Great Gladiator! Achievement

  • Great Gladiator!



    Complete all 21 Arena Challenges


    There are three arenas with seven challenges each. The first arena unlocks after Chapter 3, the others unlock after Chapter 9 and 12. Talk to Brock on the ship and complete any of the available arena challenges to unlock this achievement. Complete all 21 challenges to unlock this achievement.

    General tips:
    - Take your time. These challenges have no time limit.
    - These vary in task and difficulty, so level up and try again later if you're having trouble. Use a maxed out Skylander if you have one.
    - You can only use one Skylander per challenge, so if you get knocked out, you'll need to retry.
    - Between waves of enemies, the audience will toss out food. If you don't need it, leave it on the ground.
    - Pick a target and stick to it until it's defeated, whether it's a small enemy or large one.
    - Most of these are pretty simple. The only challenging ones are the last of each arena, where you have only 1HP.

    The IGN Wiki has a good listing of the 21 arena challenges and their rewards:

    Here is a video playlist by PlayWithPetey showing all of the arena challenges:

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  • To get this achievement you need to complete the 21 arena challenges you can play when you talk to Brock,you can get this achievement after you have completed chapter 3 as Brock comes onto your ship and to do a challenge all you do is talk to him.
  • but how do u unlock the next arena?
  • You buy them from shops in later chapters.
  • When you complete the levels with them arenas in, you will be able to do the next set of arena chalenges
  • not true. they unlock after levels 4, 8 and 12 in story progression.

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