- Estimated achievement difficulty: 6/10
- Offline: 30 [400]
- Online: 0
- Approximate amount of time to 400: 12-15 hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: None
- Missable achievements: None
- Does difficulty affect achievements: No
- Unobtainable/glitched achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed: None, Kinect optional.

There are 5 achievements for 100 related to the Challenges within the game. This portion of the game will take the longest as you need to complete every single Basic trick challenge, Advanced challenge, Routes & Extra challenge, and in addition to this you must earn 3 stars in each event. All challenge types are quite easy to earn 3 stars on with the exception of Advanced challenges, as these will require a good amount of practice and trial and error for certain events.

There are 5 achievements for 50 tied to the Adrenaline races. You must win at least once on each of the four races available in the game, and for the final achievement you must win any of the four races without using the rewind feature. The races are not too difficult to win providing you follow the tips in this guide.

There are 4 achievements for 40 tied to the Freestyle mode, where you must play each of the 8 start points in the four main locations and earn 3 stars in each start point by reaching the required score by performing tricks. These are not too difficult as long as you use the right character and constantly perform tricks as the game starts you off at an extremely high altitude in the events.

The remaining 16 achievements make up for the majority of the games achievement list through various miscellaneous tasks, most of which are either extremely easy to set up and pull off, or will just come by naturally playing the game modes. Most of the achievements require you to score points, perform proximity tricks and play with different characters.

[XBA would like to thank Barad for this Roadmap]

Skydive: Proximity Flight Achievement Guide

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There are 30 achievements with a total of 400 points

  • Perform 5 different tricks simultaneously

    To perform tricks in Skydive, you must use to initiate the trick and then use in different directions to perform different tricks. The can be pulled left, right, up and down to perform either flips (left and right) or rolls (up and down). Simply pull of 5 different tricks consecutively e.g. + + + + + .

  • Land squirrel in the forest

    Select Freestyle from the Main Menu, set the location to Italy and exit point to start point 5, daytime & weather do not matter. Once the challenge is ready, choose the Flying Squirrel character and when you take off, simply pull the parachute with and land directly below you on the forest.

  • Perform a proximity flight for 25 seconds in a row

    This can be combined with the "Proximity flight master!" secret achievement. See that achievement for more details.

  • Perform at least 3x proximity flight for 15 seconds in a row

    The proximity flight multiplier will increase as you fly closer to a surface. You must attain a 3x multiplier and maintain it for at least 15 seconds without the multiplier dropping. This can be easily achieved by selecting Freestyle from the Main Menu, set the location to Grand Canyon and exit point to start point 1, daytime & weather do not matter. This location is ideal as it contains a long strip of flat surface easy to perform long proximity flights on.

  • Get 5000 score for proximity dive

    A proximity dive is achieved by diving directly downwards near a surface. This can be easily achieved by selecting Freestyle from the Main Menu, set the location to Switzerland and exit point to start point 1, daytime & weather do not matter. As soon as you take off, simply stay close to the mountain below you until you reach 5000 proximity dive score which should only take 4-5 seconds.

  • Perform a proximity dive and spin

    A proximity dive and spin is achieved by diving downwards near a surface whilst performing spins with either + or . Just like the proximity dive achievement, this is easiest achieved by selecting Freestyle from the Main Menu, set the location to Switzerland and exit point to start point 1, daytime & weather do not matter.

  • Get 2000 score for flying near trees

    Score for flying near trees is easiest achieved by selecting Freestyle from the Main Menu, set the location to Monkey Gorge and exit point to start point 1, daytime & weather do not matter. As you take off, fly to the left and proceed to drop down near the trees. Once low enough, continue to fly close and above the trees. You can easily achieve around 5000 score here, plus you're allowed to touch the trees and even fly through them to boost the score faster, but beware to not fly too low in danger of crashing.

  • Perform 2 'pinholes' in one flight

    A pinhole is achieved by flying between two narrow opposite surfaces. As there are very few opportunities in the game to perform pinholes, this will be best achieved by simply completing the "Pinhole 1" challenge under Challenges > Advanced Challenges. Note: you must complete all previous advanced challenges to unlock and play this challenge. Once the challenge is ready, you should choose the Dracula character due to his high level of maneuverability which will make this achievement easier, and continue to follow the markers on the path to perform the two pinholes required to pass the challenge.

