+ Estimated achievement difficulty: 7/10
+ Offline: 800
+ DLC: 500
+ Online: 200
+ Approximate time: 24+ Hours
+ Minium number of playthroughs needed: 1
+ Glitched achievements: 0
+ Cheats: 0

Before you start playing this game is a little different to some of the other skateboarding games out there. If your new to the skate series you will need to get used to using the thumb sticks. Primarily all the tricks are done using the sticks and triggers rather than pressing random buttons to pull off tricks.

The game is made up of film challenges, general skater challenges, races, tricks and contests. You have to progress through the game to become the best skater in San Van. This includes earning the cover of Thrasher and Skateboard magazine, these come with progression through the game.

Challenges in this game are rather hit and miss, sometimes you will do them straight away and others will drive you crazy. There is one challenge to watch out for called "Can you spell GIRL?", this challenge is rather hard as the skaters pull the worst tricks and can be hard to beat. There are videos illustrating how to do this without to much hassle.

You will also be required to take part in a rather lengthy multiplayer ranking system which involves you playing games of S.K.A.T.E, Races, Best Trick and Hall of Meat. Ranking up takes time and you need to earn you badges in each event type to progress.

In addition to the 1000 retail score there is an extra 500 to earn through DLC. These are fairly straight forward and carry on from the current games events, videos and photo challenges. These shouldn't cause you any issues, if you do have any trouble the achievement guide will direct you the easiest way to earn them.

You will only need one playthrough for this game but it comes with dedication. Most challenges are straight forward enough but may take a few attempts depending on how skilled you are at the game. Remember this game is built around you become a better player and not ranking up your players stats.

There straight forward enough but there are a few tricky ones such as "Can you spell GIRL?". This is by far the worst challenge in the game next to "BLOAW!". Most challenges just require you to either practice or to find ways around them. There are some very helpful videos in the guide which will illustrate how to beat "Can you spell GIRL?".

Your going to need to learn how to pump, grab, finger flip and pull off combinations of grinds and fliptricks. One trick to watch out for is the 360 flip. This trick can be really touchy as the thumb stick is mapped with so many tricks.

The story is simple enough, progress though completing the magazine/video and photo ops. You will need to do some other side missions such as drain pools and beat contest to progress. If you ever get stuck without any progression check your bonus challenges from the challenge map. Sometimes you need to complete games of S.K.A.T.E and other pro challenges to progress.

Hall of Meat:
As an addition to all the challenges and events you need to compete in the hall of meat is a rather fun side game. Basically you need to trash your player to break bones and limbs to earn a score. This will take a little while to complete as some of the things you have to do are a little time consuming. You will probably earn half of the 4 lists without even knowing while playing through the game.

You will either want to get good at the game or just play online for fun, either way it's going to take you a while to rank up to the legend rank. If your a intermedate at skate I suggest playing races and hall of meat games as they will be the easier modes to rank up in. You will still be required to earn silver and gold medals in other game modes also but do the events your comfortable for the grind to 5,000xp.

If you have any Downloadable Content while working towards the online challenges you may need to remove them once you get to the end of your challenges. Users have reported that the DLC blocks the achievement, there isn't a patch but removing the DLC and replaying a challenge will unlock the achievement. I suggest you avoid DLC if you want to complete the full retail 1000 without any hiccups.

Downloadable Content:
There isn't much to say about these apart from they are straight forward enough. There are a few odd misc achievements which are listed below, they consist of beating the pros at events and completing a few video/photo challenges. They have no relation to the games retail story so you can do these whenever you want.

Working your way though the career isn't much of a challenge but may be for newer players. Keep practicing and take your time with some events and challenges as they can be frustrating. Multiplayer is long winded but just find events you enjoy and play them more often than other events.

Earning the DLC achievements will take you no longer than 40 minutes to complete, maybe even sooner if your a more experienced player.

