6

    Soldier Objective: You must get to the beacon and repair it by pressing on it. If successful, a timer will start at 00:20. You must defend the beacon from getting damaged by creatures, repairing it with if that happens. If the creatures damage the beacon below 75% then you must do it all over again. If you don't do this within 5 minutes, your round ends and you cannot move on to the next beacon. Each time you are successful you move on to the next section. You are trying to do these as fast as you can to have a better overall round time than your opponents.

    Creature Objective: All you have to do is kill the soldiers when they approach the beacon. If the count down starts for extermination, quickly damage the beacon getting it below 75% and then until it's back down to 0%. Using a melee attack is best for this.

    Depending highly on the skill of the teams, each round could take anywhere from 3-15 minutes. So 2 rounds, it would be 6-30 minutes. So for all 100 matches, you're looking at about 20-25 hours most likely. The multiplayer over time will have few people playing, so you'll have to use the acheivement trading thread HERE. You can invite people to join your matches. If you quit a match, it won't count. If you join a match and it's almost over, that will still count.

    Alternative Method
    If you really want to get this out of the way fast, keep attempting to get your own lobby by choosing public match and with a little luck, it will put you in by yourself. Now you can leave the game unattended. Since you're host you cannot get kicked for inactivity. You won't spawn. Believe it or not you can still get wins this way too, even without playing at all. You'll act as sort of a dedicated host, as anyone trying to play will most likely be thrown into your match. Many times the game already has odd amounts of players, so hopefully you're on the team that has more people (making it even).

  • Win 25 public matches of Extermination

    Tips for Soldiers:

    *Use a healer around the beacon to help your team survive.
    *Shotgun is really good to use against most enemies in most situations.
    *While repairing a beacon, jump around a lot.
    *Make use of the respawn stations you can repair.

    Tips for Creatures:

    *Always push forward and attack, it slows the enemy down from getting close to the beacon. Defend when the enemy is close to the beacon.
    *Using Reverts, place mines around the beacon if the enemy is getting close. Lay the mines in closed spaces the enemy travels through, or near health stations.
    *Using Radions, shoot your lob shots and retreat as it recharges.

    Alternate Method: See "Extermination Addict" for more details on the alternate way of playing matches. You can get wins this way too.

  • Win 25 public matches of Creatures Vs. Soldiers

    This mode also is timed and has two rounds, each team taking turns as creatures and soldiers. The team with the most kills combined between the rounds, wins. Using Impulse as a soldier, and a Radion as a Creature, seems to be the best route to go for casual to extreme gamers for total kills. Using damage perks as a soldier helps, as does healing other players. A Revert can use it's mines to get lots of kills, and a Radion can use lob shot.

    Alternate Method: See "Extermination Addict" for more details on the alternate way of playing matches.

  • Renew 25 beacons in Extermination (public match)

    For it to count as a renew, you must renew a beacon and it must count down the full 20 seconds. If a creature damages it so that it shuts the timer off, you must renew it again. Helping repair the beacon while it's being damaged will have the beacon being renewed count as well. So the best way to get this is to try sticking around the eacon and heal it while it gets damaged.

  • Kill 15 soldiers with each creature (public match)

    You will get this along with the other achievments associated with creature kills.

  • Kill 15 soldiers with a Zek barrel (public match)

    Suggested Layout:
    Perk: Creature Vision
    Perk: Fast Recharge

    To throw a barrel, you must have a large amount of E99 energy (shown below your health), as it takes up more than half of it per barrel. To make a barrel appear, press . Now throw them at humans, aiming for ones with already low health or groups. The creature vision should help set up ambushes. The barrels explode and do very high damage. Direct hits will usually kill the soldier.

  • Kill 15 soldiers from behind with the Zek (public match)

    Suggested Layout:
    Type: Zek
    Perk: Efficient Phantom
    Perk: Increased Speed, Longer Limbs, or Increased Damage

    Since the humans are in first person perspective, killing them from behind just means they don't have you within their viewpoint. Press or :LBbut: to melee with your Zek. It will take a few hits depending on your perk, and using the phantom power by pressing will mostly cloak you and make you invincible to most damage.

  • Kill 25 soldiers with the Revert puke (public match)

    Suggested Layout:
    Perk: Nausea
    Perk: Fast Recharge

    To puke, press and hold . This also heals your team, but you're going for an achievement and not being a team player, so don't heal them if you want to save your energy for the enemy. You can also puke up proximity mines with which is instant kills to soldiers, but that doesn't count for this achievement.

  • Kill 25 soldiers with the Radion's lob attack (public match)

    Suggested Layout:
    Perk: Larger Splash
    Perk: Fast Recharge

    Your main power for the Radion is the lob which is used with . Two good hits with at least the splash damage will get a kill. You can shoot 2 per full energy bar.