  • Complete all challenges with 3 stars

    You must attain 3 stars in the following:

    - 12 Routes
    - 8 Basic Tricks
    - 15 Advanced Challenges
    - 8 Extra Challenges (More Routes)

    Earning maximum stars in Routes, Basic Tricks & Extra Challenges (More Routes) is not too difficult as only a few of these will likely require practice to earn 3 stars on. The majority of the Advanced Challenges however can be quite difficult and will require a lot of practice. The main tip would be to always use the Dracula character as you will benefit in every challenge from the characters low level speed and high level of maneuverability. Furthermore, below are two videos showing you how to complete every single Advanced Challenge. Video credits goes to StupidSystemus.

    Advanced Challenges #1-7

    Advanced Challenges #8-15

  • Complete at least 10 challenges with 2 stars

    Simply earn at least 2 stars in a variety of challenges from either Routes, Basic Tricks, Advanced Challenges and Extra Challenges. Gaining maximum stars will be easiest on the Routes and Basic Tricks Challenges

  • Complete at least one challenge with 3 stars

    Similar to the "Adrenaline master!" achievement, any of the Route or Basic Tricks challenges will be easiest to earn 3 stars on, as most will only take you one or two attempts to master the challenge.

  • Complete all basic challenges

    There are 8 Basic Trick challenges available to the player each asking you to perform simple and low-level tasks such as performing back flips, barrel rolls, earning points diving, near surfaces etc. You only need to earn 1 star in each challenge for it to count as completed.

  • Complete all advanced challenges

    There are 15 Advanced challenges available to the player each asking you to perform more complex and difficult tasks such as performing pinholes, a long sequence of tricks, under ceilings & score challenges. Unlike every other challenge type in the game, you will automatically earn 3 stars in an advanced challenge just by completing the requirements of the challenge. More details and tips for the advanced challenges can be found under the "I'm best of the best!" achievement.

  • Complete all routes

    There are 12 Routes available to the player. Route events are essentially a checkpoint race although you're not actually racing anyone, you simply fly through the circular rings as fast as possible. You only need to earn 1 star in each Route event for it to count as completed. You do not have to complete the Extra Route challenges for this achievement.

  • Land a vampire in the castle

    Select Freestyle from the Main Menu, set the location to Italy and exit point to start point 5, daytime & weather do not matter. Once the challenge is ready, choose the Dracula character. Once you take off, you will notice some green smoke coming from the north right below you from the start. Fly to the green smoke and once you're close simply pull the parachute with and land directly in the middle of building.

  • Fly all characters and land them successfully

    There are a total of 14 characters to choose from in the game, of which 11 are playable from the start, whilst the last 3 must be unlocked by completing a set of challenges. Below is a list of characters and the requirements to play as the locked characters:

    - Max
    - Firewing
    - Lightning
    - Lady Falcon
    - Hawk
    - Vortex
    - Nosferatu
    - Jokke
    - Andrey Karr (unlocked by completing all 12 Routes)
    - Flying Squirrel
    - Dracula
    - Spirit
    - Jokke Sommer (unlocked by completing all 15 Advanced Challenges)
    - Halvor Angvik (unlocked by completing all 8 Basic Tricks)

  • Bounty



    Get 3 stars at all of start points of Halong Bay

    See "Grand Canyon coyote" for more details.

  • Get 3 stars at all of start points of Italy

    See "Grand Canyon coyote" for more details.

  • Get 3 stars at all of start points of Switzerland

    See "Grand Canyon coyote" for more details.

  • Get 3 stars at all of start points of Grand Canyon

    There are four locations within the Freestyle menu of which you must play to earn these achievements on. Each location has 8 start points, and you must earn 3 starts in each of the 8 start points for their respective location achievement. Score requirements remain the same for all start points and locations where 1 star requires 100,000 score, 2 stars requires 150,000 score & 3 stars requires 300,000 score. Simply pull off as many tricks as you can, constantly changing directions with for trick variety bonuses. As always, the Dracula character will be the best choice for these achievements, as his low speed will give you more time in the air to perform tricks for longer, as well as his high level of maneuverability making movement and tricks easier to perform.

  • Win race in Eagle Mountain

    See "Monkey!" for more details.