[x360 would like to thank DefJamV for this roadmap]

[x360 would like to thank Fizzmatix for the DLC additions]

Skate 2 Achievement Guide

Printable Guide
Show completed achievements
Show secret achievements

There are 60 achievements with a total of 1500 points

  • Perform an invert on one of the highest points in the city in career mode

    Go to the SV Peak and find the shed housing the half pipes, drag one out in to the open and invert on it. To Invert simply approach a half pipe at high speed and hold .

  • Get off your board in career mode

    You will be asked to do this in the tutorial when attempting to climb a flight of stairs. Press when asked.

  • Move your first object in career mode

    You will be asked to do this in the tutorial when attempting to access Slappy's SkatePark. Hold and move the dumpster when asked.

  • Beat all of Danny Way's film challenges

    Finish off all of Danny Way's bonus filming challenges (Marked as DW under the bonus filter on the map).

  • Win the GVR Contest

    You will have to complete all of the Street contests and work your way up to the GVR Contest. Progression though these contests will lead you to the final GVR Contest.

  • Win the San Van-a-Slamma

    You will have to complete all of the Tranny contests and work your way up to the San Van-A-Slamma. Progression though these contests will lead you to the final San Van-A-Slamma.

  • Win a Deathrace in career mode

    Win your first death race, gonto your challenge map and locate the death race.

  • Win all races in career mode

    Once you have completed the first 4 races, you are invited to The King of the Hill tournament. Beat all 5 difficult races for the achievement to unlock.

  • Beat all Rob Dyrdek challenges

    Finish off all of Rob Dyrdek's bonus filming challenges (Marked as R under the bonus filter on the map).

  • Get the cover of The Skateboard Mag

    You will have to complete quite a few photos before you are offered a chance to be on the cover of The Skateboard Mag, when you are told to air over a statue, drag the crooked railing into position behind the statue and grind-air over it. Once you have done that the achievement will unlock.

  • Get the cover of Thrasher

    Chasing this achievement will also unlock the ability to drain pools. There are roughly the same number of photos required as the SBM Cover. The photos required for the opportunity are much easier than The Skateboard Magazines. When you get to the dam and have to perform a 540 into it, the achievement will unlock upon completion.

  • Meet Slappy

    Once inside Slappy's Skatepark, make your way to Slappy. He is located in the middle of the Skatepark.

  • Acquire all phone numbers for the pros

    Finish off all of Rob Dyrdek's bonus filming challenges (Marked as R under the bonus filter on the map).

  • Beat all the pros at Throwdown challenges

    Beat all of the pros at least once in a game of S.K.A.T.E. through the "Throwdown" feature on your phone. A small emblem will be placed next to their names after they are beaten.

  • Call Mikey 10 times

    Un-cap 10 rails around SV. To do this, look for railings with small black devices attached to prevent grinding, when the crowbar symbol appears hold , press , select services then uncapping.

    Great Method:
    Go to a No-skate zone and get knocked down by the guards. They will put up caps in that area so you can call Mike, repeat.

  • Complete all paths in career mode


    + Get both magazine covers
    + Get all sponsors
    + Complete all of Danny Way's Challenges
    + Complete all of Rob's Challenges
    + Beat all Tranny Contests
    + beat all Street Contests
    + purchased both properties
    + Win all Deathraces
    + Completed all Demos for your board sponsor,
    + Team challenges "Streety Mcstreet" and "Air BLAOW!"

  • Drain every pool and fountain in career mode


    After you finishing the first challenge for Thrasher Magazine you will be introduced to Sammy who provides you with the "Drain Pool" service. When a symbol appears at the top right of the screen hold , press . Finish the Thrasher Challenges to drain the pools, and find the fountains marked on the map below to unlock the achievement. The Dam isn't required.

  • Purchase all property in career mode

    There are two skate parks which you can buy. One is open to you at the start of the game. The second park you will unlock once you complete the team video challenges which are accessed though your phone. Hold and press to access your contacts then Team Video Challenges. Once you have completed four of these challenges you will open a new contest. Complete this contest and the new park will unlock.

