Nightmare Avenger Achievement in Skylanders Giants

  • Nightmare Avenger



    Complete the Story Mode on Nightmare difficulty


    How to unlock Nightmare Avenger

    Nightmare difficulty is unlocked once you beat the game. After doing so, select a new save file, and set the difficulty to Nightmare. You cannot change the difficulty of your existing save to Nightmare, nor can you change the difficulty on your Nightmare save once you start it.

    General tips:
    - Enemies are much stronger on Nightmare, and you can expect to die in one to three hits.
    - Avoid whatever fights you can.
    - Use maxed out Skylanders, preferably ones with ranged attacks. See Spend That Loot! for a way to get potentially unlimited money to upgrade your Skylanders' abilities.
    - Equip your Skylanders with the best hats you can find.
    - It is helpful to have as many Skylanders as possible, as they are essentially extra lives. The less you have the quicker you'll need to restart a chapter.
    - Take your time, be cautious, and you should make it though without too much trouble.

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  • Ya think its Hard difficulty or a second play-through?
  • Does nightmare mode open after completing the game?
  • i finished the game earlier today, and i believe they said nightmare mode was now unlocked, and if i wanted to play nightmare mode i could just start a new file
  • Nightmare mode opens after you beat the game, you have to start a new save.
  • Does anyone know if the skylander's levels carry over into the newsave? I'm curious to know, based upon the fact that you don't load any saves when you go to battle mode, and all levels are the same as the save file...
  • you carry over everything( level, money, upgrades) but holy god is this mode ever hard. i cant get past chapter nine anyone have any ideas?
  • You could always buy more Skylanders? More lives xD Im only up to level 5 now (on nightmare), but its a good challenge :3
  • The easiest way to do this is with long range Skylanders. I have 15 Skylanders and I can complete most levels with 2-3 Skylanders max. Level 9 is not that difficult if you have a maxed out Flameslinger and Spyro. Their ranged attacks deal insane amounts of damage as well as having Sonic Boom in addition maxed out. Try to use them after you have completed most of the Heroic Challenges on the first Skylanders game as this will keep their stats boosted.

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