  • Win race in Ice Ridge

    See "Monkey!" for more details.

  • Win race in Death Valley

    See "Monkey!" for more details.

  • Win race in Monkey Gorge

    All four win X race achievements can be achieved by selecting Adrenaline race from the Main Menu. Each race features a distinct environment from one another such as an icy mountain, a forest and a rocky desert. Below are the main tips to help you win these races with ease;

    • Fly as close to the bottom as possible throughout the races as this will allow you to fly slightly faster than your opponents.
    • Use rewind with if you make a mistake or crash, as you can use them as many time as you like and it does not void the achievements.
    • Use your adrenaline boost with either , , or when it's available. Boost can be gained by performing tricks although this is not recommended for the races, you will gain adrenaline from natural proximity flying.
    • Use either the Andrey Karr, Jokke Sommer or Halvor Angvik characters as these characters hold the strongest overall stats. If you do not have these characters unlocked, the Vortex or Lightning characters will be the next best characters to use.

Secret achievements

  • Ace



    Win any race without using rewind

    This is easiest achieved on the final race, Ice Ridge which is unlocked by winning all three previous races. Ice Ridge is the shortest race and has the least tightest path. Refer to "Monkey!" for general tips on winning races.

  • Get 100k score for proximity flight in a row

    Proximity flight is achieved when flying close to a surface. The longer you maintain the proximity flight, the higher your score rises. You can exploit the rewind feature to gain this achievement easily. During any adrenaline race as you're flying close to a surface simply use the rewind feature constantly until you have reached 100,000 proximity flight score. The reason in this is because your multiplier and score will continue to rise even if you use rewind, so you can gain this by constantly rewinding and flying on the same spot, and this should only take roughly 3 minutes of rewinds. You will also unlock the "Proximity Flyer" achievement by doing this.

    Alternately, you can earn this achievement without the exploit on the final Advanced Challenge "Proximity Flight" as the objective of the challenge is the same as this achievement, so the challenge gives you a long, open path for you to earn the 100,000 score on.

  • Perform 10 proximity back flips in a row

    A proximity back flip is achieved by pressing + backwards. This can be done on almost any start point at any location within the Freestyle menu. Simply continue to do non-stop back flips until your multiplier hits 10. The achievement will unlock instantly as you do not need to land your character.

  • Perform 5 proximity rolls in a row

    A proximity roll is achieved by pressing either + or when flying near a surface. Again, this can be achieved on almost any location in the Freestyle mode, and this is also the objective for Advanced Challenge #3 "Barrel Rolls".

  • Perform 5 bad starts in a row (fail race, get no stars for free flight)

    To perform a bad start you must crash into a surface hard enough that you fail the challenge. This can only be achieved in modes that don't have the rewind feature available, so any challenge or freestyle location will suffice. Simply start the event, fly head first into the ground until you fail and restart with , repeat 4 more times.

  • Perform 16 different tricks during one flight then land successfully

    This is much easier than it sounds, but is best achieved on Advanced Challenge #7 "Pinhole 1" with the Dracula character. Below is the list of 16 tricks you must perform;

    1. Back Flip
    2. Proximity Back Flip
    3. Front Flip
    4. Proximity Front Flip
    5. Barrel Roll
    6. Proximity Barrel Roll
    7. Dive
    8. Proximity Dive
    9. Dive and Spin
    10. Proximity Dive and Spin
    11. Proximity Flight
    12. Flight above Trees
    13. Pinhole
    14. Under Ceiling
    15. Special Point
    16. Distance

    The proximity version of the first four tricks; back flip, front flip, barrel roll and dive means you must perform each trick near a surface. Assuming you attempt this on Pinhole 1 Advanced Challenge, as soon as you start and drop down, you should complete the first 10 tricks on the list without completely flying to the bottom of the mountain with ease. Once that is done, make your way to the bottom left just north of you, you will see a small green ring. You will earn #11 from the trick list above as you're flying to the ring. Continue to fly through the ring which will net you tricks #13, #14 & #15 from the trick list. Once you exit the ring continue to fly downwards towards the ground where you will see a few trees. Whilst flying towards the trees, you will earn #16 from the trick list, and once near the ground simply fly close above the trees to earn your final trick #12 and then quickly land with at which point the achievement will unlock.

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