  • All Hall Of Meat paths complete

    This is one of the most amusing and fun achievements in the game but it does require a few hours to complete as some of the challenges take a while to register. Before you start learning the basic controls is a must, to force a bail click in both thumb sticks.

    Cannon Ball – Push up
    Spread Eagle – Push down
    Judo – Push right
    Torpedo – Push left

    Most of these activities are easy enough to complete in their locations without too much hassle. For most of them finding either a high location or and area where you can gain speed for your bail will be enough to net you the points. Once you progress though these activities you will open two skyscrapers that you can bail from.

    1. 5000 pts at GED High (Location)
    2. 10,000 pts at Upper Stacks (Location)
    3. 15,000 pts at Sunset Heights (Location)
    4. 17,500 pts at Mini Mega (Spot)
    5. 20,000 pts at Dueling Snakes (Skatepark)
    6. 22,500 pts at Lighthouse Park (Skatepark)
    7. 25,000 pts at Boneyard (Skatepark)
    8. 30,000 pts at Mega Compound (Skatepark)
    9. 35,000 pts at Cougar Bridge (Location)
    10. 40,000 pts at The Dam (Location)
    11. 45,000 pts anywhere
    12. 46,000 pts anywhere
    13. 47,000 pts anywhere
    14. 50,000 pts anywhere
    15. 55,000 pts anywhere

    For 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 you can either do these from the Tower or the Dam. It takes some time but if you tweak your bail enough you should be able to rack up around 5,000 points just in tweaks before you hit the ground. Just remember the longer you bail the more points you gain so smashing hard and stopping doesn’t always net you the most points.

    Body Damage
    These are probably the easiest of the HOM challenges as all you need to do is cause damage to yourself from a high location. I recommend the Skyscrapers to do these fast though by the time you have done the first set of challenges you will have probably covered most of these already.

    1. 5,000 pts of Body Damage
    2. Break Both Hands
    3. Break Both Forearms
    4. Break Both Legs
    5. Break 12 Bones
    6. Break Your Shoulder to Your Fingertips
    7. Break Both Feet and 10 Toes
    8. Break all Ribs and Crack Your Skull
    9. 20,000 pts of Body Damage
    10. Break Your Groin
    11. Shatter All Your Teeth
    12. Break Your Head to Your Hips
    13. Break Your Hips to Your 10 Toes
    14. Break 19 Bones
    15. 24,000 pts of Body damage

    Most of these can be done while jumping off the Dam. Once you progress though these you will need to use the location no need for speed or the big spill if you unlocked the spawn point from completing style lv.10. You can use this location to do challenges 10 – 15. Once you bail onto the top of the giant hip you can slowly roll down and gain up to 30 seconds of bail time and plenty of rotation to complete these challenges.
    By this point you should have unlocked the Tower if you haven’t already, 15 will require you to bail off the Tower and tweak your body like never before.

    1. Do a Cannonball and a Spread Eagle
    2. 40.0Km/h and a Hand Gesture
    3. 2.5s of Air Time
    4. 2,500 Rotation pts
    5. 10.5m Drop and 3 Body Tweaks
    6. 5.5s of Bail Time
    7. 3.0s of Air Time and 3,000 Rotation Points
    8. 64.0Km/h and 5,000 Rotation Points
    9. 5 Body Tweaks and 2 Hand Gestures
    10. Do 2 Body Tweaks and Bail for 10.0s
    11. 15,000 Rotation pts
    12. Bail for 20.0s
    13. 64.0Km/h and 3.5 s of Air Time
    14. 64.0Km/h and All 4 Body Tweaks
    15. 31,000 Bonus Points

    Grab Bag
    These start out rather easy but get quite complicated and can be quite frustrating later on. There are so many ways to do these so the linked thread above will be the best place to look for advice on these.