  • Possess 15 soldiers with tick leap attack (public match)

    Suggested Layout:
    Type: Tick
    Perk: Creature Vision
    Perk: Fast Recharge

    This is a bit harder than the other kills. You must leap onto a soldier with the tick using the and optionally if you want to guide your jump. You will die very quickly if attacked, and even if you jump on a soldier, you must wait until his health is empty (you damage him over time) before you actually possess. It's best to jump on the weak soldiers, because if you're on one with full health it's very easy a team mate will shoot and kill you which takes little to no aiming on their part.

  • Kill 25 creatures with the Bruiser's Impulse Power (public match)

    Suggested Layout:
    Class: Bruiser
    Weapon: Any except Spikershot and SNV-E99
    Perk: Extended Impulse

    To use Impulse, press . You will need to usually damage an enemy before you use the power to get a kill. This power works good on Zeks as it takes them out of phase. The easiest kills you will get are on ticks. Two quick impulses will kill the tick instantly.

  • Use the Healer's power to restore 25 soldiers to full health (public match)

    Suggested Layout
    Class: Healer
    Weapon: Any
    Perk: Improved Healing

    Follow your team around and health them with . If they are almost at full health and getting attacked, every time it reaches a full blue bar it will count. The fastest place to get this is at a beacon around your team while there's a battle going on with them.

  • Kill 15 creatures with the Lurker's reflective shield damage from a melee hit (public match)

    Suggested Layout:
    Class: Lurker
    Weapon: Any
    Perk: Untouchable

    Press and hold for your shield. You may move while it's active. When you are being attacked by an enemy that's using melee, hold this down and they will normally kill themselves on you. You'll mostly be getting this against Zeks.

  • Possess a soldier, then shoot another soldier in the face (public match)

    Suggested Layout:
    Type: Tick
    Perk: Creature Vision
    Perk: Any

    Once you have possessed a soldier (see "In Yo Face" achievement description) you have taken on whatever class and perks that were chosen. When you're killing the real soldiers (they still see your name in red and can kill you too) try your best to make the last shot a head shot. This achievement won't unlock just for shooting a soldier in the head, a death must result.

  • Travel 585 meters using the Blitzer's Teleport power (public match)

    Suggested Layout:
    Class: Blitzer
    Weapon: Any
    Perk: Fast Recharge

    You can get around 2 teleports for each full energy bar. This achievement can be gotten over time, but I have personally traveled all 585 meters in one teleport. To get a lot at once, jump from a high area looking up and teleport using . The game calculates all of the distance traveled until you're back on solid ground.

  • Killer



    Get highest number of kills in a public match

    For some this might be a hard achievement. If you get put on a team with some high leveled people who keep doubling your kills, you may want to find a different match. The best mode to play this is in Extermination. Don't focus on anything but killing. Most people will be trying to get the beacon renewed. When you're on the creature side, use a Radion and lob shot or use Revert's mines. Just keep spitting mines on the path most traveled by humans, hoping to kill them over and over.

    Alternative: You can invite friends to join too, so you could be cheap and wait for them to be put on the other team, then meet up with them.


Secret achievements

  • Completed the Workers' District Mission

    This is the first mission in the game. It's a story related achievement and cannot be missed.

  • Completed the Research Facility Mission

    This is the second mission in the game. It's a story related achievement and cannot be missed.

  • Completed the Rail Line Mission

    This is the Third mission in the game. It's a story related achievement and cannot be missed.

  • Completed the Central Docks Mission

    This is the fourth mission in the game. It's a story related achievement and cannot be missed.

  • Completed the E99 Processing Complex Mission

    This is the fifth mission in the game. It's a story related achievement and cannot be missed.

  • Completed Singularity


    This is for beating the final mission in the game, on any difficulty. It's a story related achievement and cannot be missed.

  • You sacrificed yourself to stop Demichev

    During the final scene in the game, you will be given 3 choices which all result in different endings. To gain all of the endings, you can continue from the main menu and choose the other route. Just make sure you don't start a new game before gaining all 3 achievements revolving around the endings. Also, you are forced to shoot Demichev (the man on the right) once to stop him from killing you. Then you can make your choice.

    The Good of the Many: For this choice, you will need to kill yourself by going back in time. Turn around from where you are facing and press on the big sphere to go back in time to the fire sequence at the start of the game. Now shoot your other self.

    One TMD to Rule Them All: Shoot both Barisov and Demichev.

    The Needs of the Few: Shoot Barisov

  • You chose to live and rule the world alone

    See "The Good of the Many" achievement description.

  • You chose to live and join Demichev

    See "The Good of the Many" achievement description.

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