Completionist Achievement in Skylanders Giants

  • Completionist



    Earn 3 Stars on any Adventure Level


    How to unlock Completionist

    You can earn three stars on each chapter in the game. One star can be earned each for completing all the story objectives, one for finding all the treasure, and one for what the game calls "dares" (playing quickly, beating lots of enemies, not dying, etc.). You do not need to earn all three stars in one run of a stage. In fact, you will need two runs at a minimum, as finding all the treasures will likely cause you to go over your time goal.

    The best stage to earn this is on Chapter 1, as it is short and easy. Here are the requirements:

    Meet Norticus
    Free the Mabu slaves

    Cleared in Under 04:20
    Enemy Goal - 40
    All Areas Found - 12
    No Lives Lost

    Soul Gem Found
    Legendary Treasure Found
    All Hats Found - 3
    All Treasure Chests Found - 4
    Story Scroll Found
    Winged Sapphire Found
    Luck-O-Tron Wheel Found

    Check OldSkoolGamer's collectibles guide for specific locations of the treasure:

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