    The only one to really watch out for is number 10, this challenge seems to be a little glitchy. I managed this by dropping spread eagle into a picnic table at the bottom of the Dam. Even though I fell with great speed and height it still took 50+ attempted to do, good luck with this one.

    1. Hit a Pedestrian
    2. Cannonball into a Car
    3. 40.0Km/h and Hit 2 Objects
    4. Break a Leg on an Object
    5. 40.0Km/h Torpedo into a Pedestrian
    6. 56.0Km/h and Judo Kick a Car
    7. 1,000 Rotation pts and Hit 3 Objects
    8. 56.0Km/h and Judo Kick a Pedestrian
    9. Cannonball into 2 Cars
    10. Break Your Groin on an Object and 1 Hand Gesture
    11. 25m Spread eagle drop onto an object
    12. 1500 rotation pts and a 25m drop onto 2 objects
    13. 64.0 Km/h and Hit a Pedestrian
    14. 20.0m Drop onto a Pedestrian
    15. Hit 3 Cars or 2 Pedestrians

  • Obtain all sponsorships

    Sponsors are earned though doing different events.

    • Board Sponsor: use your phone to call a pro and complete thier follow the skater challenge and complete the sponsor event
    • Shoe Sponsor: Thrasher Cover
    • Truck Sponsor: Complete the GvR completion
    • Wheel Sponsor: Complete the San Van-a-Slamma street contest
  • Own all spots in career mode

    When you find a spot you will have a new icon on your map, go to the icon and press

  • Upload a created spot

    Press when in the career menu, select create-a-spot. Follow the quick tutorial and create your spot, then upload it.

  • Rate 10 community videos and photos

    Press and select "skate. Reel" then download and rate 10 videos/photos.

  • Win an online ranked match

    Very simple, not much i can say to help except good luck!

  • Successfully complete all online freeskate activities with your created skater

    Very Hard, start a career and create your skater. After finishing the tutorial you should be able to safely exit to the main menu, from here select "freeskate" and choose your created skater. Wait for somebody to propose an activity or do so yourself by pressing back, then selecting "Freeskate Challenge". Complete each one in order for the achievement to unlock. There are 149 in total.

    When you choose a location to host/join a freeskate, at the bottom you should see a checklist of activities completed in the area. Gap and Survival Challenges are much easier with a small number of people. Accumulation, Tagging and Objective Challenges are much easier with a large number of people.

  • Achieve Legend Rank Online

    To obtain each badge you need 100 exp for a Bronze, 500 Exp for a Silver and 1000 exp for a Gold.

    Amateur Rank - 1 Bronze
    Play online until you rank up to a bronze, Jam, S.k.A.T.E & Spot Battle net you the most points. S.K.A.T.E is the most time consuming but will give you a fair amount of points if you loose.

    Pro Rank - 3 Bronze, 1 Silver
    Find a game mode you enjoy and just keep playing until you gain Silver and play two other game types until you gain two extra Bronze badges.

    Icon Rank - 5 Bronze, 3 Silver, 1 Gold
    Same as the others just find a game mode your most comfortable with to claim your gold badge then play 2 other game modes to gain your Bronze badges.

    Legend Rank - 5 Bronze, 3 Silver, 1 Gold & 5000 EXP
    Once you obtain Icon rank, simply gain enough exp to reach 5000 total exp, this includes exp earned in previous ranks.

  • Achieve Pro Rank Online

    See "Online Legend"

  • Achieve Amateur Rank Online

    See "Online Legend"

  • Add a custom graphic to your skater

    Wear a plain t-shirt when you modify your skater, then press to add a graphic.

  • Download and own a community-created spot

    Press , then select "create-a-spot". Choose "Browse" and select "most recent". Attempt the first one you see, it will most likely be easy to beat and unowned.

