Elemental Enthusiast Achievement in Skylanders Giants

  • Elemental Enthusiast



    Chapter 1 - Open all the Elemental areas


    How to unlock Elemental Enthusiast

    There are three elemental areas to find, and you will need a Life Skylander, an Air Skylander, and an Undead Skylander to unlock them all. (These are the three types included in the starter pack.)

    The life elemental area is found just after the Chompy pit, before you leave the cave. The air elemental area is to the left, just after exiting the cave. The undead elemental area is accessible after you break the first chain on the robot. Circle left around the small building below you, and you'll find the area.

    Here's a video by XboxAchievables:

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  • These are life, death and wind.....question: I'm pretty sure there is a rule on Xbox games that states that all chevo's must be obtainable with content that comes with the game. ie: without the need for dlc, extras or add ons...for example fable 3, which broke this rule because 1 of the chevo's had u collecting all clothing items (I think it was clothes, not sure on the specifics), but 1 of these items could only be got if u owned the seperate "fable pub games", so they were told off and had to patch it so u could get them from just the content in/on the fable 3 disc alone...so pretend u only got the original Skylanders game that come with mech,magic and water elements, there would be no need for u to buy the giants starter set cause u would already have the portal, so u get the booster pa
  • ....so u get the booster pack which only includes tree Rex (life element) which would mean that in order for u to get this chevo u would have to buy seperate characters/content/add ons to unlock this...so is this breaking the rules??? Although I have all the elements I just thought it would be interesting to know/find out
  • You can do this with the older Skylanders I did. It worked just fine.
  • Life = Tree Rex Undead = Cynder Air = Jet Vac Overall, this equates to the Starter Pack characters. However, OP is correct as the Portal Owners pack + Skylanders: Spyro's Adventures would not cater for this cheev.
  • i don't have any air Skylanders :/ i just bought the booster pack with Tree Rex and the game, but doesnt bother me that much, gonna buy some extra Skylanders anyway, need to get air and fire to have one of each
  • How annoying. I now gotta spend approx £20 for 10G. :-( £2 per 1G - not a good deal!
  • If you dont have a skylander for each element this can be tricky but most levels only have a few

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