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    Take down four opponents in a row without crashing (Not achievable in splitscreen).

    This is one of the harder achievements in the game. Take downs don't happen very often and when they do, a lot of the time they are lucky. I found the easiest race to get this on was The Digger XC in Russia. The race starts out on ice which makes take downs easier because you can ram the other racer into the wall. When you first start, don't accelerate right away, try to get right behind everyone. Once your right behind them, accelerate and try to ram as many of them into the wall as you can, without crashing. Try to get at least one, if not two, and if you don't then restart the race. Now it's the hard part, you have to get 2 or 3 more take downs the rest of the race and you can't crash. Try to stay as close to the lead group as you can because you can always drop back and take down someone behind you if you get close to the finish. Just try to ram the other racers into the rocks because it is hard to take someone down in the open.

    You can also try this strategy, Go to any race, I did it in a 3 lap career race. I had the best sled in the game, don't know if that matters. As soon as the race starts, turn around and face the opposite direction. Wait for all the other racers to go around the track and start coming at you, then steer into them. You'll notice that if you go in the wrong direction for too long, the game will correct you and put you back on the track, but you still have about 5 seconds you can drive reverse. As long as you stop completely before the timer runs out, you can stay facing the wrong direction. You more than likely won't get all 4 on the first try, so just wait for them to come around again. Make sure you hit them head on, and your sled shouldn't tip over. If it does, you need to start the race over.

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