  • Win the Skater's choice award in an online ranked match

    When you watch somebody perform you will have the option to rate thier performance, the player with the highest overall rating at the end of the game will be awarded this title and the achievement. Ask nicely or play until you get it.

  • Wipeout at high speed in career mode

    Skitch a ride on a vehicle and when you are going fast, and see a car coming on the opposite side of the road, let go and swerve into the oncoming vehicle.

  • Skitch for 1000 meters or 3000 feet in career mode

    Simply hold when behind a car to skitch, this achievement does not have to be done in one attempt.

  • Use Big Black's service 10 times in Career Mode

    To do this hold and press , select Big Black then bring up your phone a second time, and select "dismiss" under "Big Black" as this will send Big Black away, rather than waiting 5:00 minutes. Repeat until the achievement unlocks.

  • Escape a chase off board in career mode

    Press to dismount from your board, then stand with the security guard directly infront of you, now press to throw your board at the guard and instantly knock him over and initiate a pursuit, escaping is very tricky as the guard runs around 50% faster than the player, however he cannot jump over obstacles.

    If you are struggling with the latter, simply initiate a chase (when the arrow of the guard's head turns red). Dismount your board and then call Big Black up and walk free. Also, if you don't feel like doing any of the above, or haven't unlocked unlocked Big Black, simply skate away from a chase and dismount from your board after you have a good lead on the guard.

  • DIY



    Spend 30 minutes moving objects in career mode

    Self-Explanitory, if you want to boost this simple tape down as well as the so your skater will be holding onto an object and spinning around.

  • Knock down a security guard chasing another skater in career mode

    Wait around a no-skate zone until a guard in a grey uniform begins to chase a skater, the guards in yellow coats cannot pursue skaters out of no-skate zones, tag along until they hit a main road. Once the chase reaches high speeds, simply nudge the guard to knock him over.

  • Maintain maximum speed for 5 seconds in career mode

    Skitch a ride on one of the large muscle cars that drive around SV, once you get on a long straight without any traffic infront, you will get this achievement with ease, you don't have to let go of the car. You'll know when you are at maximum speed as the camera will shake and the volume will increase.

  • Break at least 15 bones in a single wipeout in career mode

    After the first kicker on the SV Dam force a bail and curl in to a ball and attempt to roll to break as many bones as possible.

  • Change your skater's gender

    While in career press to pause the game, then go to edit skater, and then change your skaters gender. The achievement will pop up once you save your character.

  • Perform one grass gap of at least 10 meters or 30 feet in career mode

    The best spot is the Mega Compound, buy the Fun Track extension and make the first gap with the large red railing in the grass.

  • Perform one stair gap of at least 12 meters or 36 feet in career mode

    In The Rez, near "The Wall" Spot, there is a set of stairs that goes up to the street. Run up the street and grab the ramp on the left side and drag it down the the top of the stairs. Go back up the street (around the corner a bit, set a marker here) and gain some speed, nail the ramp, and you should sail over all the stairs. See picture.

  • Break 100 bones in career mode

    Each time you bail there is a chance, depending on the fall distance, speed and momentum, that you will break a bone. Find somewhere of great height, such as the Mega Compound, place a marker and press , , , at once to bail in mid air. Do this until the achievement unlocks.

  • Complete your first online freeskate activity with your created skater


    Very easy, start a career and create your skater. After finishing the tutorial you should be able to safely exit to the main menu, from here select "freeskate" and choose your created skater. Wait for somebody to propose an activity or do so yourself by pressing back, then select "Freeskate Activities". Complete one for the achievement to unlock.

  • Complete 50 online freeskate activities with your created skater

    Hard, start a career and create your skater. After finishing the tutorial you should be able to safely exit to the main menu, from here select "freeskate" and choose your created skater. Wait for somebody to propose an activity or do so yourself by pressing back, then selecting "Freeskate Challenge". Do this 50 times in order for the achievement to unlock.


Secret achievements

  • Mongo Push 5000 times in career mode

    It is highly unlikely you will get this during the tutorial without going clinicly insane, however you can start on this achievement now, and have it before you know it. Depending on your stance, mongo push is done by pressing...

    Goofy = . Regular = .

DLC: Dyrdek's Fantasy Plaza Pack

There are 4 achievements with a total of 100 points

  • Complete all film challenges at Rob's Fantasy Factory

    Once you get to the "Fantasy Factory" look around and find all the challenges, to take part skate up to them and hit up on the D-Pad to take part.

    Rooftop Blitz

  • Win the Jam Contest at Rob's Fantasy Factory

    Complete all the challenges to unlock the "Fantasy Jam", beat the pros at 3 rounds of tricks and the achievement is yours.


Secret achievements

  • Drop into Rob's plaza through the skylight

    Head to the roof of the "Fantasy Factory" and goto the right hand side corner. You will see a whole with bright green rails, ollie through the whole and the achievement will unlock.

  • Touch the top of the contstruction full-pipe

    The construction pipe is located at the rear of the building outside on the spillway. Head around the back of the building and head up the slope on the other side to find 2 half pipes and a full pipe.

    Jump inside the full pipe and build up a little speed, once you get going start to make circles inside the pipe and manual at the same time, after a few attempts you should have plenty of speed and fly around the pipe in a full circle.

DLC: San Van Classic Pack

There are 6 achievements with a total of 150 points

  • Complete all film and photo challenges at Oliver Elementary

    Complete the following photo and video challenges by walking up to them and hitting up on the D-Pad.

    Gone Rouge
    Roof Blaster
    Three Stair Alley

    Trees are your friend
    Big Huck

  • Complete all film and photo challenges at the Parkade

    If your a fan of the first skate game you will remember the parkade, the same as "Film School Dropout", hit when you want to start the challenge.

    Trouble with Stairs
    Who needs Hubbas?
    Emergency Exit

    Safety First
    Gonz Gap

  • Complete all film challenges at the Community Center

    Stop at each challenge and hit up on the D-Pad to take part.

    Pad Hopping
    get Down From There!
    Boot Camp
    Let's Get Technical
    Mirror's Rails

  • Win the Best Trick Contest at Oliver Elementary

    Once you have completed a few or all of the challenges the "Best Trick" contest will unlock allowing you to compete with other skaters for the award.

  • Win the Best Trick Contest at the Parkade

    Same as "Best in Class", complete the challenges and unlock the "Best Trick" contest, beat all the other skaters to earn your reward.

  • Win the Jam Contest at the Community Center

    The "Jam" contest will also unlock once you complete a few or all the challenges. Just beat the pros and earn your reward.

DLC: Maloof Money Cup Pack

There are 4 achievements with a total of 250 points

  • Win the Maloof Money Cup street contest

    Like any other trick contest in this game you need to beat the pros 3 times to win. There are no constraints on what you have to do just pull the most points towards the end. You can do any tricks you want but they will be mostly grinds or grand tricks as there are no ramps.

  • Win the Maloof Money Cup vert contest

    The vert contest is pretty straight forward, beat the pros at 2 different trick events within the vert. The high score is always around 10,000 so it's quite easy to beat, just pull loads of air tricks and you should have this in no time.


Secret achievements

  • Ride out the left camera crane

    This achievement is frustrating and may take more than one attempt to complete. At the start of the boom arm there is a piece that sticks up which you will hit if you don't get enough air. Keep trying until you get this, alternatively if you can get enough air to hit the bottom of the boom do a footplant and you should land in a grind.

    All I can say it good luck with this one as it may take a while to get the enough the height to clear it and pull a full grind without failure.

  • Get on top of the tent in the half-pipe

    This is quite straight forward, start at the top of the launch ramp, go down the ramp and head for a sharp left turn into the vert. Air for the area with the tent and you should go straight up and over, or land on top of the tent.

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